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[Locked] Infinite Tech Preview – UI & LIVE

OP snickerdoodle

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I think that the initial menu that moves the camera with the mouse is a little disorienting, and doesn't fit well once you get to the main menu.
I think once someone reaches a new level in the BattlePass or the Player's level, there should be a visual celebration. Some sort of visual evidence that tells: HEY CONGRATS, NEW LEVEL!
UI Feedback: The whole menu system seems like it takes a lot of clicks and scrolls to get to where you want to go. Even something as simple as checking how much time is left on an XP boost requires going through a few menus. I worry about what this is going to look like when you add campaign, arena, social, forge, theater and so on. Is it really going to take five or six menus to queue up for BTB? The horizontal scrolling for customization is going to suck after a few seasons of collecting parts. If we have 100 paint jobs only showing 6-7 of them at at time is going to be a pain. It seems like this whole thing could use some streamlining.

The in-game UI is good, though. Very minimalist and clean but shows the information we need to know. The new friend/foe system may be my favorite new thing in Infinite. I think it's going to be really cool to see everyone's armor choices while still having the ability to distinguish friend from guy-who's-gonna-die-soon.

Battle Pass Feedback: First things first - I much, much, MUCH prefer the battle pass system to the REQ card crap from H5G. It clearly lays out what your purchase will give you and at what level. The lack of an expiration is *chef's kiss* awesome. The main gripe I have right now is that playing the game doesn't progress you at all if you don't have challenges active. There's been a few times during the preview where I've completed every challenge and even though it's a beta and none of this matters I still felt my motivation die down a bit. Even if it was just 50xp a game or something it would be great to have progress on the battle pass continue outside of challenges. Also, separating the shoulder pads between two levels feels a bit crappy. It feels like I only got half a reward for that level.

Challenges Feedback: Overall, I like them. There were a few times when I couldn't complete one because the beta only had Bot Slayer or didn't have the weapon it was asking for but those things won't happen in the live game. I would like it if the XP boost only applied to in-game time so you don't feel the need to rush a bunch of games in that half hour and it would be great if the time remaining wasn't so buried in the menu system.

Store Feedback: Again, this is MUCH better than REQ Packs. No mystery boxes or card packs or loot crates or any of that gambling nonsense. Just a nice little store that has things for sale. It tells you what you're buying and how much it is and if you pay that much you get what it says. This shouldn't be remarkable but in the era of FIFA and Madden and Overwatch and all that anti-consumer nonsense it's a relief to see 343 getting away from REQ Packs and into a non-predatory storefront that isn't teaching kids to gamble. I for one will be more than happy to spend some $$$ on -Yoink- cosmetics especially since Infinite is free-to-play multiplayer and on Game Pass to boot.
(Feedback regarding the post game carnage report)

I like how it brings you to your player recap/personal stats right after the game and I like how they're displayed. However the score board could use some work. Not sure if it's just a bot slayer issue but the post game score board should have more tables and columns showing more stats. (Kills, assists, deaths, medals, etc) Something comparable to the mcc carnage report would be cool.

Golden For Life
The recap of game results UI is bad. However thought that light gray background and white font color work well together needs to rethink this choice.

Needler needs a punch of color, needles are boring and not fun to shoot. Super combine also lack visual punch.

Overwhelmed by the shield pop, should be more visually noticable so you know you have the enemies shields off.

Team death locations are not prominent enough. Also why not use halo 2 style with player icons visible in map and red x where they died

Medals are lame all light blue and boring classic icons have been changed. Again not everything needs to be changed and you can make it fresh by making subtle changes. Classic icons are easy to see and you remember them more. Feel more connected to halo past.
The recap of game results UI is bad. Whoever thought that light gray background and white font color work well together needs to rethink this choice.

Needler needs a punch of color, needles are boring and not fun to shoot. Super combine also lack visual punch.

Overwhelmed by the shield pop, should be more visually noticable so you know you have the enemies shields off.

Team death locations are not prominent enough. Also why not use halo 2 style with player icons visible in map and red x where they died

Medals are lame all light blue and boring classic icons have been changed. Again not everything needs to be changed and you can make it fresh by making subtle changes. Classic icons are easy to see and you remember them more. Feel more connected to halo past.

