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Survival Mode (Flood)

OP Sants0259

I think it would be very interesting if we had this mode of gameplay in the future Halo Games, like HW2 and HSS but in first person, i don't want to say like zombies in CoD but the mechanism would fit perfectly i think, a combination of zombies and Horde from GoW, what to you think?
Yeah, I think that would be interesting.
I feel like Halo already had a winning survival/horde mode formula with ODST's Firefight. A strictly Flood mode sounds like it would get old after a few waves due to lack of enemy variety. I'd say a better idea would be to bring back classic Firefight and add in Flood as a possible enemy wave type. Do Prometheans, too.
Bringing back the ODST survival mode with some tweaks and something like warzone would hook me forever
So... Firefight? You realize that Halo has had a “survival” mode for almost 10 years, yeah? :P

I agree the Flood should be added to Firefight (and the campaign, moreover), but we already have a survival mode established in Halo. Unless you’re specifically talking about like a “dark and scary” survival mode, just with the Flood. I’d actually probably enjoy the tonal shift, but it might get more boring fighting just the Flood.