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[Locked] Infinite Tech Preview – Xbox Specific Feedback

OP snickerdoodle

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Como han mencionado otros, que cuando recibí la invitación por correo electrónico, no recibí ningún mensaje aquí en halo waypoint, al contrario cuando estaba revisando el insider hub de la xbox que fue cuando me di cuenta de descargarlo, aunque lo malo Fue porque el tramo pendiente que duró lo suficiente para acceder.
I had problems with the insiders hub, I waited many hours in the "pending" part to get the Infinite Insider, also the battle pass didn't load frecuently.
Found a bug to do with power weapons. As the skewer came up a teammate and myself were fighting for it and we seemed to pick it up at the same time and we both got it. Definitely could be an issue with coordinated teams that figure out the timing.
I know it's only the first tech preview and that the build is 2 months old, but i have an issue with the XBOX ONE X version running only at 30FPS, while there are two modes Quality/Performance, but the performance mode doesn't seem to work, since nothing changes when i swapped between them.
And the hardware is definitely capable of running the game at 60fps, at least at a 1080p resolution.
So i hope next flights will adresse this
Xbox One (Original) feedback.

- loading slowly and fairly low resolution textures.

Weapons Range
- played ok with minimal issues. Movement sensitivity seems off compared to older Halo games, even 4 as a side by side comparison. Didn’t impact experience though.

Multiplayer (Bots)
- Player experience was fair but not enjoyable like past titles, the FPS while locked at 30, often felt like 15 or less and movement seemed to be jumpy at times which was simply uncompetitive in fights. Textures were ok but noticeably lower in quality, gameplay was mostly passable for a last generation console.
- Progression with levels and battlepass seemed to stop with no rounds able to progress enough XP to level up. Fairly disappointing there. Also the consumables weren’t immediately obvious how to apply or where to find them after the store purchase.

- 5 or 6 times I was left with the black loading screen and dots but no further action, requiring me to restart the game from the Home Screen.
- 7 to 8 times I was “searching” but no searching visual box appeared in the lower screen and nothing seemed to happen, again requiring a game restart to correct.

All things said and done, it was a great experience to test the current technical level and I’m thankful for the opportunity. However, if optimisation doesn’t help prior to release, there should be known caveats around experience quality on the older hardware to ensure customer satisfaction longer term.

Thanks Dev teams.
So after playing Halo Infinite (on xbox one) during the weekend, I'm pleased to say that you guys are headed to the right direction, I had a lot of fun with this preview. That doesn't mean it was perfect, and I would like to point out the things that need a little bit more of tweaking imo.

Optimization: So I played the preview on an Xbox One S, and I have to say, the optimization for it was very disappointing. The game ran at 30fps (though quite stable) and it felt extremely sluggish. Shooting didn't feel quite as responsive, and yes I know this console is 7 years old, but I have a feeling that most of the community is going to be playing on this specific console, at least for the first few years, so I hope you can make it a little bit more stable in the future.

Sandbox: I really enjoyed the weapons and gear for this preview (especially the grapple hook), but there are a few things that didn't feel great. The drop wall (I think it was the name?) takes too long to activate, and the shield itself is very weak, the ravager's charged shot is also quite weak when it hits the ground, the plasma pistol's charged shot has a very small tracking zone, the new pulse carbine suffers a similar issue.

Bugs: I encountered a few during my time playing. The menu would get confused if you changed the pages too fast, sometimes changing armor pieces and coatings would also not work, the servers sometimes wouldn't work correctly, there were textures that took too long to load (especifically on the menu and when a match started), sliding felt very clunky and sometimes you could see your own body, at the start of the match the spartan presentation would also bug sometimes, some audio issues, when you looked down you could see your legs (though a little bit funny lol).

This are the main problems I had with this preview, I fully know that It was going to be buggy, but It was also made so we could give feedback. Leaving this behind, I can safely say that I really enjoyed the gameplay, It felt flashy and fast, maps were all fun and were very nice and detailed, most of the weapons were really fun, and let's not mention the grapple hook, for sure the best addition to the game so far, the customization looks incredible, even more opened for options than Reach. All in all, I think this is a step in the right direction, and I'm very happy that they decided to take another year to finish this game, excited to play the final product, kudos to you 343.
The Xbox One did fine but optimizations in general will make the entire experience smoother.
Bug: I could not use my mouse and keyboard to test controls.
Bug: while browsing settings, the menu would flicker while scrolling while in a game.
Overall the tech preview was great and gameplay was fun.
I had no problem playing with my Xbox One S, graphically it seemed fine to me but I would like the game to run at 60 fps for being such a frenetic multiplayer
First off I want to say I'm surprised how much I liked the tech preview and Halo Infinite. I haven't been fully invested in Halo since Halo 3. So great job 343!