Equipment needs better visualization so you know from a distance. When I found some it's on the ground at them I didn't know what I was picking up
My biggest issue is with the BP progression glitch. Sadly I maxed at 16 ⅗ for this test becsuse I could only level via credits and challenges. U.I is basic but the TT was an out of date version of the game to my understanding. Customization menu should be more streamlined as well. It'd be nice to be able to access it from the pause menu while on game menu.
Thanks for giving us a peek behind the curtain; I am really enjoying the game! However, I did note the following (XBOX One X, 4K television with HDR):

On the Scoreboard,
• The contrast between the numbers and the background may be too low.
• If the player's armor coating is light colored, then the numbers in the rightmost column are illegible.
• The white highlighted row's contents are not legible against the white highlighting.

On the Player Recap/Team Lineup screens
• When called using the left thumbstick (last match results) there are two items that are both labeled to be activated by the same 'Y' button: Battle Pass AND Start Matchmaking .

On the Player Recap screen
• A player death count that is HIGHER than average is accompanied by blue highlighting and the text "beat your usual". Perhaps if this text accompanied a LOWER than average death count it may be more intuitive.

On the Store screen
• The contrast on some item text against light colored backgrounds may make it more difficult to read. The helmet on the right hand side of the preview store is an example.
• The item images do not reliably load, and are occasionally replaced by simple logos.

Throughout the UI on Xbox One X
• Flickering along the edges of the models displayed in the background is present. I have heard of similar artifacts referred to as aliasing issues.

Certainly nothing to lose sleep over. Thanks again, and best of luck!
My issue is with the challenge system. I feel like the daily challenges should be increased and the weekly decreased. Give us more daily objectives that net us small bits of exp but add up if we go for all of them every day. It will get your players into the grind. Then have one or two big weekly objectives that net you a huge chunk of exp.
- UI Scaling options need to have examples within the menu so we don't need to rely on being in a game to fine tune our settings.

- I would like to see the spartan customization menus being overhauled in the future as the more options and pieces we get, the more annoying and slow navigating the options will be, similar to Halo 5; I think a more 4x5 horizontal menu would be not only more visually pleasing but also more convenient as time goes on with all of the options we'll be unlocking.

- The in-game hud can be kind of blurry at times
Minor bug I found: In the UI where you choose the color of your team members and squad members. I have the default for squad members being green, however when I’m in a game, my squad mates are the color of regular teammates (blue in my case). I don’t have an idea of what could cause it.
In my opinion, I feel that it needs an improvement in terms of better customization, I feel that the spartan does not change, I wish that change would be noticed, making the armor more robust or adding more different armor since it is almost the same and boring the look from the spartan himself, that's my only complaint.
I wish they gave the option to aim like Halo MCC and 5.
Aiming sensitivity for each scope such as x2 and x5 is also good. However, like the old Halo MCC and 5 aiming, I hope they offer a 1:1 aiming sensitivity option.
Hi, I have other posts on steam but I feel like this is probably the most important post ill make. PLEASE bring back getting to see everyones spartans in the matchmake lobby so we can look at everyones customisation unlike Halo 5, this was something every other Halo had and made you feel even more proud of your own Spartan. I don't know how you guys will do it but as of now I definitely know the only spartan you see in lobby is your own.
I am currently playing on Xbox Series X and I have played every Halo but the Halo I played the most and still stand by is the best Halo is Halo 3, that being said here are my thoughts as of now on the current status of Halo Infinite. This is general feedback as whole.

The graphics overall very good and clean, there is a few glitches here and there with player movement and grenade bounces but I understand this is still a work in progress. I did run into an issue several times where the game would just freeze and I would have to dashboard and relaunch to continue playing.

Gadget Pickups

The grapple is fun to use overall, but it doesn’t really seem practical in a fight, I have really seen more use for it to traverse the map and to run away from a fight. All in all, not a bad gear but I would add some sort of incentive to use it to start a fight
Drop Shield
The Drop Shield takes too long to place in my opinion. By the time you press to throw it down to the time it engages there are a least 4-5 shots coming your way. This is a good tool but again no real incentives to use it.
There is a number of equipment from past games that we didn’t see make a comeback here, my two notable favorites are the power drain and the regenerator, but I think flare would be a good addition as well.

