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What do we want from Halo Infinite?

OP IllusionRemix47

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I really love the smart-link it's very realistic to the Halo universe. They should keep it & possibly give it some more options or adjustments .
I'm fine with smart link but 343 needs to slow down with it considering its get to Sci-fi. They should atleast make it in H3 style.
Uuv wrote:
I'm going to have to disagree with "What We Want."

I don't mind the Prometheans returning alongside the Covenant, open world is an interesting concept to explore with a Halo game, and I don't see how replicating any lobby or social hubs from Destiny would benefit Halo Infinite.
Thats your opinion man. its just the Prometheans seem to get all the attention from 343 unlike the covenant.
I wouldn't say they get all the attention from 343 at all, it's just that the Covenant hasn't been the main focus like the previous games. They still receive a significant amount of attention regardless though. Anyways, why wouldn't you just ask for them to tone down on the Promethean prominence instead of just calling for their removal as a whole?
So what you want is basically Halo 1, 2, and 3? God I am so disappointed in some of the Halo fans. Halo's story needs to push forward! It can't always be about the Human, Covenant war with a side of Flood.

What in the world? No Prometheans? Halo has always had an underlying Prometheans plot. The MANTLE? Please, keep the Prometheans in the story, that is very interesting. The Didact was awesome too bad we didn't get to see more of him in game.

The H2, and 3 armor with reach Marines? No thanks. Master Chief looked disproportionate in the H2A cutscenes. I like the way the armor looked in Halo Infinite teaser. Although we didn't see much.

Stay far away as possible in relation to anything that has to do with Destiny.

Disliked weapons is subjective.

Keep Halo looking graphically impressive. Halo has always looked stunning. Not cartoony.

Bring back a proper BIG TEAM BATTLE in ranked from the likes of Halo 3.

No cosmetics in RNG LOOT Boxes. Allow us to earn armor

Full armor customization.
I ain't saying prometheans are bad but they got a lot more focus now which is why they should be removed. The covenant exist for a reason so we need them to be focused on too.
Uuv wrote:
I'm going to have to disagree with "What We Want."

I don't mind the Prometheans returning alongside the Covenant, open world is an interesting concept to explore with a Halo game, and I don't see how replicating any lobby or social hubs from Destiny would benefit Halo Infinite.
Its fine Uuv I changed the idea. Its my opinion really but they need to focus more on covenant now since its pretty much dying. Next thing you know the rest of halo is just prometheans and flood instead of covenant too.
Here are a few things I've noticed about Halo and wouldn't mind seeing in Infinite
  1. Am I the only one that thought Reach's UI had the best look and feel? I've felt like all halo games since then have taken a turn for the worse with their menus and navigation. They're all useable just not as fluid as I hoped. Multiplayer lobbies always seem to break in Halo 5 and the armor customization screen just seemed a little messy at launch. Hopefully with a return to the classic art style it will lead to a more familiar and organized UI which I think gets vastly overlooked as something trivial. While reach wasn't a perfect game by any means I think it did knock the user interface out of the park.
  2. local multiplayer and co-op campaign is a must. I knew many people who said that was kind of a deal breaker for them when they were deciding whether or not to purchase H5.
  3. I think that halo 1-3 just had more charm and character than 4 and 5. Gameplay felt more floaty and arcadey to me and that's kind of what I liked about it. I know we want to push forward and not look in the past, and maybe the more floaty mechanics break the immersion of being a walking tank like spartans are supposed to be but IMO I've definitely had more fun with classic halo.
  4. I think that Multiplayer should be more classic. I will admit that going back and playing old halos does jar the senses a little bit with how slow it seems at first. However, I think the classic gameplay leaves playing more accessible. My brother used to play Halo A LOT and ever since advanced movement he's just been too intimidated to want to play consistently. I personally have no problem with it I think it was a cool idea and was a lot of fun but I think there needs to be a middle ground. Maybe increasing movement speed so spartans don't seem to be walking? I do think the pace should increase a bit from classic halos but the chaos of all the advanced movement in H5 was sometimes a little ridiculous to me. Maybe something similar to a quickened version of H2A's multiplayer? I haven't given it too much thought.
  5. Make the sniper harder to use please.
Just my opinion. I hope halo returns to glory and would love to see everyone back playing it.
LoxtonA01 wrote:
Hello everyone, before I start, add some ideas in the comments before reading.
It would also help if you support the ideas am bringing and don't be mad.
Now ill show you a list of things we got and hoped for.

What we got:1. Old Art Style but with a Halo 2 Anniversary theme for the graphics.
2. The original Mark 6 Armour form halo's 2,3
3. The Halo Reach Marines.
4. The old music.

