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Take / Leave One thing from each game for Infinite

OP MinusSquire2145

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You seem to forget that the forum says take and leave One thing.
With so many good (and bad) options how could I possibly pick just one for each?
More things I thought of taking:
From Halo: CE I'd take the flashlight. Some areas in Halo's 4 & 5 were pretty dark and the flashlight would've helped. This would only apply if the VISR wasn't available for some reason.
From Halo 4 I'd take the Didact. Need I say more?
oh yes the flashlight ! i forgot about it ! but yes it's true i want it back too
MorseyBaby wrote:
Name one thing from each Halo title that you would like to see Infinite take from and one thing you'd like to see it leave behind from that game. I'll start:

Fantastic idea.

Mine are:

  • Reach, Take Firefight, the progression and armor customisation systems, and the story not being afraid to kill characters off, leave most of the armor abilities
  • Halo 3 ODST: Take firefight and something like Sadie's Story as a side-quest, and the amazing music, leave the open world parts
  1. Take the levels with non-linear paths and areas to explore and the sense of wonder and mystery they imbue. Leave non-hijackable vehicles
  2. Take the development of additional characters without removing the focus from Chief, leave the boss battles
  3. Take the voting mechanics, leave equipment
  4. Take the additional campaign-style additional content and its ability to further develop the storyline 'in your own shoes'; leave ordnance and specialisms
  5. Take Breakout/Elimination and the custom lobbies; leave Warden Eternal
I would love to see an improved version of something like Sadie's Story. I think SS was great except for two things:
1.Using still images instead of videos makes the footage less appealing for the general audience. I like how you can switch back to gameplay while the audio continues though. They should keep that function even if they choose to use videos.
2. It's broken. Half the time the sirens, malfunctioning machines, and most importantly, the terminals themselves aren't even there!

Definitely would like some more non-linear levels. Halo, The Silent Cartographer and Mombasa Streets offer a sense of freedom that we need more of. However, due to its intended nature, MS feels just a little too claustrophobic for me to see too much of. Might be great to have something like that for a Flood level. ...Actually, that would be amazing!
Awesome idea for a thread, OP!

I'd have to say:
CE - Scope of play, sense of wonder (Halo Ring!)
2 - A bit of badass personality on display from Chief.
3 - Feeling of culmination, high stakes, and ultimately a great sense of triumph.
ODST - Buck.
Reach - Firefight. This is priority #1 for me, personally. It will have literally been a decade since we've had it When Infinite launches. Also, Reach's customization is best-in-series as far as I'm concerned; doing a near carbon copy of it with additional armors and permutations would be perfect for Infinite.
4 - Uh... Skip? I guess I'm cool with it if Lasky comes back. I also appreciated that Forge in Halo 4 struck a nice balance between capability and accessibility.
5 - Not much. I actually think a dramatic amount of the Guardians sandbox needs to be removed before Infinite comes out. It just got a little out of control with litey several variations of almost every element of the classic Halo sandbox for the Warzone modes, and it feels like tryhard overkill.
Halo (Combat Evolved)
Take Large Areas of combat.
Leave Sparsely populated large areas.... Seriously, more things need to be in the large areas.

Halo 2
Take playing as Chief AND Arbiter. Bring it in!
Leave it's unnecessarily difficult LASO campaign.

Halo 3
Take the personality of the game. Jokes, speech patterns, love it. MP focused on balance.
Leave Nothing.

Halo 3: ODST
Take focus a few levels on the quiet, calm that was walking through New Mombasa at night in the rain.
Leave Questionable acting at times.

Halo: Reach
Take The way that the campaign felt, it felt like you were really part of it.
Leave Health Packs in MP.

Halo 4
Take its decision to try out a new race of enemies, I personally liked the enemies.
Leave the story didn't feel complete.

Halo 5: Guardians
Take it's additions to MP.
Leave nothing.
If I have to pick JUST ONE thing from each, which is hard:

Halo CE
Take: the overall campaign intangible themes of wonder, mystery, exploration, the unknown.
Leave: the repetitive, backtracking level design of the later missions.

