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"It won't be me, you know that right?"

OP Nova Spartan X

"They'll pair you with another AI. Maybe another Cortana model if Halsey lets them."

"It won't be me, you know that right?"

Anyone else, after Halo 5 feel like that line was foreshadowing what happened within Halo 5 and what will be expanded upon in Halo Infinite? I hope this is the case but at the same time i'm not sure they had a clear plan for this story. Wasn't the Didact supposed to be the main nemesis throughout the trilogy and then they killed him off after Halo 4 in a COMIC? I'm hoping Infinite's story somewhat retcons this but it's unlikely.

Anyway, this is more about that line, do we really know for sure if this is Cortana and not the Didact somehow merging with her and masquerading as her? How do you all think Infinite will play this out?
Well, its not hard to think something is just off about the Cortana portrayed in H5 so that would lead me to think she is either being controlled/manipulated by something or all those split versions of her that got restored may have been 'healed' but didn't necessarily retain the same ethos as the original Cortana due to separating and/or not having all the pieces (Cortanas) to become whole again.

As far as being manipulated is concerned, I have serious doubts that it has anything to do with the Didact as he is in the Promethean soul-realm as far as I understand which I don't think has any connection with what Cortana is now connected to.
However, know what is connected with what Cortana has gotten into? It was originally created by the ancient Precursors, of which the Flood are a corrupted version of… Before Chief got Cortana back she was with the Gravemind for a period of time and through the lore it is known how the Flood can affect A.I.s… It is possible that we were just beginning to see the effects of that in H5. If you aren't aware of it, HiddenXpheria has a whole video on the topic.

I wish I could say I had confidence in one of these theories but with last year's trailer seeming to allude to Chief getting Cortana back I have some concerns. However, I'd say I lean more towards the first theory of Chief finding a 'true' form of Cortana even though I think the second theory of her being manipulated by the Gravemind's past influence much more intriguing and mounting with evidence.

Judging by the details on his new A.I. chip it seems to suggest that it was for a new A.I. which would line up with the line you brought up but at this point I don't really know what to think of it. Going off the trailer, my guess is most of the action that followed H5 has taken place and the Halo universe is in a sorta limbo where neither side truly won and your mission now is to 'finish off' a weakened Cortana/force and ultimately restore what little is left which includes 'bringing back Cortana'. To me, this falls in line with 343's comments about the game being a "spiritual reboot"

Curious if you have any thoughts on any of this.
All clues point to Chief and Blue Team heading to Reach to retrieve something of Halsey's buried somewhere under Mennachite Mountain (Halo: Shadows of Reach book). In all likelihood, it'll be whatever is left of the extra brains of hers cloned when he made Cortana the first time. Though how even a new AI made from Halsey's brain would be able to face off against Cortana now empowered by the Domain eludes me.
I think it would be nice to have another AI besides one from Halsey's mind. I'm kinda basing this off the MCU and Iron Man's second AI FRIDAY.
Hopefully, lets get a parallel to Offense and Defensive Bias like I've suspected for a while now.