Armor Abilities
Active Camo
Active camo feels good especially with the ability to deploy it whenever and not being forced into, however the animation for both the active camo and the over shield does seem lengthy.
Over Shield
No overall complaints but it does feel like it is less than its predecessors.
Assault Rifle
The Assault rifle I think needs more work, I think in comparison to its starting counterpart, the pistol, it does too much damage. It is also too accurate at long range, on Bazaar getting show, accurately, from an assault rifle from the other balcony does not seem reasonable.
Battle Rifle
The true primary weapon of the halo world, I feel like it is absent in this go of the tech preview. Sure, it spawns on map, but it seems to be cycled out with new commando. I would like to see a team BRs slayer so we could get a real feel for it.
The Commando feels like it’s a tradeoff and so far I do not think it’s a good one. It’s the child of a DMR and a assault rifle that has the recoil of a dmr with the accuracy and fire rate of an assault rifle. This weapon has a scope but over long distances the recoil feels much to great for it to be an automatic weapon and it doesn’t quite pack the punch that the dmr did. Overall I think this weapon needs some fine tuning.
Great rendition of the pistol as stated before I am not sure it is as comparable to the assault rifle as it should be, with its quick semi-auto fire rate you can certainly burst someone’s shields down but it doesn’t feel like its as fast to do so as the AR
This weapon overall was a disappointment, no power, no range and no magazine. This weapon was designed for a running shot and beat down and it shows. I’m not saying this is a bad model of shotgun to have, but the shotgun is supposed to be able to stand up to a gravity hammer and/or sword if used correctly. This weapon would lose to both every time.
Sniper is the same.
This weapon is the same, overly powerful for small maps and a crutch for any team who has it.
Pulse Carbine
This weapon I think has an issue with the tracing of the rounds it does not feel very consistent and it seems fairly easy to dodge the rounds if it is a face to face fight.
I cannot tell if this weapon is replacing the covenant AR (can’t think of the name, repeater?) or the Carbine, if it is the new covenant AR then it’s acceptable, if it’s the replacement for the Carbine, please change it back.
Plasma Pistol
I think the is the same gun from past games
I do not think this gun is overly useful. The concept is there but I think the spread is too wide both up/down and left/right the damage it does with the current spread makes it easy to avoid the bulk of the damage and be beat out by ar/pistol fairly easily.
This weapon feels the same, surprisingly it still feels a little over powered on the needle tracing. Bazaar map, from one ledge to the top of the center building I can fire ¾ mag of needs on a moving enemy and get the kill.
Takes up a whole lot of visible screen just to hold this weapon. Packs quite the punch and seemingly has a larger hit box than that of a sniper, but it fires 4x slower. Unsure on the tradeoff of this weapon but I would increase the reload speed slightly.
This is both a AOE weapon and a direct hit weapon however, the AOE doesn’t feel like it serves a purpose besides denial of entry or exit from an area. The direct hit feels just like a concussion rifle, but it also feels like the hit box is rather small on the direct hit.
Customizations I imagine will continue to be worked on through the duration of final fixes leading up to and after the launch so not a whole lot of input. Maybe add more variations to the color schemes or even set it so you can put color schemes on certain pieces of armor.
The store is very basic I’m sure the battle pass will include credits to buy some of the cosmetics as well as the daily or weekly challenges. Please do not make it solely pay to receive. I did buy the XP boost out of the store and I do not see any area to use those? I may have missed it but its odd to include it in the store but not a way to use it.
I like the idea it’s a great addition, I would just like to be able to change the color of the prosthesis.
I’m not sure why the presentation feature was disable for a majority of users and some people had access to use it but I would have loved to see what options would be available.
Live fire
The map overall is mostly balanced, I would like to see more BRs or weapon options on the map plus another drop on the opposite side of the map, right now there is over shield or camo on the one side, sniper or skewer in the center and then nothing on that far side.
This map does not seem as balanced as the others, a lot of narrow doorways and long passages with a kill box in the center.
Very open centralized map overall very balance with symmetrical placement of weapons and equipment.
Overall Gameplay
Bots are a good addition to the game but could use some improvements, even the “Spartan” level bots could barely get above 20 kills in most games. The difficulty of the bots doesn’t matter much if there is no variance in their state of play. For example, start of play all bots run [this] direction, always engage with a grenade thrown at feet. Never picks up power weapons or different then starting weapons. Almost all kills were a group bot effort and difficulty did not feel as though it changed.
In game
I would like to see the announcement of power weapons and power ups remove; I feel these take away from the game being a battle for map control to being a battle for power weapon control. This may be nostalgia, but I think it was better when you would make the decision that you had map control and could go and check for the sniper or rocket rather than being told when and where it spawns.
Aside from the audio known issue, please improve the soundtrack and get back to what halo used to be. This new soundtrack seems to be out of place at times and really does not fit the genre.

