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What Halo 4&5 tracks do you hope are in Infinite?


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Both E3 2018 and 2019 had some classic sounding music, especially with Discover Hope. It's awesome that they're bringing back a more classic-sounding soundtrack. However, Halo 4 and 5 also had some great tracks. From those 2 games, which tracks do you hope make it into Halo Infinite?
From Halo 4, I'd like to hear Arrival, 117, Revival, and Green and Blue.

From Halo 5, I'd like to hear Blue Team and possibly Advent. Crypt is good too.
From Halo 4:
Mantis, To Galaxy, 117, Arrival, Immateriel

From 5:
Blue Team, Jameson Locke, Walk Softly, Worldquake, Dominion
117 from Halo 4, and Crypt from Halo 5.
117 from Halo 4.
The Trials and Blue Team from Halo 5: Guardians.

I know that The Trials is part of the older Halo games but it fitted so well when Blue Team are breaking through the Forerunner lines and, let's be honest, it made us all feel badass.
Oh man I'm gonna have to get back to ya after I listen to some H4/5 music.
Mantis & Walk Softly, the sister tracks from 4/5. I especially love Walk Softly because of its dramatic brass/strings. Always sounds so badass during Warzone Firefight boss battles.
Probably none, I can't remember them enough and well for me I want Infinite to have tracks that are catchy enough to be memorable.
It's like Halo 4 had some decent music but it didn't feel like Halo, all I can remember from Halo 5 is sometimes they seemed to have remix's of classic Halo music.
This really shows the brilliance of the music in the older games compared to the new ones. I frequently listen to Halo's soundtracks at work, as I find metal and punk is too distracting when writing code haha, and I don't listen to any songs from H5, and only Arrival, To Galaxy, and 117 from H4.
None as such, but maybe I'm being too harash on the ideas behind the soundtracks. Maybe if they gave some of the tracks the reverse The Trials treatment and made something cleaner and less bombastic around the basic melody, there might be something worth salvaging. Like, maybe if you took Warrior World and actually made it the smooth atmospheric piece it deserves to be without all the needless tension.
not really sure, just hoping for some classic halo music or reach styled music
Awakening (Halo 4)
To this day, I still use Soundcloud ringtone they released for it.
Halo 4: Midnight

Halo 5: Trials

But I mostly prefer to have classics make a return like Halo 3 never forget & some Halo 2 soundtracks
Walk Softly if we have another Mantis mission. I love me some Mantis missions.

Recently listened to a mashup of Walk softly and Mantis, and that's a great combo.
Personally I would like to see an all new soundtrack heavily inspired by the Halo 2-3 era. Lots of piano and strings.
a variation of 117 from h4 would be nice
From Halo 4, I'd like to hear Arrival, 117, Revival, and Green and Blue.From Halo 5, I'd like to hear Blue Team and possibly Advent. Crypt is good too.
Blue Team slapped. Made for a great menu song IMO.

Light is Green was another I loved from Halo 5, would love to see that one make a return.
Arrival, Awakening, Legacy, Solace, and Nemesis from Halo 4 were all pretty good, 117 and Green and Blue too. I didn't pay too much attention to Halo 5's OST so not sure there.
I don't actually want any full Halo 4 and 5 tracks or track remakes to feature in Halo Infinite. What I'd like is a mix of old music from the Halo Trilogy with some new music that fits well with the classic tracks. Then, within the new tracks and Halo Trilogy track remakes, I'd like there to be familiar melodies/themes from Green and Blue and 117 (and maybe a couple of other Halo 4 tracks). I don't want to hear complete Halo 4 tracks within the game; just small parts of them mixed in with the rest. For example, a Cortana themed track could include melodies from Love and a Piano (Halo CE), Keep What You Steal (Halo 3) and Green and Blue (Halo 4). There's not really anything in Halo 5 that I want to hear again. I absolutely despise Halo 5's The Trials.
All I'm asking for is something original. Screw nostalgia, this isn't 2007.
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