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Playable Brutes

OP Zuka Zamam

I know im probably going to get some heat from this but I think it would be cool to add playable brutes into Halo Infinite. Why i think this is that it would add even more variety into the multiplayer and they are similar to elites since they are somewhat equals. In multiplayer they could have regenerative health since they dont have shields and have their hitbox tweaked a bit to suit the multiplayer. it would be something the community would like to see as well since 343 is listening to the community so if anyone from 343 reads this, i want to hear what you would think or any reader my that matter.
I remember back in Combat Evolved/Custom Edition days, I always wanted to play as a grunt, hunter, jackal, elite, etc.

This concept seems awesome, but is unlikely for gameplay reasons and practical aspects, such as that brutes aren't the spartan equivalent as much as elites are. I wish it were different though, as it would be badass to be able to play as any of those races.

Let's get playable elites first. Then we can probably talk brutes.
I do agree that I'd like playable Elites before anything else, but playable Brutes is right up my alley.
Except that Brutes are actually more different from Elites than you think. For one, Brutes have a ridiculous strength advantage and are known to soak up bullets almost like tanks. Then they're larger than Elites and wouldn't fit in the cockpits of... Wasps, Hornets, Falcons, Scorpions, Mantises and maybe Warthogs. Another issue is that Elites already have problems trying to wield Human weapons, claiming them to be "too small". This issue would be worse for Brutes and they could potentially be unable to wield some Human weapons like the Magnum, Boltshot, Hydras, Binary Rifles, you named it. There's a lot of issues that need to be worked around, maybe they're even impossible unless an entirely different type of Halo game is considered.
I think a random species fiesta mode where you spawn as something different each time would be interesting.
If we get elites, brutes are a possibility.
Very unlikely due to lore constraints and etc, would be cool though! Elites should totally be playable in Halo Infinite!
Spartans and Elites for multiplayer.

For FireFight and Campaign Meta Game(unlocked once you play through it) be able to play as any race/character and maybe even some characters increase your score multiplier if for example you choose to play as a weak regular marine.
Holy -Yoink- i didnt know all the replies i got! i think all of those seem pretty dope but all we can hope is that they bring back elites and so we pray.
I wouldn’t mind playable brutes in social gametypes or in an exclusive gametype/playlist. But different playable character models in ranked playlists would be absolutely awful. From a competitive standpoint, it would just be ridiculous. Anything else would be fine.
Id be okay with this