don't force me out of zoom because I take a single hit. let me die my way.
  1. Ranking up the Battle Pass is kind of frustrating. As soon as you finish challenges, you’re pretty much done with what you can do in terms of unlocking new gear. I believe XP should be tied to gameplay with challenges giving you more XP than a standard match (or alternatively, significantly harder/more time consuming challenges can even give you credits). These changes would bring the battle pass closer to what we have already come to expect from our experiences with games like Call of Duty and Fortnite.
  2. Would really like for medals to be bigger.
  3. Navigating the Battle Pass/Customization/Challenges tabs gets pretty confusing from time to time
The UI is very confusing. I feel its strange how u have to back out 2 menus to move from multiplayer gamemode select to customization.

Also I really hope people who buy the full game get rewarded in the f2p multiplayer. ie give us the battle pass for free or a way to earn premium currency. The fortnite esc store kinda made me real sad just looking at it in halo.
En la interfaz me gusta pero cuando entro a una sección tienes que volver atrás para poder personalizar tu espartano me gustó que el pase estaba en la parte superior de la tienda lo mismo en general si una buena interfaz solo la personalización no es buena en el sentido que tengas que retroceder para poder personalizarlo
The loading time is so long. Everything seems messy and no sense
Going to make a proper list of critique instead of a single comment.
  • There should be ways to earn credits outside of just paying for them. Perhaps a performance-based reward for matches.
  • Multiple people have brought this up, but challenges should not be the only way to get xp. Per-match xp rewards should be included as well because people can blow through all weekly challenges in a single day and then be out of incentives to play for the rest of the week.
  • The xp boosters are ineffective in their current form. I would recommend the Halo 5 version of activating them for individual matches. The current version could still be useful for challenges if the time was extended.
  • I would recommend a vertical setup for the customization menu, similar to Reach. Coatings should be in a grid rather than a line.
  • Putting this here rather than in the Bot Slayer forum because it is technically a UI thing, but the Shield and Outline colors should be separate options. As it is, it's hard to discern whether an enemy has shields at a glance. I would also suggest lowering the opacity of the shields a bit, because fighting a bright red silhouette doesn't look right.
  • On the previous note, perhaps Shield Color could be a customization menu thing rather than UI, so that each player could personalize that aspect for their own Spartan.
  • Reticle color should remain consistent with previous games. Green for teammates, Red for enemies.
  • The helmet menu keeps your current attachment visible in the preview icon regardless of whether it's compatible with the selected helmet.
  • The Prostheses options don't work correctly. Switching them seems to randomly effect a different one on most occasions.
  • I don't know where else to put this, but the right-side saddlebag on both the Mongoose and Gungoose in the Vehicle Bay is position-locked to the perspective of the camera rather than the vehicle, so it stays in place while the vehicle rotates.
  • There's a texture error on BUTLR.
  • Body type slider has no noticeable effect outside of abdomen.
  • Body & AI section doesn't have free rotation, so unable to properly look at right side prostheses.
  • Able to unequip AI and AI color despite no on-screen prompt.
  • Challenges being hidden behind battle pass xp indicator feels weird.
  • Suggest adding option to toggle hitmarkers for players who don't want them.
  • Medal indicator too close to center, suggest putting at near bottom of screen, near point counter.
  • Helmet customizations that aren't picked may sometimes stick around when backing out of the helmet menu.
  • Menu UI feels cluttered by too many large elements.
  • Menu background will sometimes get stuck on some environmental object when switching between tabs.
  • Transhumeral arm prostheses still have the elbow portion of the normal undersuit, which is clipping through the prostheses.
  • Spartan will sometimes get stuck in the Gloves position when scrolling through customization options.
  • Point counter should be slightly larger and slightly lower.
  • In general, the menu UI is too large and the match UI is too small.
And one last suggestion, even though I know there's already been a decision made on it:
Manual color selection could still be brought back, using the Coatings as patterns for the color placement and materials. It looks like there's already something somewhat similar, since the Coating options show 7 colors in various arrangements. A lot of people want this, but I know that the coatings as they are will bring in more microtransactions so it probably won't happen.
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