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RTX and Halo Infinite


Hi, I was wondering, is this Halo gonna take advantage of Raytracing technology?

BlinxESP wrote:
Hi, I was wondering, is this Halo gonna take advantage of Raytracing technology?

As it's a Launch Title for XBox Scarlett, it will almost certainly have Ray-Tracing to show off Scarlett's power.

Since XBox Scarlett will be using AMD's 2nd Gen NAVI graphics chips, PC's with Navi-2 graphics cards will presumably also have Ray-Tracing available too.

Finally, I presume NVidia RTX Cards on PC will also get Ray Tracing support too.

343i's Chris Lee put it: "As we move forward to Project Scarlett and PC gaming platforms, we have an amazing opportunity to create a powerful new engine to take advantage of new hardware and architecture – and take better advantage of the still-not-fully-tapped power of the Xbox One". See "The power of Slipspace" here: .

Hope this helps. :-)
Pretty sure it will be since Halo Infinite is a Scarlett launch title. I believe there will be a major difference in graphics when comparing the Xbox One-x to the Scarlet like how Quake 2 looks so much different to Quake 2 RTX. So for me I believe Halo Infinite will be my 1st game with ray tracing so excited to see the effects.

I feel like so far we may have only seen the Xbox One X graphics, not the full on Scarlet graphics since the full reveal isn't till E3 next year.

Plus the Scarlett has been reported to have Ray tracing support since it's been said "We don't have anything to announce right now in terms of Gears with the new hardware — but I'm definitely super excited about what the new hardware could do. Having dedicated ray tracing cores is huge".
Raytracing is the latest in a very long line of cutting edge graphic show-off effects. As a result, at least on Scarlett the devs will almost certainly take advantage of whatever graphical power the new machine has at its disposal to make the best looking game possible. Is Raytracing going to be present? I'd say probably, to some extent. Either way, the game's going to be a graphical stunner, so I wouldn't be too concerned.
Then I am happy after getting my 2080ti

I am new at PC gaming, but I want to play Halo at its best. I was wondering why they always use AMD chipset to build up the Xbox consoles.