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Playable cutscene

OP OptimumCactus73

Ever since they launched their discover hope trailer......I keep wondering if the cutscene are playable or not......when pilot wakes up chief.......we actually passed through the trailer from his visor just for a second makes think of the above wondering......wt do u think guys
Cutscenes are generally not playable, I don't think the one we saw will be playable either. We just get to sit, watch and enjoy :)
Seeing a cutscene in game from Chief's POV is something they did a lot starting with Halo 4, I think that's what they were going for more than making cutscenes actually playable. I actually enjoy it a lot, I'm glad they decided to keep the trend going (or that's what it looks like at least).
By definition, cutscenes aren't playable. At most, interactivity in cutscenes is limited to quick-time events. Cutscenes from a first-person perspective are a thing, however, but I don't think Infinite plans to exclusively use 1st-person cutscenes. If Discover Hope is in fact the opening scene for the game as they said, then the majority of that scene is not in the 1st-person POV.
Seeing as this is the opening of the first level, it'll possibly jump to doing the up/down eye test, before going back to the cutscene, in a very similar way to Halo 3.
Like..An interactive one with quick-time events? Push X so Chief breathes!
Because cut-scenes are by their very nature non-interactive.
Call me lazy but, (butt? Lol get it!) durring cut-scenes I rather just watch and enjoy them instead of anticipating having to interact with them at a given moment.
Cutscenes can't be playable. If anything that part where you're looking through his visor might cut to gameplay for you to do your classic look up look down bit and then back to cutscene. It looks like the cutscenes are in engine so they could transition back and forth seamlessly.
By very definition a cutscene isn't playable but graphics have come so far now that it kind of feels like all games are playable cutscenes lol
Playable but the ability to turn it off during the tutorial if you don’t want too
I don't think so.
For me, I like gameplay and I like cutscenes. I strongly dislike anything in between, E.g. Quick time events, on rails sections (including the one in Reach), playable cutscenes, etc.
The only exception to this is sitting in the back of a Pelican or Drop Pod immediately before the start of the mission, and I'm glad no Halo game does this too often.
Some games can get away with it, i.e. Bioshock, but they have to establish it early, and it needs to really fit everything else the game sets up. It's too late for Halo to just throw in "playable cutscenes" at this stage.
stckrboy wrote:
Cutscenes are generally not playable, I don't think the one we saw will be playable either. We just get to sit, watch and enjoy :)
Yeah, I really hope there isn't anything like "press X to do this", "press X to be cinematic"