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Infinity Possibly Gone


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MEDICVS wrote:
omarlotrc wrote:
From the latest trailer, the way the hologram showed an initial break in the ring before it fell apart, looked like a precise impact. Quite possibly the Infinity ramming the inner surface of the ring before it fired at maximum power, hence Brohammer saying "We've lost everything." The Infinity will be lost, the most powerful ship in the UNSC possibly with most of her crew, just to shove a wrench into Cortana's plan and saving the galaxy for the time being.

If any of the main characters die, I'll be sad. Just not as sad with Johnson's death in Halo 3, that'll never be topped.
I dunno, man. If they kill off Arby or Buck...

I’d cry for weeks...
Buck can die and I wouldn't be too sad about that.

If Arby dies, I'll cry for weeks. If the entire Infinity crew blew up in a blaze of glory by taking down a ring, I wouldn't be too broken up about it. Espeically if we get the traditional announcer back for all Halo MP instead of Commander Palmer.
If Buck or the Arbiter die, people will probably riot. Those are the bros.
They had better not. Not with how little justice they did him in Halo 5: Guardians.
I honestly don’t expect any of Osiris or he Arbiter to be in the story. If this is a soft reboot of the franchise, I’d consider them gone until proven otherwise
I don't think this is a soft reboot, I think this is a continuation of Halo 5 because that is what they have said and since Arbitor is a so well established character since 2004 I think he will likely be in it. I doubt that Osiris will be in it except in passing since they are all new. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.
The story being simpler doesn't justify the Infinity just suddenly being gone. Halo CE had the PoA and it worked just fine.
And before I'm quoted to be told of anything about this comparison, read this first:

Halo CE, being the first title, would only introduce a handful of stuff. In the first cutscene, the game was established by the following: Human ship called "The Pillar of Autumn" comes across a mysterious ring-world after escaping from somewhere called "Reach". The female voice says she identified multiple "CCS class battlecruisers" approaching the Autumn's location in 90 seconds. The ship is put into "combat alert alpha" and the marines all throughout the ship get ready to repel the intruders. Meanwhile, the tone shifts completely as you see a man in a green suit inside the pod, being woken up from sleep.

Right off the start, Bungie gave us the name of a ship, the setting for the game and a class of ships for the enemy's navy. There was already some planning here. Halo Infinite can do something similar since it's going to be a spiritual reboot. You can be completely new to the franchise, and you can see the Infinity as we all see the Autumn in it's first appearance: just a Human ship used to travel the cosmos and battle the alien forces. It doesn't matter how important it is to the Universe, nor it's story.

In many ways, Infinite is being treated very similarly to CE. This example is one of them.
I think an opening cut scene could accomplish this. Halo 2 had a great opening cut scene that was actually quite long, but it helped explain the events of CE very concisely and set up the universe going forward. Infinite might benefit from a first level that is just one giant cut scene that serves to catch the player up on the state of the universe. TV shows do this all the time and it doesn't seem to cause any issues.
Like "The Heretic"?
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