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Only time will tell

OP MiNi SeAn xXx

I posted my dream for infinite about the many factions and huge ai battles.. looks like some of these are becoming true, only time will tell.. but I'm excited to see Hulking modified Mantis AA platforms etc
Would 343 read my wishlist I put up or
If you put your wishes in the Infinite mega-thread, then I'd assume someone has read it. At this point though, the game is nearing completion and all that is left are to cross the T's and dot the I's. Any constructive criticism would have had to come to the ears of the devs at least a year ago, if not further back than that.
6/15/18 is when I put it up 👌👌
6/15/18 is when I put it up 👌👌
Even by that time a lot of stuff has been locked in on it so I wouldn't count on your list being true. However massive battles are staples of Halo so the wish may come true