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Thoughts on possible playlist changes(my hope)


So I was hoping that infinite will be more similar to halo 3/Reach’s HCS settings compared to normal. In other words right now in H5 you have team arena and team slayer; most high end players care more about arena than slayer since arena is HCS settings AKA what you would see in tournaments. It annoys me so much because I love team slayer. I enjoy arena as well but arena has no abilities and no AR/radar. I hope they bring back how older games where: HCS&TS both had the games Spartans abilities....I cite that one difference because I believe most high end players say TS is for newbs bc of Ground Pound/Charge mainly. So in a way you almost feel discredited for playing stupid. Just have TS & Team OBJECTIVE!

TS only slayer, TO can be ONLY obj no slayer...both essentially are same exact settings with the obv mandatory difference being power weapon type/spawns.

I just enjoy TS more I guess because of the simple fact of map variety. Obv Arena has more game type variation but it’s pidgeon holed to specific maps-game types. Only maps for slayer are Truth/Plaza/Regret/Colliseum/Rig. Idk see why you can’t have slayer on all maps...CTF I understand because some maps aren’t built for it.

PS: Bring back the occasional random vehicles on 4v4 maps...literally vehicles only exists in H5 on big team maps which is just silly to me. Don’t throw in wraiths/tanks/Gauss just the occasional Mingoose/Hog or 1 ghost
Main social mode should use all Tier 3 weapons from H5, drop those standard and Tier 2 version.