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The gift of Halo Infinite


Hi everyone, I want to talk to you and discuss what I think about the gift you will give to people who reach rank 152 in halo 5.

I think 343 should think in many ways to give that gift in Halo Infinite, how to win all the achievements in H5, get all the Targetmasters, or just have played previous deliveries for "fidelity", etc ... Now, I really congratulate all the people who got rank 152, but reaching that rank is a matter of time rather than skill , it's not something like the Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST Master Challenges, it's just playing DAYS no matter what you win or lose until you get that rank, and I think that time is something that many do not lack for reasons of studies, jobs or other circumstances.
I think that looking for that kind of alternatives could return more players to different Halo games and it would be something that would help all of us who really do not have the time for as much as we want.

What do you think about it?

PD: excuse me if my English is not very good, but it is not my mother tongue.
Hiya so your saying that we should all get some kind of reward for doing the things wi did in H5? for example achieveing the highest rank, earning all achievements etc.
Earning all the achievements would be pretty cool but playing to SR152 is probably easier then that. Halo: Reach was a harder grind and maybe some things just aren't for everybody. If its anything like I think it's going to be with 343 Industries the reward will be underwhelming, Achilles Armor or Fotus (because for some reason they really like that one)

Not telling you to not grind towards it but we are 1 year out and it's very possible for you. Especially at SR146 like your profile says. I am SR147, I really wanted to get this done with before Halo: Reach came out and the multiplayer seasons but alas it may have to wait until the release of Infinite.
Are you saying we should get other rewards for things besides level like competitive rank and achievements/commendations? I'd be down for that as long as it's some in game like currency to get what you want early or something small like a badge or whatever. I'm not a big fan of huge exclusive unlocks like a set of armour or really cool skins that can only be unlocked by playing a previous game.
So if I got that right, you propose alternative methods of gaining the said "SR 152 reward"?

If thats so, I would rather have the reward being tied exclusively to that action but only for a set amount of time(perhaps or have it unlocked in Infinite by other method in-game), later on it should be unlockable in Infinite by other methods like such as reaching max rank in Infinite multiplayer (or max rank if you can level with firefight/campaign too). Just for the sake of completionists.
Im just generally against legacy items for imo, I think everything should be unlockable by playing the singular product you paid for instead of tying items to separate products.
At this point I think they (sadly...) have to stick with their guns with the 152 thing. It's been like 9 months since they announced it and a lot of people have been working towards it.

That said... they should take heed: grind for grind's sake simply isn't cool. It might keep populations up for a while but it's bad for the franchise long term. Just asking people to invest time (which many of those who have long term investment in the franchise don't have so much of due to real life these days). If we assume the lifespan of Halo 5 is 5 years then a player would need to have gained 27.4k XP per day which is more than a game of Heroic Warzone Firefight and an Arena game with a gold xp boost every day - call that 30-40 mins time investment every day not taking campaign or customs into account. Hate to say it... but I don't know many people who've played Halo 5 every day since launch. A lot of us have taken significant amounts of time away from the game because we simply didn't want to play it for a bit.

Halo Wars 2 had the opposite problem in that it was waaaay to easy to get to max rank, but they waited so long to up the max rank (and didn't back-date any xp gained after reaching the cap before the increase) that many players were all but done with the game by the time they increased it.

For Infinite there needs to be a balance: I'm not saying max rank doesn't need a reward (or that the Halo 5 total and/or e.g. Halo Reach totals are too high per say). That said... there needs to be a reason to keep playing beyond the grind: even stuff as simple as daily/weekly challenges or things like road to recon/new achievements etc.
If you are talking about getting a reward for the hard work we have done in Halo 5 then I think that's not on. How about all those people who have been a member of Halo for years I'm taking people who have played pratically every game and achieved pretty much all the ranks and achievements. They deserve a reward because that my friend is commitment. But it would have to be something really exclusive and not just some armour within a game.