Not sure how many people touched on this issue but I noticed on Series X that when I was holding down the trigger to shoot the automatic AR, if I just slightly released a little pressure on the trigger (not all pressure), the gun would stop firing for a second even though I still has the trigger pulled down the whole time. I found it quite annoying. And I'm not sure if there was a option for this but the trigger threshold and sensitivity was super sensitive as well. So a setting for that would be nice.

Another complaint is I couldn't get my mouse to work when using mouse and keyboard on Series X. (Logitech G203). I'm guessing this will definitely be fixed by release though.

Things I liked were..
The gunplay felt good but the needler and the plasma carbine did feel a little OP.
The maps in the preview seemed pretty good and balanced and were also fun to play on.
The bots are a nice feature to have as well.
Grenades didn't feel too OP, although the bots did spam them a lot.

Overall, the tech preview felt pretty good even this far away from release and it was fun to play.
Aiming and aim assist feel wrong on Xbox, especially when it comes to ADS. Maintaining targets in your sights feels way off. Halo 5 aim assist felt great. Don't know how it has been changed but controller aim feels wrong. Sniping has never felt worse on controller. That and the skewer are not very viable on controller (or at least the sniper isn't as viable as it used to be). Wish I knew what was different about aiming in Infinite vs H5 in order to be able to explain better what is wrong with aiming but it's definitely off.
I only had time to play for about an hour on the last day and it played well so I don't have too many criticisms, but there are a couple:
Controllers could use a bit more aim assist. I'm not saying it has to be as much as Halo 5 but with weapons like the skewer (and again maybe this is because I didn't have enough time to get fully used to it) I found it extremely difficult to hit any kind of moving target.
In the hour I had to play, I wasn't able to figure out what button swapped grenades. I assumed it would be left and right on the D-pad but I just ended up dropping my weapon a bunch of times.
On a similar note, I think the drop weapon button should be down on the D-pad because it makes logical sense to correlate dropping with down, and then left and right could go back to being switch grenades.
Update: Just looked at the controller settings diagram and I have to say I think I pressed the AI Scan thing once and I had no idea what I did. Maybe make that more obvious or explain it somewhere, especially since there is also the mark button and I feel like those might be confusing.

Overall I was really happy with the entire experience. And I love the music
Infinite flight feedback

Some needed improvements and additions

1.) as a person with major physical limitations. there needs to be a accessibility option to be able to hold the right trigger on semi automatic weapons. so it limits the need for rapid trigger pulls so that a physically limited individual can make a semi auto weapon viable in gameplay. Therefore shortening the gap between playing with disabilities and being physically able.

2.) I noticed that adjusting the right stick and left stick deadzone and sensitivity. Do not make enough difference or does not work.

3.) aiming seems outdated and somewhat Unresponsive.

Other than that im impressed. 👍
I played on Xbox series x and the only problems I had was one game I couldn’t aim after picking up the Skewer and a couple other games the sound was all weird but other than that great experience for me 👍
It was just a matter of updating or restarting my xbox, and I was able to play happily
I made one post already but I just remembered something else worth mentioning. I was playing on an Xbox One X and I noticed there were two graphics modes: performance and (i forgot the name of it) nice graphics quality or something. I stayed on the default performance option the entire time. As far as I'm aware I think the game was running at 4k 30fps? And if that was performance I'm scared to see what the visual quality mode is. So I was wondering if it would be possible on Xbox One X to have a 1080p 60-ish fps graphics mode.
I think the aim assist should be turned up. Default UI size should be increased, including the reticle.
The new shield effects make it difficult to tell whether an enemy has shields, is one shot or has overshield. The shield effects from the older Halo games are superior in communicating these aspects to players. Specifically, the white electricity Halo 3 overshield effect makes it very clear when an enemy has an overshield and would be an improvement on the current implementation in Infinite.
The only huge problem with the technical preview I had was the ADS. I’m not sure if it was a bug or not but taking fire will automatically cancel ADS which made most weapons very hard to use. The only exception was with the assault rifle and sidekick. Other than that issue I though the game flowed well with a good pace, and most importantly it felt like a good halo game. I only got to experience the preview on the original Xbox One as my series x is still shipping. Can’t wait for the next one!
So after having some time to digest here are my day-after critiques....
- Was only able to play against bots with controller and on the Series X.
- I'm withholding critiques of equipment until we get some time to play against real people.

