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[Locked] Infinite Tech Preview – Weapon Drills

OP snickerdoodle

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The Plasma Pistol and Needler sounds are better than before, but they could still use more work. They are going in the right direction. One specific thing about the Plasma Pistol primary fire sound effect: The bass may be a touch too heavy. It could maybe use a 1-2 dB drop in the lowest bass frequencies to keep it from feeling more powerful than it actually is. To anyone who doesn't understand audio, a 2db difference is hardly noticeable unless you're actively listening for it.

Plasma Grenades need an "electrical fizzle and splash" sound effect when they explode. The current Plasma Grenade explosion sounds pretty generic. It could also use a more classic sound (Like a ~3-4K sine sweep) when the detonation timer activates. The explosion visual should change to reflect these changes as well.

The Covenant weapon sounds and visual effects in Infinite are quite good on their own, but they just don't work too well in a Halo game. This is sort of an established thing in the franchise. Even Halo 4 and 5 managed to get the plasma visuals down right.
Weapon Drills are fantastic, although the aiming was provably different between Drills and Matchmaking. Hopefully Matchmaking can be made to feel as good as Weapon Drills do, especially since being good in weapon drills won't translate to being good in matchmaking as things currently stand.
It felt very wrong that the Drill Leader tells me it's "excellent work" when I only got a single star.
One star should be something like "not bad", "good start" or "work on that".
Its amazing for everyone especially for warmups and newcomers but it was laggy and had fps drop. Btw Im on new the xbox.
I found the target range a great idea, useful to get a quick idea and feel of the weapons before playing games. Liked the progression from static to moving to moving/ducking targets it worked really well.

Only thing I would say is that whenever I encounter an invisible barrier in a game like this ( in this case that stops you jumping over the wall and getting into the range ) it derails the suspension of disbelief, which may sound a *bit -Yoink- given it's just a target range in a FPS but let people jump over and run in there if they want to, just for fun, cancel the score if they do.

Also for training with the sniper rifle the range is too short surely? a larger one for long range weapons might be useful. Even one with manned vehicles driving by so you can practise shooting people out of them would be nice, or a version where you are in a moving vehicle and can practise making shots from the passenger seat/turrets etc would be good too ( though I guess there might be ways to do that already I didn't check all options )

But yea it worked for me, was fun to try the weapons without having to find them in game

Weapon Drills: Sometimes the bots will move themselves out of range of a weapon the player is using. For example, the drill for the Bulldog shotgun can become frustrating when a bot moves itself to the back edge of the playfield, out of range of the shotgun. This can require the player to either waste time trying to put enough shots down range to kill, or wait for the bot to move closer. Prevent the bots from moving out of range of the active weapon. Furthermore, sometimes the weapon rack which the player equips the weapon from will not retract down into the floor and can be obstructive during the drill.
You need to completely rethink how you handle weapon drills. The drills themselves are serviceable, but you aren't given any feedback except for the vague score and star rating at the end. We need more specific information about what we did wrong and what we can do better.
  1. You could add some text or some voice lines from the ai giving a short description of the weapon and it's intended purpose during a fight.
  2. Give us some floating damage values. Let me see how much damage each attack is doing precisely. In previous Halo games some weapons did extra damage when you shot the head, but not all of them. How do we know which ones?
  3. How about some accuracy values? Either a percentage of bullets that hit, the number of rounds fired during the drill vs how many hit the target, what number or percent of those shots were headshots.
Weapon drills are designed to be these short bursts of gameplay but are obviously meant to be repeated over and over again getting higher scores until you've mastered the weapon. With the current iteration no one would want to do that because the time it takes to reset after every drill. You don't need to do a huge song and dance that completely unloads the instance after every single drill. Yes we have the option to replay it but because you've ended that instance of the firing range that means we have to go through another load screen, pick up the gun again, before we can get another crack at it. Maybe for someone with an SSD or an M.2 this wont be a problem, but what about xbox? What about PC players with a standard HDD? You really expect us to constantly reload the map for every single attempt?

Here's a good example that might help, think of the killhouse or the pit from call of duty. After a drill you should display the results over the screen, but never take away control from the player. Put a button next to where the weapon spawns that lets me reset and try again without having to reload the instance. In games that expect the player to restart or replay something over and over again, letting them restart as quickly as possible is paramount. Think about how awful a game like super meat boy would be if every time you died it played a game over screen, asked if you wanted to play again, and then had to reload the whole map. This should also be the same if I want to do a drill for a different weapon. Don't make me reload entirely just spawn the new weapon and let me go. Or even better put all the weapons in the game on the back wall so I can look at them all, and pick up the one I want to use myself.
I only used a few weapons. AR, BR, pistol.

