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What Halo Infinte needs to be successful?


I don't know how the story will be, but for the gameplay, they need to bring the pieces of best thing about each Halo game into Halo Infinte such as:

Bring Reach's customization back.
Use Halo 5's custom game browser but please fix it, it's buggy in Halo 5.
Bring funny miranes back.
The melee system needs to be like CE,3 and ODST.
The knights needs to have a longer recharge delay.
Bring back Reach's firefight.
Split screen, lower the quality if there are issues like Halo 2 did.
In E3 demo, don't change everything, keep the demo in the full product like Reach did.
Also, Master Chief needs to have longer health like Halo 3.
Of course, bring flood back as Halo ring returns.
Pre game lobbies needs to game back and a veto system like Halo 3, no voting system.
Add back Halo 2's original soundtrack.
These things have to release in day one: Infection, custom game browser, Grifball, Oddball and lots more game modes.
Release few more maps like later on as updates and few game playlists, not too much like Halo 5.
The campaign needs to be long like Halo 2 but even longer.

That doesn't mean i hate 343 games, i still like them, just nit as gokd as bungie halo games, but these these halo games we would have a really fun Halo game like the Bungie Halo games. If there are more changes that i missed out,please post your comment below.
<p>for me its just increase cusotmisation possibilities, like in halo reach where you can change everything seperate</p>
You forgot playable Elites.
Splitscreen has already been confirmed :)
Dont ever bring the Flood back. As an enemy they suck. Everything about them sucks. The only thing they're good for is narrative reasoning as to why the rings were originally fired. The Flood make good missions terrible and ruin the fun of the original trilogy and especially Halo CE in my honest opinion.

Health should be reasonable and fair. But copying the original trilogy is just needless fan service that will not make the game better.

Voting systems should be abolished. Instead allow for a way to disable maps from your searches so you only play maps you want to (at the cost of search times being higher depending on the gamemode and such).

Do not bring back Halo 2s soundtrack. They should make their own and stop sucking off the original trilogy. The trilogy was not perfect, if anything I consider Halo Reach to be the epitome of a Halo game. Halo CE is clunky, Halo 2 is held together by string and 2 year old chewing gum and Halo 3 despite being good lacked some polish.

Marine dialouge and IWBYD dialogue should return. Marines have always been interesting to fight with and the lines of dialouge they have have always been large. Halo 5 didn't have many friendly AI due to the environments they're in.

I agree with the idea that we need popular modes at launch. MCC and Halo 5 failed to deliver first time around and paid the price for it.

Im okay with free content updates, if it means we have REQs, sure, whatever, I like free stuff and my wallet is empty most of the time.

Halo 2 was a nightmare of a campaign to get through. Maybe Halo Reach lenght? I felt the lenght was pretty good and the story took quite the turn midway through, making the last levels much better with higher stakes.

Customisation options would be nice to have, especially ones that can be unlocked via achievements and such. 343 has proven their capacity for making good armour; Achillies for example (which every tryhard Spartan Company grinds to as if their life depends on it) and Helioskrill.

Also playable elites would be nice. A continuation of the Arbiters journey or at least something relating to it and also id actually like to see the Warden Eternal again. On the condition that each boss fight has a randomised set of abilities or has some abilities removed, downgraded or given to something else. Also removing Promethean Soldiers ability to teleport would be great. Teleporting enemies is not very interesting to fight. It makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty spork.