- Aim Assist: How the game actually assists your aim. How it helps you keep the reticle on the target.
- Bullet Magnetism: How the game will bend the bullet, Wanted style, toward the target
- Spread: Inherent random inaccuracy of a weapon uncontrollable by any external variables. Usually present from the second shot until firing ceases.
- Bloom: Random inaccuracy that engages and rapidly gets worst the faster someone fires, punishing people for exceeding an arbitrary max fire rate.

The Good
- Bots
This is fantastic. I mean really great. They could use a littttle more polish but that's it.

- Academy
Also pretty great. Now we can test weapons and warmup without relying on other nerds getting together in a lobby or using the old pain in the -Yoink- "second controller guest" trick ;)

- Movement
Standard movement, most noticeably the strafe, is the best we have had since Halo 2 imo. Jump height is good and i was able to quickly find jumps that negated the need to use clamber.

- Sprint (yeah im putting it as a positive, sue me im a realist)
Slowest delta we are reasonably going to get but any faster and the problems with sprint will escalate rather quickly. Maps dont need to get stretched and weapons don't need to be easy just to hit stuff.
Shows you on radar
Shooting out of sprint is instant

- Aim Assist (kind of)
With the exception of the BR, this is the lowest amount of aim assist we have had in a long -Yoink- time. The exception being the BR. It was pretty damn easy to shoot, which in its current iteration is probably why it also has one of the slowest perfect TTKs.

- Bullet magnetism (kind of)
Similar to above, the bullet magnetism for most of the weapons is less than we have had in recent memory. The obvious example is the sniper. H5 handed out headshots almost for free and in Infinite you actually have to hit the head which is a welcome change.

- Radar
This is probably the best iteration of radar we have had. Only when you shoot and sprint? Yes please. That said, it should still be off entirely for competitive, but that's super easy to toggle.

Needs Some Work
- Spammy weapons in general
Many weapons require you to spam the trigger or just hold it and throw a buttload of bullets down range. Give the firing cadence a little more space to breathe. I know the intention here is to get people to control their fire, but a hard fire rate cap while using things like projectile speed, fire rate, per-bullet-damage and RRR are better tools that don't rely on randomness to sometimes work.

- AR
Throws too much damage for how easy it is to use within the current sandbox. I actually don't think it needs to really be changed much, just slow down the fire rate slightly and otherwise leave it alone. HOWEVER, this weapon could be left alone entirely if there are slight buffs to weapons like the BR, Sidekick and Commando.

- BR
Easiest gun to shoot by a country mile but also slow to kill. I believe its the slowest (or very close) BR Halo has ever had at 1.6 second kill time. Give it slightly less aim assist and bullet magnetism, faster fire rate and less recoil please. From mid range plus, you really only have to aim center mass to get a headshot because of the recoil.

- Commando
Another very spammy weapon. tons of recoil. Sure the recoil is range limiting, but its also terribly uncomfortable to shoot at optimal cadence. Perfect kill time is fine imo but is almost impossible to get there because the recoil is so extreme. Tap firing is almost worthless because it will often shoot 2 for the fun of it. Just slow down the fire rate and increase the damage slightly to compensate, keeping the overall ttk the same. Moderate the recoil. Slow the projectile a touch if that makes it too rangy.

- Bullet magnetism (kinda)
While it is less than we have had since potentially Halo 1 (maybe similar to reach?) its still seriously more than is needed i think. Just let the user do the aiming? I will add the caveat that this is during the academy doing synthetic tests. In actual gameplay I didn't feel at all like I was landing shots i didn't deserve, or really missing shots i should have hit either which is probably the better test. BUT i was also using a controller, i did not have the opportunity to try it on PC.

The Bad
- Aiming
The controller aiming is not as smooth as the "Modern" option in MCC. The sensitivities and acceleration don't match. I had to increase both the sense and acceleration to even get in the ball park of what i play MCC at and its still not that close. I did an A/B comparison going back and forth and i dont understand why the modern aiming from MCC wasn't just ported over exactly as is? Same options and everything. Modern MCC aiming is great, how is it possible to take a step backwards again?