Thats all I could really get from the new H.I trailer.

Now we shall get onto what we want.

What we want from Halo Infinite:1. Remake of the Scorpion (Atleast from my prespective)2. No prometheons.3. Change of the weapon art styles (Halo 3 and reach themed from my prespective)4. Do not make it open world. It would be terrible.5. Add playable elites back.6. Add a lobby similar to Destiny.If there is anything I missed then add it in the comments.
To address the "What we got"
1. It doesn't exactly appear to be the old art style, but a middle ground between the old and the new, which personally I was hoping for in Halo 5. It took some getting used to the new Forerunner look, and I believe there was some lore explanation about that being the Warrior-Servant styled designs as opposed to the designs in the originals being Builder designs.
Regardless, I find a merging of the old and the new to be perfect.

2. That appears to be true from what we can see, but there could be more (or less) to it than that. I actually hope 343i doesn't do a total double back on all things artistic design. I wasn't opposed to the new armour variants and looks, and again think a good way forward would be mixing the old with the new.

3. I don't think we can determine that those Marines are of the Halo: Reach variant design. They look to be just as likely the design from Halo 4-5.

4. The music did change and adapt between CE to 3. But I certainly agree Halo 5 lacked some spirit from the music that all the others had.

As to what we want.
1. I've enjoyed all of the vehicle designs from Halo CE to Halo 5, so I'm not too fussed by that. Maybe my only preference there would be bringing some more kinds of vehicles and large levels where there could be lots of vehicular combat to complete the mission.

2. The Prometheans definitely took some getting used to, but things can't stay the same in Halo forever, and I did eventually get used to them and enjoy them in the game. And narratively it simply wouldn't make sense to remove them from the current story arc.

3. I don't see any need to change the weapon design. Halo 4 and 5 both had a good design language going there.

4. I hope we get something with vast levels with story elements discoverable throughout the map, but not being open world exactly.

5. I see this debated a lot! I'm a day one fan since CE came out, but growing up I lived somewhere with prehistoric level internet so I never played Halo online until Halo 4. But I've got to wonder, with the different profile of the Elites, does that make them an easier target than Spartan characters?
In saying that... I enjoy playing Star Wars Battlefront II and there are droids with different profiles and that works just fine... I guess why not!

6. Why? The lobby in Halo 5 worked well...

What I personally want is more related just to narrative and story progression.

I want to see the Chief humanised more.
I wouldn't at all mind some kind of easter egg (or straight up in the game) where we get to see John's face, and that of Blue Team. I would love to see Blue Team interacting with each other the way that they do in the expanded lore.
I want to see the Spartan Sarah Palmer implied in the novels, not the Spartan Ops smeared version that cast a shadow over her character development.
Given the Forerunner saga books, and the richness of ancient humanity story injected into Halo 4, I really really REALLY hope that we get more ancient humanity inclusion into the story in a meaningful way.
Given the path Cortana has gone, I want to see some things from her perspective, at least try and make her more sympathise-able or at least give us some fuel to either pity her perverssion of sense and power.
Bring back the San'Shyuum (Prophets) to some extent!
Change the Sangheili model back to the style in Halo 2A. As a standalone design, I don't dislike Halo 4 and 5 versions of them, but comparatively to Halo 2/2A they just don't jive.
Listen I understand your thought but look more closely than that. Even Hiddenxperia has confirmed them to be H.R marines and its a mix between classic art style and a new one from Director Nicolas Bouvier whom agreed that the old art style had to come back. Also I love all your scientific ideas. Its obvious you were pretty smart when it comes to technology.
I would like to see the title of the game changed. The word “Infinite” doesn’t have weight in it. Halo 6 sounds cool when you say it out loud, and carries more context with it.

