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What did you like about the Halo Infinite demo?

OP PyramidCode

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With all this toxicity and hate going around about the newly released Halo Infinite campaign demo, I'd like to start a thread where people talk about what they LIKED about the demo. Please keep the replies as civil as possible, no hate, no arguments, none of that stuff.
The sounds,(sounds are amazing!!) the music, Toned down movement, no thrust or ground pound, open world potential, sandbox gameplay, master chiefs design (god damn he looks good),
Hope of "Halo" making a return.
Chief's character model is nice. The model's textures need quite a bit of work though.
I personally liked the flow of gameplay - specifically in the shooting and sandbox elements on show, and the musical score
I'm almost certain the demo confirmed no Spartan charge. There were at least two separate moments where the player sprinted into a melee and there wasn't a charge attack. So that's cool
Gonna be honest... I'm a classic fanboy.

I actually really liked what I saw. Obvious some textures and polishing needs to be done but other than that, I really enjoyed what I saw, and honestly felt they did a good job trying to please both classic and new fans alike with the gameplay. I wasn't all that excited for Halo 5's release but honestly I'm super excited for Infinite drop this holiday.
I like the general direction of the artwork. It certainly looks much better in the 4K stream - and Digital Foundry's video about how it's mainly the lighting that makes things a bit flat gives us hope that fixes are at hand.

I appreciate that an a more detailed / gritty look wouldn't work with their vision of an expansive open world (or be easy to port to the lower powered consoles).

The pop in of the clouds was very jarring - but I'm sure fixable. I don't think the grass pop in would be that noticeable in the heat of battle.

The music was on point.

Importantly the game play looked solid. Sprint is still a bit of a mystery and we haven't seen thrust or (good riddance to) spartan charge. Happy to keep clamber.

I'm non-committal on the grapple hook. Excited for the drop shield (would have preferred the bubble). Looking forward to what other equipment surprises they have in store.

While the Brute at the end was a bit generic... he was interesting enough. Importantly he didn't give away much of the story (as opposed to H5 where they gave too much - and then changed it anyway).

I'm intrigued by the platform / service concept of Halo Infinite (kind of like a MCC going forward).

I can't wait for a multiplayer reveal. Oh, and Forge.

Overall I was 'quite' pleased. I am happy to give 343 a bit of breathing space given the world is being turned a bit upside down. Still very excited for what is to come.
the shift back to more sandbox focused gameplay. Sure there are elements of play power, but nothing as severe as H4 and H5. Moving most things to equipment is something im fine with.
What I liked about the demo was the potential size and the ability to explore on a larger level than in halo 3 odst. Halo infinite could have hidden terminals and skulls also audio logs hidden through the game
Darwi wrote:
The music was on point.

I can't wait for a multiplayer reveal. Oh, and Forge.

Yeah the music was amazing, I have medium hopes for MP but high hopes for forge, especially after what we got last time.
what I liked about the campaign demo also was the introduction of Craig the brute everyone loves it would funny and cool if the add something about craig in a collectors edition
With all this toxicity and hate going around about the newly released Halo Infinite campaign demo, I'd like to start a thread where people talk about what they LIKED about the demo. Please keep the replies as civil as possible, no hate, no arguments, none of that stuff.
When the Master Chief showed the Halo ring map, it blew up my mind. Something I have been missing for a long time is the giant sandbox, like Halo CE, which for me was the best of all in terms of the campaign.
The narrative and characters.

I already love the character dynamic between Chief and Brohammer. The Pilot has every right to be mad; he rescues Chief because he wants to go home and see his family. However, due to John's nature, the Pilot is thrust back into action, risking his own life just so Chief can fight the Banished. This kind of dichotomy brings out Chief's character more. I am far more invested in Brohammer than I was in Locke.

Escharum as well due to his speech. I don't know a single villain in any media who admits their own weakness while also motivating their enemy to be better. That's unique and has depth. And he showed that within seconds. Most enemies just talk down to you whilst hiding their weaknesses.
Good idea! I am personally a little sceptic but I'm all for focusing on the good here :)

-Chief design
-Grunt's design
-Elite design
-Jackal design
-Brute design (mostly)
-Brute armor falling off
-Raining plasma Grunts
-UNSC art design (crashed ship, pelican)
-Keeping sprint
-Pickup items! (love that deployable cover)
-Throwing objects
-Fusion coils
-Most Enemy AI movement
-Story seems very interesting
-Brutes and Elites nicely differated

There is probably more, migh edit later :)
Playable AR unlike in the Reach.
The music was lit!
The gun lay looks tight, and I'm liking some of the new weapons. Though I've heard that they're replacements for the classics, which I hope isn't true.
I'm liking the new 'one-shot' cinematics too, something new for Halo.
The Ravager. The Mangler!!! Brutes are back. If I had to pick something that got me the most hyped, it was those two new weapons, both the look and feel.

The feeling of a huge environment. The music. Escharum's speech.

No spartan charge. AR looks like it feels amazing to use. VK78 -- the mechanics of it at least. That also looked very satisfying to use. Drop shield! Equipment returning in general.

I like the throwback art style. I like the pilot and chief's interactions.

I really liked almost all of it, upon rewatching in 4K60. It felt Halo to me. It seems like a great mix of old and new.

Did I mention the Mangler?
1. That there will be bigger open levels that encourage extended exploration.

2. Chiefs new model and his dialogue.

3. Return of classic style look for grunts, jackals and elites.

4. The ingame cutscenes that are similar to the recent God of War title. They seem very immersive and don't take you out of the world.

5. The story thus far seems more interesting and appears to have better direction.

6. Campaign will be longer. Which is good news to hear. Afterall imagine waiting 5 years for a 7-11 hour Halo story campaign.

7. Elites do combat rolls and brutes can be staggered by shooting their legs. Grunts are kicked and turned into airborne Kamikazes. Hopefully AI is further improved with aspects similar to these in mind.

8. No blocky visor HUD taking up most of your screenspace.

9. The Halo: Reach style AR is great. Just needs more detailed textures.

10. Return of the Halo 2 style plasma sword.

11. Return of spike grenades.

12. Return of Halo 2 style Battle Rifle.

13. Grenade explosions look aesthetically pleasing and seem to have more explosive power behind them.

14. We are back on a Halo ring (that has flood research facilities on it per canon).

15. The pilot seems like a decent story character. (Though some of his dialogue in the gameplay reveal seemed a bit too childish/overboard).

16. The day/night cycle (hopefully there is increment weather including wind too).

17. Blood spurting when enemies are shot ( now we just need blood to splatter on the surrounding area like on Halo CE and Halo: 2 Anniversary).

18. The music/soundtrack.
- Master Chief's design and dialogue
- Brohammer's design and dialogue
- Music (Although I'm a little worried they will use the Halo theme a little too often. But motifs are very, very cool.)
- Sound design in general (I still have issues with some sound effects, but this game might just be the next real step in game audio technology.)
- The general artstyle they're going for is good (But I see some major inconsistencies in the particle effects and a few other areas.)
- Natural environment design
- The warthog not having rails on the front and back
- Classic Grunt, Jackal, and Elite designs
- Halo 3 inspired Brute armor
- The return of Equipment
- Tactical Rifle
- Mangler
- The ability to throw Fusion Coils
- Escharum's character
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