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Trueskill Proposal

OP White Bandicoot

Link to breakdown

My idea is for ranked playlists to have ten placement matches that determine a rank between 1-50. This will allow the best players to skip over the lower ranks so that newer players and lower ranks are not deterred from playing. Microsoft already have a system to do this so no modifications required to that.

Afterwards the ranks would be exp based. Due to the way exp is rewarded, players will have to consistently win to continue to rank up, however the system is designed to ensure players are not stuck at any one rank for too long.

The exp received and lost is based on the average rank of the enemy team. However, if much lower ranks are taken into matchmaking then the lowest tier rank from the highest tiered party member will be used.

I understand that it might not be immediately clear from the breakdown so will answer any questions about how this works.

Finally, I think a custom ranked browser would be great. You could search all ranked playlists at once and the game will determine the optimal match available based on all your current ranksr. So if there are 7 solo players searching in your tier for team slayer in your region, it would put you into that game as opposed to a game with full parties searching in a higher tier of team snipers.
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