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Transition from MK VI to MK VII

OP Major Chaos2892

I know Infinite isn't exactly close to being out yet, but one thing I'm really curious about is the return of MK III Spartan armor, as well as the new MK VII. Was this a mandatory change, or did some Spartans keep their old armor? What was its purpose, (Besides new game cool new armor/fanservice) to save on resources or increase mobility? Did it work better alongside the rest of the UNSC, since Reach's more grounded, purposeful armor worked well alongside specialist squads of ODSTs or Marines? All in all, I can't wait for more lore and proper explanation behind these incredible new and old armor pieces.
According to the Spartan Field Manual, while GEN2 MJOLNIR was cheaper to produce due to its reduced complexity and easier to change with all the different armor modules available, the Spartan Branch overall found that its performance improvements were minimal compared to the GEN1 systems. GEN3 seeks to bridge the gap by implementing improvements from GEN2 (which are unspecified but I’d imagine it’s the customization) while offering up the performance and protection offered by GEN1, hence the bulkier nature.

Mark VII was actually used as the test bed for some of GEN3s systems and improvements. The only issue was obviously the return to MJOLNIR being more costly to produce again and the idea manufacturers wouldn’t be willing or able to continue to meet that demand.

But I guess with the Created -Yoinking!- up everything cost doesn’t really become an issue anymore lol