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Reckon We Will Get AI in Forge?

OP x N7 117 x

As we only know a tiny bit of Infinite, we don't know if Forge Mode will make a return (more than likely it will though). If it does, do you reckon we will finally be able to get scriptable AI? Such as Elites and Marines? Would be really great to set up custom matches and make endless unique experiences for players and it would be a great addition to those of us who like creating machinimas.
idk they haven't mentioned anything about it
I know Tom French (lead forge guy if that's still his job I think he changed to somewhere else in 343i) is fairly interested in having AI in forge. It would be awesome if we could have them roam a radius or area. Follow paths like guards or have them defend or attack an objective (having them go to it regardless of where they spawn).

Be able to set their team or even set none so it's a free for all. Change armour and colour. Make it so they can use cannon men and teleporters to get where they want to go.

Remember the custom skulls on reach firefight where you can modify enemy aggression and accuracy. Have that on individual AI (then duplicate so you don't have to do it everytime). Change individual AI health and shield, even apply shields to enemies that don't have one. What weapons they spawn with, when spawning vehicles you can spawn a driver within it.

There's so much they could do with AI to make them really fun
Oh it’ll make a return no doubt in my mind that’s like saying we took out custom games everyone would flip.
and if it’ll have AI? Who knows we wanted this since halo 3 so just depends if they can do it
I doubt this would happen, but i am all for it to see what the community could create with it.

I think a fire fight (if it returns) forge mode would probably be more capable to add into the game. You could create your maps and then add in AI spawns/Drop offs (not actual AI). Maybe even add in directional paths of travel for the AI and stuff? just another approach.
I kind of hope so, maybe bodies and wrecked stuff too.

Been hoping for those since Halo 3.