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What does everyone want to see in Halo 6????


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WrothDiagram89I think that 343i should give an epic ending to the Forunner Promeatheans and somehow kill the warden Eternal and add new war zone maps (there's like 3 of them) and make the halos somehow important again. SOMEHOW explain this weird Cortana thing. I personally think in halo 3 she ifencted by gravemind and wants to control stuff just like him.... anyways I want more armor abilities in halo 5 we get over shield damage boost and camo Wich it is so useless move,even crouch and move you'll still be seen so 343 can you bring back stuff like halo 4 armor abilities?
I'd rather get rid of armor abilities and go back to the classic gameplay but I agree with everything else you said.
Way better and more fleshed-out customisation. Kind of like how Reach did it. And req packs shouldn't be the only way to get armour. Credits/xp (currency) could be used to purchase specific armour pieces. There should also be achievement/commendation-based armour unlocks.

A simpler UI.

Make Spartans look cool and intimidating. I didn't like the power rangers in halo 5.

Obviously a longer and more enjoyable campaign. Get rid of pointless characters, ditch squads and reviving and fix the god damn story.

Offline bots.

Blood and Death Sounds

A complete game at launch.

Blur cutscenes.

Playable Elites and Brutes.

Reduce weapon variants and skins. Perhaps add customisable skins.

And have better zooming. Not every single bloody gun needs ADS or smartlink. Specifically melee weapons.

Space battles (and I know this is INCREDIBLY far fetched, but maybe aquatic combat/vehicles).

Real Firefight as well as other game modes such as invasion and race.
Maybe add a flood based firefight, like HW2.

Customizable emblems.

Less vehicle variants. I don't need 22 different kinds of gungooses (speaking of which, I want the OG gungoose brought back).

More promethean vehicles.

HW2 vehicles e.g. Blisterback, Nightingale, Grizzly, Shroud etc.
Don't forget my boy the Falcon.

Usable hardlight swords and other new weapons (maybe a needle shotgun, a hardlight bow or a UNSC axe or something)

And obviously split-screen.
Yes Yes Yes, finally TurkeyOnOne is somebody who knows what we want, why doesn't 343 listen to the deep Halo fans.
Another thing I would like is for teams to use tactics and strategy and to work together, not to were someone who's good at the game to be able to go Rambo lone wolf style and kill half the enemy team.
Moth5696 wrote:
Another thing I would like is for teams to use tactics and strategy and to work together, not to were someone who's good at the game to be able to go Rambo lone wolf style and kill half the enemy team.
<p>I think thats more an issue of who you're playing with, but 343 could totally do something to help guide teams in this direction</p>
Unknown wrote:
A black undersuit option.

Full customization of Head, Chest, L/R Shoulder, Gauntlets, Legs, Undersuit.

Darker, less stupidly saturated Spartan Colors. Also none of these stupid unchangeable white or blue lines on armor and secondary colors that ALWAYS match the primary when set to the same color.

More codpieces on armor. That, and less stupid helmets in general.
Good that I'm not the only one who wants this again, Thanks.

