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Marine allies

OP MiNi SeAn xXx

as we see on the trailer infinity has been destroyed most of its crew dead floating in space.

Do you think we will have sections with marines later?fighting beside chief things like this make halo, I hope we're not on our own for the whole game cos i wanna expirence something like the covenant and the ark with bigger ai battles.
Even possibly a night time mission with a sniper n some odsts infiltrating a banished camp to take out one of their generals or something.

At the moment what I've seen haven't blown me away.. but bravo 343 so far.. add some scarabs vs scorpions, blood, dirt and grit to the models and weapons some friendly forces.. look at halo 3 trailer that showed so much from choppers drones marines etc to get the hype flowing..
Would love to fight along side Marines and ODSTs, what about other Spartans as well!
ODSTs should be back. We saw their helljumper logo in the trailer. Fighting with them and marines would be amazing. They need decent AI though lol
In the gameplay trailer (not the demo) theres an extremely quick shot of the Warthog driving towards/past the camera. You can see a person (assuming a marine) atleast in the turret, so yes I'm certain we will play alongside UNSC personnel.
Preffering ODST :D
I'm curious to see if we will be able to have the pilot come along with us like a companion.
Please Lord let it be so.
Just an update on the map keychart on infinite there's something called echo base and another base highlighted in blue and something in red called marine rescue 👏
di3h4rd3r wrote:
Would love to fight along side Marines and ODSTs, what about other Spartans as well!
Other spartans should only be in coop.