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New Gametype Concept To Surpass Firefight

OP Abrams 165

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Abrams 165 wrote:
I don’t mean to be altering your ideas in ways you didn’t intend or anything, but I have a couple ideas. I think it’d be cool if the General could change his units colors and armor. This would obviously be in some kind of menu outside of the game. I also think it’d be cool if players were able to create little squad presets for when they are the General, think of it like this: you have a few squads that you can customize. The squads are like a loadout in the sense that they are always there, and can be altered outside of game. The General would be able to train as many of a certain preset as he wanted. Each preset would have an amount of space that the General would fill by adding troops to that squad preset. Different Troops take up different amounts of space, grunts taking up the least space, and hunters taking up the most space, and making the squad more expensive to produce in game. The General should also have an option to train individual soldiers that would train faster than a squad, but would be alone unless manually grouped together with other units.

those are my ideas. They might line up with your vision, or they might be completely different from what you were thinking. Either way, I hope it was, at the very least, interesting to read.
(Just as a quick reply to your first comment: With all the ideas I have for this, trust me, that was short XD)As for your ideas, I 100% agree with all of those! As well as having a cost system for certain soldiers, that way just making an army full of Hunters would be too costly and not be really effective. The presets sound like an awesome idea too and would help to speed up gameplay. And as for the colors?... You got me thinking, and what would be awesome is if your units as the General used both your primary and secondary colors from your player character's armor. Does that sound like a cool idea to you, or do you think it would be better as a completely separate color you select in a different menu or something?
Regarding the colors. I think that the player should have preset color pallets that they can chose from, as well as the option to chose whatever colors they want, so that they can use their player colors if it’s what they want to do. I’ve come up with a few different color pallets presets, besides default, I’ll list them now.
1. Old Covenant. When applied to your units, this pallet gives them bright armor colors, reminiscent of Halo CE, 2, and 3.
2. Winter Contingency. When applied to your units, this pallet gives them darker, grittier colors, based on Halo Reach.
3. Shield world. This color pallet is the one for you, it gives your units the bright purple coloration from the original Halo Wars.
4. Storm. This color pallet gives your units the muted metallic colors seen worn by the covenant in Halo 4 and 5.
5. Banished. This pallet colors your units with the battle hardened reds and grays of the Banished in Halo Wars 2.
6. Heretic. When worn by your units, they wear the industrial oranges, reds, and silvers worn by the Heretics in Halo 2.
7. Acolyte. This color pallet is for true followers of the great journey. It gives you soldiers the metallic whites, grays, and blacks worn by soldiers of the Forunner war machine, along with glowing light accents similar to those of the promethians and sentinels. The lights can be alternated between the colors blue, orange, and red.

also, note that the player can use different pallets for different units if they so choose. For example, you could equip your elites with the “old covenant” color pallet, but have your grunts using the “storm” color pallet. Also, the color pallets do not affect what armor you equip your units with.
That color palette idea actually sounds really cool! I could see them being unlocked similarly to armor types, whether that be more achievment or point based like in the Bungie Halos, or in a less preferred but still tolerable scenario, a microtransaction system like Req packs or something. This idea got me going on a train of thought and what I even see being a feature is that while you can for the most part choose their colors by hand, some of the particular palettes use more detailed coloration and maybe even new armor sets for each of the units. Like the Heretic color scheme could actually make the units armored up to completely fit the Heretic aesthetic, or the Storm palette could bring back the newer Covenant art style with the beefier Elites, dinosaur Jackals and chubby-looking Grunts, if anyone in particular prefers those Covenant phenotypes over the classic ones (I don't, but I know some probably do). It would both add some new variation to the units without changing how they function, give players more incentive to progress through the game, and also be a sign to the Spartans of who their General is. Like they could see all the Covenant forces have the Acolyte palette which would probably be one of the rarest/most difficult to get options with custom Forerunner-aesthetic armors and realize that this guy really knows what he's doing. I know it would probably be really difficult for 343 to design so many art styles of all the different Covenant forces, but it would really add to the feeling of the game, they could even add the more unique palettes in with updates so they don't need to have so many redesigns ready at once.
Interesting concept. I always wanted to see the Firefight formula receive a revamp on newer titles.
WARZONE 2.0: Eliminate enemy players, control Hardpoints, and watch out for Promethean Invasions

It starts off with your standard Big Team Battle, with 24-36 players. A team deathmatch/attrition style with zone captures for map control with large scale battlegrounds with vehicle focus. Then 3/4 of the way through the match, an Invasion of enemies(NPCs) comes in taking over one control point and maybe locking certain vehicle types out of the game; like promethean AA weapons that take out your falcon or wasp, or banshee, or whatever. Or a large scale EMP weapon that inhibits land based vehicle so flying or on foot is the method of warfare.
Each team must battle each other, and at the same time, the invading force to capture the hardpoint for the win.
While those maybe a blatant rip off of Titanfall, I do like that last ditch/mad dash to the evacuation point, where it's a sprint to the finish style exfiltration of the losing team. Adds a sense of desperation and frantic fun to the end.

Just a thought.
1: Team colors and visuals: Default for the general should be Purple instead of blue (works well to separate it from standard multiplayer modes), and the armor set should signify a high role, like the general armor set from Reach. Perhaps also obfuscate the player name of the general, and switch it to a randomized elite name- revealing the target after the game ends.

2: health values: perhaps grant the General a small amount more shields and health than Spartans.

3: An interesting thought . What if, in addition to commanding the troops, the general could also take control of any high-rank elite on the battlefield, gaining him access to an energy sword secondary and a bonus armor ability that works kind of like a more modern version of the system from Star Wars: Republic Commando.
3A: Armor Ability: Command: Press to issue context-based orders. Hold to return back to the top-down RTS view. [Press near choke points to order troops to hold a position. Press again to order them to follow you. Press while aiming near a Spartan to cause them to focus their fire at the one. ]
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