Halo 2 (I'm gonna say ANNIVERSARY not original here)
Take: the art style. This is what modern Halo should look like.
Leave: the dark, frustrating, claustrophobic Arbiter missions infested with Flood.

Halo 3
Take: the magnificent OST. Probably my favorite overall Halo OST.
Leave: the projectile based human weapons (rather than hitscan) that have just never felt right in MCC/60fps.

Halo 4
Take: the deep, well written campaign story.
Leave: the awful nuHalo art style.

Take: the open world design.
Leave: the excessive number of campaign Drones. (Those things are frustrating to fight.)

Take: the customization system.
Leave: the imbalanced armor abilities. (Armor Lock!!)

Halo 5
Take: Warzone. It was not perfect, but I still had many hours of fun in it.
Leave: the godawful dumpster fire of a campaign story.
Halo (Combat Evolved)
Take its mistery and wonder (also through music)
Leave giant big hordes of enemies in small areas

Halo 2
Take the Arbiter
Leave jackal snipers and alike there

Halo 3
Take big sandbox campaign levels

Halo Wars
Take Locusts
Leave regenaration drones there

Halo 3: ODST
Take Firefight

Halo: Reach
Take Invasion
Leave that "skull inside the helmet thing" there

Halo 4
Take the emotions that spark in the last level
Leave sprint, and replace it with slightly faster base movement speed

Halo 5: Guardians
Take its Custom Games browser and improved Forge
Leave micro-transactions

Halo Wars 2
Take Cyclops
Leave micro-transactions
Halo CE:
Take - Big large maps and campaign level designs.
Leave - Moving vehicles kills you. Don't get me wrong, i found it hilarious but sometimes annoying.
Halo 2:
Take - New Mechanics and online service.
Leave - LEGENDARY was such a nightmare especially sniper jackals.
Halo 3:
Take - File share, amazing maps and fixed legendary after Halo 2.
Leave - Battle rifle was bad.
Halo Reach:
Take - Invasion
Leave - Loadouts
Halo 4:
Take - New vehicles and weapons except boltshot and suppressor.
Leave - MP
Halo 5:
Take - Forge and Custom game browser
Leave - Did a lot of things wrong I'd say story was a mistake.
Fair warning, I’m probably gonna break the one thing only from each game rule on a couple of instances.

Take: I don’t know about this one. I can’t think of any real mechanic that hasn’t been done better in a sequel. CE is just too aged for me. I guess I would go with the emphasis on the mystery and wonder of the Halo rings.

Leave: Almost everything. But especially the padding of level designs like in Assault on the Control Room and Keyes. Similarly, going backwards through a mission you had gone through earlier in the campaign.

Halo 2:
Take: The near perfect level design and varied environments.

Leave: Nothing in particular. But I do prefer halo 3 brutes to Halo 2’s if that means anything.

Halo 3:
Take: Everything about vehicle gameplay. Vehicles had great control, were truly threatening, and wouldn’t explode from a grunt sneezing on them.

Leave: Sluggish move speed. I know it’s not much different than the speed in 2 and CE, but it just feels like you’re trudging through molasses half the time. Also, I can’t stand how ineffective the BR is at longer ranges. Reticle doesn’t turn red unless you’re right on top of someone, and it’s too difficult to know if I’m landing headshots or not.

Halo Reach:
Take: Variety of gametypes. Everything you’d ever need was there. Besides the staples, you had stockpile, headhunter, and let’s not forget Invasion.

Leave: Bloom, different load outs, and falling damage.

Halo 4:
Take: The meaningful story. Ideally, I’d love to have a couple more missions, but halo 4’s campaign was overall pretty solid, gameplay and story wise.

Leave: Customizeable loadouts, (never again should you be allowed to spawn with a plasma pistol), ordnance drops, perks, and every other factor that randomized the gameplay.

Halo 5:
Take: Movement abilities (I don’t know, I thought they made everything more fluid and fun, but if you have to remove sprint to appease half the population and make it less difficult to screw everything up, so be it). I also liked the emphasis on power weapons, map control, and improved grenade strength.

Leave: Well, everything about the campaign sucked. Some decent areas where you could use spartan abilities to give you more than one option to progress, but that’s about it. Story was awful. Also, the amount of content at launch was pathetic.
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