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Master Chief focused more in Halo Infinite?

OP NoxthFace

What i really want to see in Halo Infinite is being able to play as the Master Chief more often. When first bought Halo 5, I bought the game for Master Chief to play as him. Mostly we’ve been focused on Spartan Locke, a new spartan introduced to the game. I don’t mind playing as any of the characters that got brought to Halo 5 but come on, Halo was based on the Master Chief and I want to mostly play as him sense he’s the main character of the Halo franchise.
This should be posted in the Halo Infinite Forum.
I think that Halo Infinite will be solo based on the Chief again
Rejoice, because 343 said long ago that Infinite would be very Chief-centric, and that they don’t plan to introduce any new playable characters.
They already confirmed that it will be chief focused but id like the arbiter to be in the game as well.
Chief as the only playable character just makes for that Halo CE/Halo 3 feel they're seemingly chasing (to some extent).

I would love to see Arbiter take an important narrative position as a supporting character, but I don't think we need playable Arby missions. I'm not necessarily opposed to them, but I think I'd rather see a Halo 3 situation where Co-op players get to take on other fan favorite roles instead of seeing double on MC. This could be even cooler now as players 3-4 (I don't think they've confirmed 4-player co-op locally or otherwise in the campaign yet, so I'm spitballing here) could play as characters like Palmer and Buck (Can't decide honestly if Palmer or Locke would be more divisive, but Buck's a great safe bet) instead of random elites.

Maybe the co-op players could have a pool of characters to choose from in the launch menu kind of like Gears 5 does? Only including members of Blue Team, Osiris, and some miscellaneous characters from the Halo Universe (Unlocking playable Noble Team for co-op by beating the campaign on Legendary would be a spectacular prize).

That's all highly speculative and doesn't have any evidenciary support, so it's just meant as a cool suggestion for adding a lot of replay value to the campaign and for making it all feel cohesive with the history of the series for longtime fans.

I think Infinite could learn a lot else from how the Coalition has structured Gears 5, too. I know the MS owned studios keep a fairly consistent line of communication, so that's very encouraging!
I am ready to move on from Chief as the main character, I think people didn't take to Locke but that doesn't necessarily mean that Halo can't exist without a different protagonist. I just think people disliked Locke.

Hecky, ODST and Reach gave us new protagonists and characters who were great. Personally I hope this is Chief's last game, the tricky part is getting a strong lead character who feels like an apt replacement.