Gut feeling was 'meh'. I probably won't use this feature a lot in its current state. I'd rather create a Forge practice map and drop a ton of guns in it.

I think I would really like an interactive armory. Enter, pick up different guns, shoot static and dynamic targets. Run around and not be confined to a small rectangle.

It would be kind of cool to bring back a Breakout map for this concept. Crossfire.
The only 2 issues I had (in sure others have mentioned it) 1.the ravenger challenge 1 needed 125k points to complete 2.i got really bad frames/frame drops on series x in weapon drills i think it was around 30-45 other than that it was a amazing experience
So far I feel like I've been fighting my controlls and the terrible aim-mechanics more than any enemy team. If this is how it plays at launch, I don't think I'll stick around. Guns just feel bad to use for me.

I think this is genuinely a really good addition, I just want to be able to shoot targets WITHOUT the timer. Having to reset the sniper mode every 30 seconds gets annoying REAL fast.

P.S. I'm on Xbox Series X if that matters.
I think there are some nice improvements in this mode, the frame rate is nice when you start any weapon drill.
- Played on series X
I wasn't very impressed with the Pulse Carbine because it was kinda weird that combining the real Covnent Carbine and the Brute Plasma Rifle would even be combined into one weapon that is actually weaker than either one was by themselves, so I personally would power it up or go back to the drawing board with it.
Anyone love the 125,000 little slip for the ravager? I'm assuming it's meant to be 12,500
The balance of weapons and abilities seems to me the best of all halo games, however I think some improvements could be made in the following.
  • Assault rifle: the damage and accuracy of the weapon is good for short and medium distances, but it should not be this way at long distances, I have faced players who manage to eliminate me quickly with the AR from the opposite end of the bazaar map.
  • Pulse Carbine: good damage but its plasma projectiles are very slow, even at short distances it is difficult to hit the shots.
  • Command: too much recoil, but cadence and damage are fine.
  • Gravitational Hammer: has a long range but is also very slow, and does not have gravity effect animation like in past games.
  • Deployable Shield - Too slow to deploy.
Everything else that I didn't mention I think works fine.
Console Player Here.... I have years of playing Halo and FPS shooters and although I'm not pro level I feel like I'm slightly above average.


AIM: The aiming on here feels bad. I don't know what it is but the aiming just feels off and the settings don't help at all when trying to fix it. I've seen this topic being discussed and I agree something has to be done about the aim. I understand they want to make things fair and lower aim assist and I have no problem with that but what they have now isn't good enough and it makes it very difficult to play. Keep in mind this will be free to play and they will have a lot of new players and the aim is so bad and not comparable to any other Halo or even any other Shooter that new players may be coming from.

Bullet Reg: I will say that the shooting in the weapon drills is fun but it does not translate over to PVP! The shooting feels different in the weapon drills and the aim (still bad) but way better than what it feels like in PVP. Plus no matter how good you get using the weapon drills the Bullets seem to not register in multiplayer. I thought maybe it could be bloom but several times I have been in close range and it feels as though the bullets just don't exist. I don't know what the problem is but I think something needs to be fixed because going from drills to PVP does not translate and with the bad aiming system plus you add in no bullet registering it makes the game so frustrating.


Weapon Use Tips: This being free to play and also having new weapons and tools I think the weapon drills should be more than just practicing aim on bots. Especially having new players come to the game and trying to learn halo I think the weapon drills should have tips and explanations of best scenarios to use weapons. Tell players what ranges weapons are most effective and how to utilize weapons. For Example: Plasma weapons can rip off shield but you should switch weapons to finish opponent off etc. Even tips on new weapons like the PULSE CARBINE. It honestly feels useless in my hands and from what i've seen of other players. It may be a balancing issue but if it's not you should explain to people in weapon drills how weapons are suppose to work and be best used to reduce these claims and problems.

I wont say I am a crazy die hard Halo fan like some people but I definitely am a long time player of Halo and I love what this game could be and that you continue to listen to our feed back!
tons of frame rate dropping on all weapons and all modes, especially if looking away from the battlefield and back towards either of the doors. playing on xbox series x
Sniper and plasma weapons look weak
The Ravagers point system was off in weapon drills. I went for 3 stars for all weapons. When I got to the Ravager the score to unlock 3 stars said “18,000” my highest score of “28,660” didn’t unlock the 3 stars for some reason. I did start at the third challenge and worked my way back to the easiest one, so maybe that is why it messed something up, but I didn’t run into that with any other weapon. I have screenshots if need be, but don’t know where to send those.
Has it already been confirmed that we're getting Equipment and Grenade Drills at some point?
Are drills currently working or only open during flight?
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