- Sidekick
Way too spammy. The most used word when describing Infinite's guns. very short RRR. Very shallow magazine. You have to reload this thing a lot. There is no question like some other guns where half a mag can still be viable. You must reload constantly. This is not the only gun with this issue, but it is the worst in this regard. It's got the most egregious bloom of the game. Its essentially an inferior gunfighter magnum. needed changes: Kill the bloom and just cap the fire rate where bloom starts to rear it's ugly head. Increase RRR slightly. Maintain current perfect kill time. 4 to 6 more bullets or so in the mag.

- Spread
Perfect example is the Mauler, uh i mean bulldog. It has random spread and i don't know why? Just make it a uniform cone of projectiles that expands and falls off over distance. This goes for all weapons. IDK why there is this incessant need to add RNG spread to weapons even when fired with perfect pacing. This isn't real life. Randomness is bad. We're playing a game of skill, not gambling.

- Bloom
The only argument in favor of bloom would be to "encourage people to master shot pacing" but the reality is it just adds RNG to engagements. I thought we learned this lesson with Reach. Admittedly, bloom in this game is far less egregious than it was in Reach but "less bad" does not mean "good". Just put a hard cap on the fire rate and call it a day. Balance the weapons in other ways like projectile speed and fire rate, etc. Let people master the details instead of always being hamstrung/artificially inflated due to RNG.

- Clamber
Just not sure why this is needed other than "well other games have it". Its not even a real quality of life thing either. With Halo's jump height, it just shouldn't be necessary. At the very least, the animation should take a while and all the jumps along standard routes should be jumpable without clamber. If someone misses a jump and has to use it as an "oops" button, it should take a second. Players that can make skill jumps without clamber should be rewarded but there are still just too many normal jumps that require it.

-General Remarks
Stop trying to balance weapon ranges with things like bloom and random spread. Slow down the projectile or try something more interesting like shaped but consistent spread.
Welcome to the eagerly awaited Halo Infinite technical preview! We are looking for feedback on specific areas and have threads dedicated to each one right here on Waypoint.

This thread is focused on collecting feedback on Xbox-specific feedback. To provide feedback on other aspects of the flight, please use the dedicated threads for each key feedback area:
  • Bot Slayer
  • Weapon Drills
  • UI & Live (Battle Pass, Challenges, Store)
  • PC-specific feedback
For bugs or technical issues, please utilize the Halo Insider Support site’s knowledge base and submit tickets as necessary. To reiterate, if you encounter a bug, please submit a ticket via the Halo Insider Support page.

Thank you for participating in this Halo Infinite technical preview, we hope you have fun and please share your thoughts with us below!
glady the game did not crashed for my a single time (Played in Series X), and the game just kick me from the matches like 3-4 times in the weekend.
I really love the game so far, nonetheless I do have some little issues with the gameplay... or I should say "things I want to stay/improve when the real deal comes out"

please note that this could be just problems for me and probably no one else thinks the same as me.

1.- Aim Assits:
I did not feel any much of an aim assit in the game, like in other halo games, maybe it should be a little improved? considering there is gonna be crossplay with PC players that really dont need it, we could use just a little tune up.

2.- Radar is terrible:
Hopefully, 343 will upgrade the radar, it was practically useless during the flight, I did not see how useless it was until we had the opportunity to play against other players. when they actually showed up in the radar, It was too late to react. I wish they use something similar like H2A or H3.

3.-Match Exp for battle pass:
probably just for the Flight this was not taking care of, but they should give Match EXP or point for the battle pass after a match, just like in the MCC, maybe even gave us the opportunity to "Buy" new challenges after we are done completing the daily ones.

4.- Nades too bumpy?
or just me.... you have to aim all the way down to throw the nade properly... could get use to it, but a player like me with sens in 2 could be a problem :V

5.- Spartan intro before the matches is sooo goodlike.
I remember the intro back in the Halo 5 Beta... sadly it did not make it to the final game, hoppefully in this game it does.

6- the IA companion is amazing
CIRC > Cortana

7.- Zoom on some weapons.
again, this coud be just me or the small maps, but I feel the Sniper and BR Zoom is really close, maybe take the zoom out a little bit for this weapons?

8.- Medals
Not mad about the medals, I know 343 will do a better job with a better desing for them. but I dont like them to appear in the center of the screen, probably causing kind of a distraction. I love the way it is in all Halo games. Bigger in the left Corner...
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