I would like to add custom HUD designs and colors. A selection of different undersuit models like the campaign ones and of course the original black undersuit would be cool too.
Yassss! I think they left the spartan customization aside, it feels forced and non-original that we can only custom Body, Head and Visor :/.
Plus, there are armor variants that have designs (like white lines for example) that ruins it even more.
I miss the Halo: Reach custom system, it was pretty much perfect.
Also add that you have to earn the armor piece you want by earning req packs, it would be cool if you could know what you earn, and how to earn it. (Just like halo reach and halo 3 & 4)...
So with Halo 6 in production, I had some ideas of what Halo 6 needs in order to be a better game upon release. If you took all of the best elements of the previous Halo games (Split screen included) and put them into Halo 6, you have...:
1. Halo's classic art style from Halo CE, 2, 3, and Reach
2. Halo Reach's player customization (only add more spartan armor and have customize-able armor for the elites like they did for the Spartans in Reach where your able to change the helmet, shoulders, chest piece, etc.)
3. Halo 5's Forge mode
4. Halo Reach's Firefight (Halo Reach's Firefight is just more enjoyable than Halo 5's version.)
5. A campaign similar to Halo 2's, where it switches between the Chief and the Arbiter (More of a 60/40 split so its more focused on the Chief than the Arbiter but you still get to play as the arbiter for a decent amount of time, unlike what Halo 5 did with Chief and Locke)
6. Halo 5's free DLC system
7. Halo Reach's cR system where your able to earn credits and use the credits to get the armor you want. Also more challenges/commendation in order to earn credits faster (So, no req packs are required to get the armor you want)
8. A mission similar to Halo 4's flyable Pelican mission "Shutdown" or Halo Reach's Sabre mission "Long night of Solace"
9. Halo 3's Brute arsenal (Chopper, Prowler, Brute shot, Mauler, Gravity Hammer, etc.)
10. A challenging campaign like Halo 3's or CE's campaign (Not too challenging like Halo 2, but not too easy like Halo 5)
11. Last but not least, an epic race to the end of the campaign, like Halo: CE's or Halo 3's Warthog run
If there's that's missing from this list, let me know.
Wow, haven't been on the forums for a while! I would like to see space battles, water, swimming, and boats lol. (I already saw some stuff before my comment like split-screen so I didn't put everything I wanted) People may not like this but a Battle Royale game type would be cool in my opinion. People can come in the map in drop pods :)
On Armor Abilities and their Implementation: I created a video, subjective piece, of how I believe 343 should implement their crazy ideas of Armor abilities, without pissing off both old and new players. It does lean more so towards the older style of Halo gameplay but it still would be fun, at least in my own opinion. Here is the link to the video if you feel like checking it out. Lets start a discussion based on how these abilities like sprint, etc., could/should be implemented. Thanks all :) Have a great one!
It would be cool if 343 would make a troop transport vehicle with up to 6 seats like the falcon. Also they should make to different versions of forge. One would be called Classic Forge and the other just Forge, or something along those lines. Classic forge would be like the forge in Reach while Forge would be like Halo 5. They should also make spawnable A.I. and please make a better campaign. And they should definitely make two types of infection. One would be called Infection and the other Flood. In infection have it like Halo 5 but in Flood make the infected get to be combat forms with energy swords and have the game spawn A.I. flood forms of any kind. And make the customization system like Reach's.
Also bring back classic art style and playable elites, please 343.
- enough of the- he’s super soldier so we need enhanced mobility garbage. AA’s have had their time and now its time to go home.

- Absolute full classic arena halo. I don’t want to see one trendy element from other top games. 343 SHOULD be creative enough to enhance the classic style (not change) and bring new elements not seen in other games to H6. Also while maintaining the integrity of classic gameplay. Lets see some original thought 343.
*Old artstyle
*less main characters, maybe 4 at most, one from each faction
*more friendly AI, such as marines, elites, maybe even other friendly aliens (not calling them covenant for certain reasons, maybe the banished) and to that extent, reach style fireteams that you can bring throughout the campaign, lets say you find specific marines that are cool to you, you can enlist them in a squad until they die
* less spartan abilities, keep sprint/clamber/slide, lose the rest
* no aim down sight for non scopes weapons, this isn't COD and never will be
* larger maps, maybe even battlefield conquest sized maps
* if theres larger maps, then more players on the maps and larger vehicles, imagine flying a pelican or phantom, maybe even piloting a scarab
* progression system for armor or other customization options, you can keep armor in the req pool, but allow us to earn specific items
* bring back the old emblem system, it would allow for better clan systems if everyone had all emblems right off the bat
* Reach style customization
* an enemy worth fighting in the campaign, fighting the covenant wasn't satisfying since they were so weak at this point, they weren't scary, maybe bring the banished in, though it wouldn't make a lot of sense, or just bring back the flood

