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Possible lore reason to change prometheans.

OP Battle

I believe most agree the Promethean's have been poorly done. However, I believe 343 could fix them easily with a possible lore reason. The first Promethean's we saw in Halo 4 were in storage with the Didact on Requiem. The second set was modern humans turned into Prometheans. These were made by Cortana while she was pretending to be captive. So it makes sense they would look and act similar to the Prometheans fought in Halo 4. This was to fool the Chief with a false challenge to capture him.

What got me thinking on how to change up the Prometheans for Zeta Halo is how 343 Guilty Spark Looks different from Mendicant Bias as far as we've seen. What if Each installations monitor makes unique machines in their own image? 343 Guilty Spark sentinels have one eye because Guilty has one eye. Maybe the Prometheans on Zeta Halo could loose their skull-like faces of the Didact and Cortana versions. They could take on a new look with three eyes like Mendicant, and have new and hopefully more fun enemy types.

People have been asking for a change in Prometheans. It would be great if they do change them and give a better reason than nanomachines did it.
I personally don't care if they even have a lore reason for any art style change. It's cool when they can give one like Chief's new armour is gen 3 but at the end of the day I wouldn't want them to be held back in changing the look of something just because they couldn't come up with a believable in-universe reason.

Now with that said, your idea is cool, could add a lot of variety. Why would Mendicant Bias be making Prometheans though? I thought that was just a Didact thing.
You have some things wrong in there.
The Sentinels didn't have one eye because Sparks also had one eye, it's all designs that predate those monitors. They didn't have any liberty as to how they want their Sentinels to look like.
343 Guilty Sparks looked different from 032 Mendicant Bias because they were different classes. Mendicant was a Contender-class AI, while Sparks (and all other Monitors in general) had their own class as far as I an tell.

The Prometheans of Zeta Halo... likely just don't exist. There's no Prometheans in Halos and if we seem them in the game, it's extremely likely that they're Cortana's Prometheans.

When was Cortana pretending to be captive? She made it abundantly clear that she controlled the Created, both to Blue Team and Osiris.