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Question, will there be more "Inside Infinite"?

OP isorwillbe

If so, when could it be reasonably expected? (edit: grammar)
isorwillbe wrote:
if so, when could it be reasonably expected?
I think there will definitely be more inside Infinite posts. They seem like a great way for the development team to give us progress on the game and I thought the first one was an interesting read. I think the next one will most likely be sometime mid-February but i wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t get one till March. Hopefully the next update will have more info in multiplayer!
new inside infinite post confirmed for this week by sketch on Reddit
Yep, one this week and I heard they would try for once a month until Infinite's launch.
But don't expect anything bombastic from this week's update. It looks like they will talk about the sandbox.
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