Just think back to your fondness (assuming) of Halo 2 or Halo 3. You know right where they fit in the Halo saga. Halo Infinite just doesn’t sound cool, and it doesn’t mean anything to fans at this point, the same way that “Guardians” doesn’t really mean anything special.
Hi guys this is just a copy of a post that i made because no one really seemed to look at it, but I think these would be good features.
1) First of all I think this game should have mod support. I want as many options as I can possibly have when making custom games and if I just dont like a certain aspect of the game, the freedom to change it would be appreciated. For example, Halo 5's constant weapon tuning updates drastically changed the weapon balancing in a way that I didnt like, so if we had an option to alter damage and accuracy tables that would be really nice.2) Secondly, I would really like a stronger emphasis on making an amazing campaign. I want to have the sense of grand exploration of mysterious places and huge environments. Halo 5 didnt have this at all. It would be cool to have to make our own way to an objective instead of just following a narrow path laid out for us. The narrative itself should also be great. PLEASE give us a high quality story with good character development between blue team and all the other characters. I've loved blue team since the Fall of Reach came out in 2001 and I want to see them fleshed out in a game.3) PLEASE give us amazing AI. I want AI that are fun to fight and arent just bullet sponges on higher difficulties. Make the AI smarter, that way we can fight them in a more realistic way. The ability to forge AI would also be appreciated.4) Could we have a new ballistics system? Like where we actually have projectiles fired from weaponry instead of hit scan weapons? It's more realistic and it adds to the skill gap. It would also be cool if during campaign for example, shooting an enemys armor in a certain area would only weaken the armor in that one area, as opposed to making the entire suit fail (like in halo 3). It would make fighting brutes, for example, much more fun. Also, maybe give us different kinds of ammunition that we can use, that produce different effects and are more effective against certain enemy types than others. 5) Amazing armor customization. Not just aesthetic, but it would be cool if the armor that we equip in campaign and firefight actually gave us different stats and abilities depending on what we put on. This would add another layer of gameplay.6) No microtransactions. Please. If you give the fans a good game they will pay for it. 7) I really want a new melee system at least for campaign. I want the ability to block/dodge melee attacks and then ninja the elite or brute that tried to engage a spartan in hand to hand. It would be so badass and it would add to the immersion.
I would also like a better vehicle health system. You should not be able to spam a scorpion to death with small arms fire. PERIOD. That whole concept is dumb. Vehicles seemed to be made of paper in halo 5 and they all had a finite amount of health. Vehicle armor should completely block or reduce damage based on the tier of weapon used. It shouldnt just be based on total hit points. That is just lazy coding
Very Interesting question you ask here OP. Honestly what I want all depends realy on 343 and how they develop the game. But mainly what I would like to see is based on two variations of what halo could possibly be. The first being is if halo retains being a heavily competitive FPS. Then what I would prefer / expect is. The classic style of gameplay to return. No armor abilities no sprint ect. Keep it simple for balanced competitive gameplay. If halo were to go more of a open world FPS MMO. Along the lines of destiney then for sure id gladly would like the return of AA, Sprint ect. Now Key things I would like to see return for eathier variations of the game.

1. Choice to play a spartan or an elite.
2. Vast customization for armors. Including pick Color Schemes armor patterns such as camo ect.

And that pretty much does it for me.
1. More marines, 4 and 5 were lacking
2. Open world would be interesting, especially for a mainline Halo.
3. I don't mind prometheans, as long as they have a little less showtime than everyone else
4. Banished will probably make an appearance, as with the SoF. Don't kill Atriox like Jul 'Mdama
5. New vehicles- vampire, cobra (maybe), pelican, elephant needs to return, wolverine (maybe), etc
6. Fantastic story, how could they screw it up 2 times in a row (yes I liked H4)
7. Just a thing for me, but this idea I had for Multiplayer would be cool (although its not going to happen) I made a separate post on that. If not see 9
8. A.I in forge, I can't wait to make huge battles with pelicans dropping Marines in a base under siege by large amounts of covenant forces.
9. Warzone 2, essentially my idea but on a lesser scale maybe. If we get WZ 2, I want to see A.I reqs, send in a squad of marines to take the armory, or send one to defend the garge.

That's pretty much all I can think of for now.
I'll keep it simple and stick to just the race I want to return. I miss fighting the Brutes, especially the Halo 3 ones, and would like to have the equipment they carried return as well.
Here are some quick ideas on what Halo Infinite should be/have to become a full and complete halo experience for both new and current players.

  • Classic Halo experience / no open world
  • Campaign/ennemies: prometheans, covenant, floods
  • Campaign/ only the blue team with at least H5 team mechanics
  • Gameplay/ Keep the halo 5 spartan gameplay, add dual weapons
  • Art style : a smart mix of both (old from H3 / Reach and current)
  • Online mode (all this game modes must be included from launch. Having them as monthly DLC to keep the community entertained for 6 months as they did with H5 is absolutely a joke. Those game modes represent the core, classic halo multiplayer experience).
  • Arena
  • BTB
  • Classic Firefight mode from halo reach
  • Classic warzone
  • BR mode on very large maps as a coming DLC
  • Mode : all the game mode we know so far at game launch (king hill, skull, etc)
  • Maps
  • original maps from campaign or heaven halo classics maps remakes. No ugly H5 forged maps.
  • new pack of maps everymonth
  • REQ System : can remains the same
  • Grade system : back to the classic H3 or HReach grades
Just some random things I can think of now at the top of my head.

