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New Skulls for Halo Infinite

OP SnipingFox

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Ice Rink: foot momentum is increased and acceleration is decreased.
Heavy Weight: vehicles, enemies and other objects will reach more volatile speeds when pulled. Instead of the grapple shot pulling you towards a Banshee, it will pull it to you.
NoBagNebby wrote:
Craig skull-All Brutes look like Craig

What the Wort skull-all elites say nothing but wort wort wort
Now these are fantastic ideas as nice nods to fun community memes.

Let's have a Paintball skull because why not? Lol.
Why not have a nod to Kelly's Heroes - tanks fire paint shells.
Skull that disables any Equipment from working, Grapleshot, Bubble Shields, etc.
That's a really cool idea. I feel it would have to be a secondary skull otherwise it might overpower a LASO but it would be a really cool way to allow those who wish to play without them - as well as utilising a mechanic which will be there for some MP modes anyway.

For exploration I'd really like to see the Acrophobia skull return
Schism: All elite enemies are hostile to brutes

Rubber gloves: the force of your punch is increased exponentially. Anything you melee is sent flying even if not killed or destroyed. Enemies, vehicles, decor, etc...

Eternal: Changes the music to the Doom and Doom Eternal Soundtracks. All melee kills will trigger assassinations animated at 2.0x speed

Bloodlust: All enemies are set to their max rank. Elites will always have energy swords, brutes will always have gravity hammers, jackels will always have sniper, grunts will always suicide, hunters will always charge, etc...
Instead of taking something away lets change the atmosphere. Like Mythic skull you get a boon aswell... A Thunder skull that ranks up the foes but also
your marines to ODSTs or ODSTs to Spartan 4s.
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