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Make your own Armor in Infinite


It will be a pretty interesting idea, if 343 give us a option to make our own armor pieces for our Spartans or Elites if they ever will come back. If I had a option to make my own armor pieces in Infinite it will be for the Elites, The Armor I would make for my Elite character will be a inspiration from the Predator armor and try to make the face to have the Predator mask as well. What do you guys think of this idea if 343 give us a option to make our own Armor in Infinite?
Are you talking about just more details and pieces to choose from across the entire character model? If so, I'm completely on board. If you're suggesting that individual players can essentially model their own armor from the ground up, though? That sounds like a logistic, technological, and canonical nightmare to me.
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Ça serait vraiment sympa que nous puissions faire nos propres armures. Mais ça doit être difficile à gérer, donc personnellement je pense plutôt à un moyen de customisation comme où voir plus poussé que celui de halo reach !
Not sure how this would work, you'd need developer tools to be able to do something like this for starters.
it would pretty awesome to see something like that make it into the game. people love to express their individuality in the way they set up their avatars appearances. the ones in halo 3 were pretty limited and the ones in halo 4 slightly less so. every halo game since then has only had chunks of armor come out together as a set (not counting helmets) when the player progresses in the game or, in the case of halo 5, earns enough game creds to buy a random set. I loathe that. let us make our own armor that we can display in MP.
A more advanced version of the Reach customization would be awesome. Since apparently MC went back to old sets of Armor so Cortana couldn't effect him it would be cool to give the option to customize him with different armor pieces and attachments that you find while playing the campaign and then have a bunch more unlockable for your spartan in MP.
I always wanted to wear the zealot armor from CE, with it's blue gems and holograms
I would remake it