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Master Chief's Old/New Armour

OP maverNick

So, after watching the new Halo Infinite trailer, I'm excited, and curious, about the armour Chief is wearing. It looks SO much better that what they've had in Halo 4 & 5 but on closer inspection it looks like a blend of both newer and older models. The helmet practically looks like the Mk 6 from Halo 2 & 3, but the rest of the armour looks more like the Mk 4 seen in Halo Legends and Forward Unto Dawn.

What I find really interesting though is when his suit is powered up I can see scrolling on the HUD:
Armour BIOS // Mjolnir // VER_12 .1 / ID 1
Created by Materials Group (C) 02.10.2559
Last Modified by C. Halsey 09.19.2561
Mjolnir Powered Assault Armour System // Generation III

This shows that the armour is a newer generation 3 and was build after Cortana and the created had taken over Earth and the Colonies. This has got me wondering what the story is behind Chief's armour, it's a newer generation but why dose it look like a blend of newer and older armour types?

Maybe because it is. This is what I'm guessing:

They UNSC being on the run probably wouldn't have direct access to resources, so if a Spartan's armour was severely damaged or they needed to build a new one, materials for making parts would be a challenge. So what if (from where I don't know but just bare with me) they acquired older armour types and re-used some of their parts to re-build and upgrade existing armour, or combined the components of both newer and older Mk's to make an entirely new version? To me this would explain why Chief's armour appears as a blend of newer and older types. It would also explain why the armour has changed from Halo 5.

What do you guys think? Dose Chief's armour look right to you? Do you like the idea of mixing new and old types together?
Well it was created in 2559. So just because it looks like the older style armor doesn't mean it is. Maybe they decided that that armor had better protection, or maybe it is easier to make. It could be a whole new set of armor, but due to difficulties of producing other sets, this one got made.
The idea of missing the old and new types kinda helped make the transition from H4/5's design to a more traditional look feel more seamless than have it be a complete, flat out transition. Overall, the armor looks amazing to me; I dig the bulkier-ish design of this new Chief and love the return of more traditional armor designs.

As for why his armor is more traditional(in terms of the lore, since we all know/should know why it was), I think its kinda close to what you said. They blended older designs with the newer designs of Mark VI armors to create this new and evolved Generation III armor, modified by Halsey to help defend against Cortana and AI intrusions.Makes sense for the UNSC to kinda do so, since plenty of AIs turned against Humanity, therefore heavily wounding the UNSC and its ability to reach for resources. Another reason he could have the armor is simply because of the damage his H5 armor sustained, with his cracked VISR. Gotta keep the face of the UNSC and Humanity in top condition when you can fix him up, eh?
I’m glad with the new art style trying to blend the old with the new. It’s basically a fusion of Halo Legends Chief/2/& 3 put together. This is the design that they should have kept with Halo 4 and 5’s, but I’m glad it still now then never.
I'm honestly going to miss Chief's GEN II Mk VI. But I'm glad elements of the armour have been incorporated into this new GEN III armour.

I've also speculated as to whether this is his old GEN I Mk IV armour, but upgraded to the modern GEN III platform. Until we find out more though, I don't think we've seen or heard anything to eliminate that possibility. However, the GEN III platform is designed to have the best of both worlds from the GEN I and GEN II platforms (the armour of GEN I, and lessons from the mobility of GEN II), so it may be that it is new armour that looks very similar to his old GEN I Mk IV because of that suit's durability.

Of course, GEN III exists for 343 to explain the probable gameplay changes, and the more classic looking armour.