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the ranking system

OP z7 Joker

first off you guys cant screw this up and its the most important thing for match making and online play..

so to the community and everyone that will be playing lets get your thoughts and suggestions out there.
The 1-50 system seemed to be popular with halo fans.
1-50 was the best ranking system! Except the modders from 45-50 lol Oh memories. Too many kids get discouraged from losing rank so they dont play. Bad for business. Now a bad player can just play a lot for points and have a high rank. I really hope we get to see the classic ranks that i was apart of. Super bounces should come back too lol

I still the comment I made on another post a few weeks ago sounds pretty cool but could be switched around if need be; 1-whatever and then the player goes from the final numbered level into a more military rank, like recruit, and then he/she works up from their.
Google this: TrueSkill2

"Online multiplayer games, such as Gears of War and Halo, use skill-based matchmaking to give players fair and enjoyable matches. They depend on a skill rating system to infer accurate player skills from historical data. TrueSkill is a popular and effective skill rating system, working from only the winner and loser of each game. This paper presents an extension to TrueSkill that incorporates additional information that is readily available in online shooters, such as player experience, membership in a squad, the number of kills a player scored, tendency to quit, and skill in other game modes. This extension, which we call TrueSkill2, is shown to significantly improve the accuracy of skill ratings computed from Halo 5 matches. TrueSkill2 predicts historical match outcomes with 68% accuracy, compared to 52% accuracy for TrueSkill."

So they'll definitely continue with the use of the TrueSkill2 system with Infinity. What is important is the way they show us this system. The current Bronze -> Champion system in Halo 5 is honestly better than the fabled Halo 3 system. The major improvement is the ability to rank down. This prevents the "buying lvl 50 account issue", which prevents a a large amount of the following issues from occurring:

1. Lag Switching (need I say more; shouldn't be achievable on servers)
2. XBL account message spamming bots (website APIs or XBL account botnets spamming messages during game)
3. IP sniffing and plethora of software suites to grief target IP addresses.

All of these methods were used by Halo 3 Account Boosters. Making a skill level require maintenance prevents lazy players from supporting a community of cheaters that make for bad experiences.

The real question then is, what kind of skin would you prefer on your trueskill system? 1-50, 1-100, bronze-champ, or perhaps someone else has a better idea?
The real question then is, what kind of skin would you prefer on your trueskill system? 1-50, 1-100, bronze-champ, or perhaps someone else has a better idea?
This is the important question. Personally, I like the bronze - champ that Halo 5 uses. I feel like that gives me a clearer indication of where I sit skill wise.
CR ranking system or H3.
z7 Joker wrote:
first off you guys cant screw this up and its the most important thing for match making and online play..

so to the community and everyone that will be playing lets get your thoughts and suggestions out there.
With True Skill 2 rolling out in H5 it seems like their focus is on giving "the most accurate visible rank possible". In theory, that's great. In practice, I hope it eventually turns out to be great. I'd love it if in H6, the MMR (your real rank that determines who you match against) and the CSR (the cosmetic ranking system that we actually see in-game, but doesn't necessarily reflect skill) were in sync right from the start.

Right now, in H5's current season, they're trying to sync up the MMRs and the CSRs and it's laborious. So, right from jump, the rank you see in H6 represents the rank you really are.

Then, I'd personally like to see a return of a numbered system. Could be 1-100 for all I care, I just want to see a literal number that I can look at and understand instantaneously. Nothing fancy. And then I'd like there to be, much like Halo 3, a military rank & grade assigned to a certain group of numbers. Not necessarily because I'm nostalgic, but because I like themes and art-styles in games to be consistent.

Halo is about a Space Marine. The MP ranking system should, therefore, involve military ranks.

The Platinum, Gold, Onxy, Champion etc. has nothing to do with UNSC rankings in the Halo narrative. It has to do with common symbolic trends in the real-world gaming community. It's more like an e-sports thing than anything that makes sense within the Haloverse. To ensure the ranks continue to represent player's true skill, especially those at the higher end ranks, just expand that numbered system and include a wider variety of military ranks. In H3 players could actually be better than the level cap, so account for that.
CR ranking system or H3.
I like that, halo 3 had one of my favorites. But i would change the one exp per game, to the exp system from 5 or reach. So instead of 100 wins to upgrade to the next rank teir, it would be 100 thousand experience.
CR ranking system or H3.
Yes, people need incentive to rank up, not just a number, give it a symbol, an actual rank emblem, like reach or halo 3
I like H3 style of military ranks with exp. For example, you hit Captain but aren't good enough to move beyond Captain, but with exp. You can become a staff Captain or wheatever. So you stay with in your rank, but even if the player isn't good enough to move beyond there rank, they can still progress up.

I also want to see an individual and team ranks. Halo 5 ranking system is not based just off wins losses anymore. Something that many people do not like as things like assist and objective play isn't taken it into consideration in your rank currently aka you win a game of capture-the-flag you don't get a lot of kills but you get all the flag caps. The person on your team with all the kills will get a higher rank than you. A lot of people don't like or agree with that for obvious reasons.

Having individual and team ranks would solve a lot of problems. So for example, using Halo 5 system, in Team Slayer your Team Rank might be Diamond 2, but your Individual rank might be Platinum 6.
I don't care what the rank title is, Bronze - Champ or 1-50 is immaterial for me.
what is an issue is that the games are so one sided so often. I can't see how Trueskill is accurate.
I tried FFA and got matched with pro's, other champs and onyx players - I am a low plat player. how is it possibly balanced? where is true skill? I dont mind losing but to get repeatedly destroyed is not fun.
there are so few close games. those are the fun games for me. 3 way tie in an FFA with 6th place within 5 kills.
WZ games that are within 100 points only to win / lose at the last possible second. those are cool

i guess it's got to do with the population size.
I want a system that ranks me at the top and matches me against the bottom.
I like the systems Halo 2 and 3 had. I would like to see the symbols replace numbers at higher levels again because it made it a little more interesting
I would prefer Halo 5 TrueSkill 2 Matchmaking System for MMR and two visible ranks: CSR/Military Ranks representing skill completed by placement matches, and a 1-50/Military Rank Playlist Progression System with XP given out based off of match results.
I'd be fine with H3's ranking system. I think a numbered ranking system really entices ppl to play more.
I am an old school player. Honestly, IMO the best rank system was Halo 2's. It was the most satisfying system, most challenging and most rewarding system. I played all the Halo's and hands down Halo 2 was the best. I made it to 44 legit in Halo 2 and it was so hard. Pro teams at those high levels were fun to face, the moders not so much. Halo 3 seemed way to easy to get a 50. Halo 4 was easy as well. Halo 5 rank system was completely different and I didn't really like it. Plus new placements every month got really annoying. The grind was real with Halo 2. Hope they divert back to the old school roots. Plus, when the symbol changed after 3 rank ups made it exciting!
Why not multiple ranking systems?
There could SR and CSR. Similar to Halo 3's system where you leveled up with XP, but also had a CSR of 1 - 50. If you couldn't get to 50, you couldn't be a general. It really showed the dedication and the skills.

Reach Symbols
Halo Reach has a cool system of leveing with emblems. Numbers are too basic.

I disliked the Halo 3 XP by winning matches. The only way to get XP was to win. It was a competitive system but in reality the SR system is more casual and doesn't need to be that harsh.

What am I saying..?
Halo Infinite should have the Reach symbol ranks along with credits from a win or loss (More with a win), and the Halo 3 method of 1 - 50. The service record would show KD, not KDA. It would show your highest CSR and your current SR.
I like the ranking system in Halo:3