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What armour would you like to see return or enter?

OP Toxemic Sniper

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Prefect from Halo 4. It could be the go-to forerunner inspired armor. It's simplicity could help it fit in with more classical armors.
GEN 3 Mark VI
Mark VI
Mark V
Mark IV
CQB, Mark V and VI, EVA, EVA [c], and a few others, but definitally some new ones.
raider, prefect, helioskrill, EOD (not sure which variant... both?), recon, venator, locus, deadeye, emile's stuff and/or wrath, achilles, hayabusa, halo 3 rogue, grd helmet debut, ALL of master chiefs armor, anubis, shinobi heartless, scout, fotus, odst, war master, warrior, helljumper, nightfall, shinobi, scanner, and maybe the skull inheritor helmet from halo reach. I know its a long list, but this is basically my dream collection- the best of the best in my opinion. I've edited this like 5 times now. I also hope they bring back challenges and stuff for the armors, as well as variants, it would be really interesting to see all these armors in one place too. Oh and uhh... Maaaybe olive and timmy?
H3 EVA >:)
H3 Security
Add The Hayabusa, Rogue(but with the halo3 design),
Mark V (B) variant, Halo Reach AA armor,
Halo 3 ODST Themed SPARTAN armor.
Recon,Scout,and Scout (Mk5 compatible) like Jun's armor type.
im gonna list controversial ones
1, h4 prefect
2. h5 achilles
3. h5 anubis
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