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Make Multi-team great again!

OP TheCelticDragon

Sorry for the on the nose title but i want to emphasise a hidden jewel in the Halo experience, one that has never really hit its niche properly but has ample ability to do so, that being Multi-team!!

Since CE Halo has had great custom games and a variety of options to tinker with, it granted the users to create endless party games and wacky modes which has been a staple of Halo over most other shooters.
I would contend that there are only about 10 legacy playlists in Halo that have been found in each game and only 3 of those touch on either the custom game experience or gametype variety in general.
  • Action sack
  • Multi-team
  • Team objective
Action sack has never had a booming population and i would argue because it acts as a poor mans custom games, if it was to be a custom game showcase of what's popular or become a custom-game browser it would better nail what i feel its purpose is, to play matchmade (user created) custom games.

Team objective has never really been popular as a social playlist and is made redundant by MLG/Hardcore playlists in ranked and has never seemed to hit its audience.

Multi-team didn't set out to do what either of those playlists did, but had the fun of both inside it. Many players search in twos and the only playlist that catered to that was doubles. Multi-team was chaos personified and a great way for two players to play social, as even social doubles could be quite intense. Teams of three could always search in 4v4 playlists and there was never any need to make the playlist teams of three in the first place, something i think stifled what multi-team could offer.
The other BIG bonus was that there have been many gametypes in Halo that would go virtually unused in matchmaking if it wasn't for multi-team, gametypes that i think don't need to be thrown away or remain unused in future games. Here's an example.
  • VIP
  • Juggernaut
  • Stockpile
  • Headhunter
  • 3 Plot territories / Strongholds
  • Crazy king
  • Rocket hog race (something seat switching could aid)
  • Race
  • 3 Ball
  • Elimination slayer
  • Fiesta
  • even Zombies + more
With 5 (or 6) teams of 2 players, a huge variety of gametypes and most of the maps / weapons even vehicles in the game could be used. Multi-team is untapped potential that hasn't ever truly received its spotlight and a playlist that deserves to be a key aspect of the social experience moving forward.
Multi-team Tower of Power custom games in Halo 2 are some of my favorite memories. More action and chaos, but still reliant on some team strategy. I'd love to see more multi-team stuff in social matchmaking.
Yeah, I missed multi team, rocket race was my personally favourite in that playlist.
I miss Team Objective a lot. From a competitive standpoint, it was considerably different than standard Team Slayer or MLG (hardcore/HCS settings). I'd love to see it return.
I mean, I'm thinking we're getting all of these as rotational playlists eventually.

The real question is if that list of gametypes will be in at launch.
I mean, I'm thinking we're getting all of these as rotational playlists eventually.

The real question is if that list of gametypes will be in at launch.
I just hope 343i includes Doubles as an initial, ranked game type. This playlist always gets added MUCH later, as if it wasn't a popular playlist smh...
I think multi-team would be great fun.
Multi Team is always fun to have, but it seems to work best as a rotational playlist.