At this point, i honestly wouldn't care if 343 just started fresh at the end of halo 3 and took all of the lore they've created (not including reach, that game was awesome) and put it as "Legends" or something, like what Disney did with star wars (though, i don't know the exact technicalities behind that were)
-Halo CE/5 style of more open level design, meaning multiple routes.
-Halo 4 style storytelling
-a little less than Halo CE length
-mind games by the multiple fragments of Cortana
-varying locations
-Anniversary like skulls and locations
-tracking for various easter eggs
-better AIs
-most, if not every, faction present
-heavier atmosphere to follow the dark themes
-Halo 4(ish) UI
-Halo Wars 2 art style.
-black under-suits please
-REQs are okay but they need to be polished and fleshed out, also keep them duplicate free
-Spartan ops like item(s)
-more seasonal events to keep things fresh
-profile customization like the MCC
-mods, allow the community to contribute more
-space battles somewhere
-I'm fine with sprint, clamber, slide, and thrusters; please no ground pound, or charge
-Halo CE levels of blood
-feet, legs, thighs, waist, chest, helmet, shoulders (individual), forearms, wrist, visor, armor skin, two-three colors, and misc. attachments to the armor
-gun-skins, assignations, more traditional emblems, voice, announcer, MCC like banner, possibly species, sex, HUD
-visual settings
-more achievement based unlocks and less random rolls
-include almost or all previous game types
-in-depth custom options (don't be afraid to go crazy)
-use the weapon/vehicle variants more
-working theater
-better servers at launch
-map voting
-Reach amounts of playlists
-searching options
-Halo 3 or 5 ranking, doesn't to be visual but it can be
-please stop players from 'yoinking' assassinations (make where friends can't kill them)
-more destructible pieces
-the rest is basically Halo 5's
-fast projectile weapons like CE
-Halo 5 or 4 like sounds (heavy, mechanical sounds)
-smart scope is fine but with less added range
-add most of the legacy sandbox
-get every gun to fit their niche better (almost there)
-weighty and fast
-every vehicle, including the rts's
-1st view possible

I probably think of more but this is the bulk
Every one seems to want to revert back to the old art styles, but i kinda doubt 343 wants to do that. They might, idk. But i think they want to make a game that is orginal, something they came up with. They know we want split screen and other features, but i think they want to keep their art style.
I want to see halo 3 true skill ranking system with halo reach credit/exp system. I want to see a complete game without a truckload of problems. I want a solid campaign that is fun! I want multiplayer that feels good and doesn’t feel like I am just playing it because I have to. I want to be excited about a game again!
I’d like to see a return to a more open level, less linear campaign. The more character driven story arcs in halo in general seem to give the campaign a more linear feel. Look to halo ce/reach for inspiration. It would be nice to see loadouts added also. Halo 4/5 had too much emphasis on relying with enemy guns. I love unsc guns. If teams are returning to campaign maybe an option to play as other blue team members solo? Idk maybe asking to much.

Customization - look to halo reach for customization in general. The firefight options, custom game options, armor customization, campaign scoring with medals, kills, streaks visible, more detailed reach’s.

Armor - less armor variants. No unchangeable white or blue colors. More customization, head, chest, gauntlets, legs etx, colors like shiny metal looking or army fatigues, option to change undersuit and colors. No more goofy lookin power ranger helmets and armor please! We are grown folks.

Firefight - for starters would like to see it playable by launch. Offline, customizable timers, rounds, enemies, difficulties.

Reqs - not sure if reqs are returning, but if they are take armors out of them. No more cards, it just clutters and slows things down. If there are going to be weapon attachments like sliencers, scopes, barrels etc, can we choose them and save them in a loadout just to speed things up? If they are going to still be microtransactions can we take the rng out of it? Just let us choose the ones we like?

Multiplayer - I would love to see reachs invasion playlist make a return. And maybe bring back ranked and social playlists. And if warzone makes a comeback maybe not all of it online only. I would really like for them to expand it in general. Its too bad we didnt see more campaign elements in warzone. That kraken wouldve been fun i think. More warzone maps and add custom loadout reqs or whatever I think would help save some time to get back into the fight.

Even as an og halo player since 01 i do like some of the gimmicks like sprint, thrusters, even spartan charge. Its refreshing to see something new in an aging franchise to me. I still hope to see some of those return in some form.
I think in general halo 5 was hindered by its online only functionality. Halo should be able to be enjoyed online as well as offline going forward, just like the other games.
the original combat abilities, just run and shoot, no jetpack or any of that stuff, no sprint, no todays standarts
Multiplayer based achievements would be good. Miss these
Military ranks!!! I want to have a cool rank not just a number!
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