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The music is really good! Hope oldies come back

OP SergeantDavee

I really love the new Halo Theme they remade for Halo Infinite. Halo 4 and 5 were lacking a lot of the classic Halo songs, Halo Infinite seems to bringing back a lot of the old compositions and they sound great. Curtis Schweitzer really knocked it out of the park!

So far we know the Halo Theme is back, and a Walk In The Woods too.

Anyone know if any other songs are returning? I really hope Peril comes back, it was easily one of the best songs.
I love the soundtrack so far. If songs make a return, I hope they aren't just copies, but remade to fit Infinite. Although I will never say no to recognizable themes and motifs.
The soundtrack for Halo: Infinite sounds just like Halo: 3 and before, it gives me nostalgia and I hope they can continue to remake more, my favourite by far would have to be Walk in The Woods.
I think some revamped oldies are gonna be squeezed in the ost.
I think the music is outstanding!
Shifting back to the original style and bringing back classic tracks is one thing, but I really love that you can pick up on hints from Halo 4 and 5 as well.

Those games obviously departed from the established tone, but that’s not to say they were bad. There’s some fantastic tracks in there, and it’s nice to hear subtle call back to them.
I want a new version of 117, Awakening or Delta Halo to come back
would love to hear remakes of classics like peril, unforgotten, in amber clad and impend
This is gonna be a hot-take but I enjoyed some tracks from Halo 4 greatly, and would not mind hearing them in some way in Infinite again. What we have heard so far from Infinite already is great.
I think we've gotten to a point where we can leave Martin O'Donnell behind and have a worthy replacement to take care of the Halo OST in the future.
Music from old games doesn't mean that veterans come back when the game itself is... not the best one
I love the post-rock themed multiplayer menu soundtrack, from the Halo Infinite Tech Preview. I can't wait for the campaign and what's in store for us.
I hope Under the Cover of Night, Perchance to Dream, and Covenant Dance make a return.
Revamped songs baby! I really want under cover of the night and the long run.
Still holding out for a Under Cover of Night remake.
I agree the music that I heard so far for Infinite has been great. Halo also seems to like giving remakes to pervious tracks so I think we will get some in Infinite.
XenobyteZX wrote:
I want a new version of 117, Awakening or Delta Halo to come back