  • Return of Revnant and Chopper, two awesome vehicles that for some reason were dropped after the game they were introduced in.
  • A decent length campaign with a satisfying conclusion (no cliffhangers)
  • More open level design with multiple paths (though like CE, mixed in with some linear levels for variety)
  • Playable elites
  • More armour customisation
  • Terminals
  • Brutes and Drones
how would open world be terrible theres been amazing games that are open world or pretty close to it
No worries. I realised how many got to fanbase for it. I just thought it would be bad for halo but if others agree then ill too, as long as it turns out good.
LoxtonA01 wrote:
I did mention a little bit that Sparth AKA Nicolas Bouvier listened to our thoughts and said he would add a taste of his and the old artsyle.
how would open world be terrible theres been amazing games that are open world or pretty close to it
No worries. I realised how many got to fanbase for it. I just thought it would be bad for halo but if others agree then ill too, as long as it turns out good.
heres my say in the matter on it if its open world go all out don't half -Yoink- it or don't do it at all and for love that is holy halo don't have it empty
- return of classic weapons
- return of classic vehicles
- halo 3 equipement, multi use with cooldown (things can be balancef by the amountbof uses)
- reinvisioned dualwield (halo 3 style, less damage nerf. single wielded dual wield weapons have an extra effect (stun from CE for plasma rifle, quickdraw dualwieldable magnum, fast reload smg, etc.))
- retooling of sprint (move the tradeof from "move vs. shoot" to "speed vs. agility")(sprint gives slow turn and slowstrafe like the ghost boost to balance it, but firing your weapon is possible, but ends sprinting)(no more sprinting around corners)( slower shield recharge while sprinting, halo 5 early-sprint-hit-dropout mechanics )
- retooling of clamber. (smaller clamber hitbox, same or not much more height than crouchjump. crouchjump and clamber can stack. clamber still slows you down)( crouch: faster but harder, clamber: slower but easier; both combined: close to H5 clamber height reach.)
- increase base jump height to105% to 110%
- remove spartan charge & groundpound
- momentun based melee: the higher you are above max base speed, the more damage your melee deals, but also the more enemy melees hurt you
- slight bounciness to your spartan: trickjumps
- more physical map interactivity: moving objects, mancanons, pushable crates, etc
- no hitmarkers, no kill whistle, etc. (shield flare/ visible damage should be enough)
- return of removed enemy classes
- a campaign that does not rely on EU material to be undestandable (only infos from the main line game titles are needed) (eu knowledge can be used in side things, like mendicant bias in halo 3)
- higher base movement speed (105% to 110% without map size increase)
- more creative promethean weapons (not just dps weapons, but maybe stun, jam, push, pull, area areial, over time damage, different player atributes based on the weapon, etc. (like gunslinger quickswap, plasmarifle stun, bruteshot acceleration, etc.) and even some wacky weapon concepts )
- basic ai in forge ( no matter how basic it is)
- unification of warzone, firefight and arena as forgeable and open to all gametypes in custom games (firefight on valhalla is possible, but the ai might be confused, which does not matter)
- flashlight can be toggled by holding reload and melee at the same time. holding weapon swap and melee lowers your gun ( during walking/sprinting/ riding shotgun too)
- return of military rank named levels, combined with a 1 to 50 ranking (or H5 ranking if necessary)
- classic zoom
- loadouts for custom games as an option ( can be set to team based for asymetric gametypes)
- playable and customizable elites for custom games
- warzone like spawn beacons as a forge object for tower defence custom gametypes (combine it with a territory marker to get acces to it)
Adding AI in Forge would be a true Halo game-changer. Probably too ambitious or unrealistic, so here is a compromise: let us re-populate the campaign levels with custom enemy encounters for solo or co-op play.
ronnie42 wrote:
What I want from Halo Infinite:1. Remake of the Scorpion (Atleast from my prespective)2. No prometheons.3. Change of the weapon art styles (Halo 3 and reach themed from my prespective)4. Do not make it open world. It would be terrible.5. Add playable elites back.6. Add a lobby similar to Destiny.If there is anything I missed then add it in the comments.
1. Sure that seems nice.
2. Well if they made them fun to fight then I wouldn't mind them but if there like 4,5 then I'd say no to them too since tired of the constant teleporting.
3. Not sure about that. (I'd happy enough with classic art style)
4. That doesn't make sense to me...I've been wanting bigger maps for a while since 4,5 was way too linear, lacked the ability to explore, I'm sick of seeing kill boundaries everywhere.
5. Agreed, it's a popular request too.
6. I'd rather they avoid Destiny, Destiny is what put me off from trusting Bungie.
Listen I support your ideas. The whole thing got updated but try not to be too serious. If there is mistakes and the fans want something changed then just say it.
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