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What I hope to see RETURN from Halo 5

OP Reptar117

Now I know most of the community wants Infinite get back to that classic gameplay loop we saw in the first 3 games but I would still like to see some stuff from H5 return, here's a list of things I wanna see return.

1. Stances: I think stances were a good idea to add some more personality to your spartan but the thing is you couldn't see your spartan and no one else could unless they went out of their way. THis can be fixed by having something like COD MW's menu where you see the lobby all formed up heading to battle. Instead of walking y'all are striking up a pose instead.

2. Req Weapons: Req packs kinda ruined armor customization and the feel of progression in H5 but the weapons for Warzone were really fun and cool. I hope Warzone can make a return in some way and with it we can get the really wacky guns that were in H5. The guns also worked fantastically in Fiesta!

3. Thruster Dodge: This is probably the most controversial since many are against the enhanced movement stuff by this point but I think the thrust dodge was a decent idea. It added a new way to avoid getting splattered, dodging weapons, created some fun energy sword fights, and so on. I think of all the enhanced movement stuff, the thrust dodge was the best one.

4. Some characters: H5 didn't have the best cast of characters but that doesn't mean they should give up on them. The MCU for example had some bad characters at the start but they quickly became fan favorites such as Thor since he lacked personality and was really just this brute. I hope the team takes another swing at Locke and gives him more character as well as fleshing him out, like how does he feel about losing Earth?

These are just some of my hopes, what are some thing you wanna see come back?
i hope they remove reqs for armour customisation and have a battle pass like in mcc and instead make the reqs just for warzone. i also like the thruster doge too.
I really like the gunplay in H5. I thought the weapons felt and sounded good. I also appreciated the balance of the weapons as well, except maybe the BR. I also like that the aim assist was slightly toned down in H5. I also don't strongly dislike smart scoping, but it's not the hill I'd want to die on.

As for the movement mechanics, there was a thread already posted about that, and I put my feelings on them there.
I hope req weapons go away. IDK man, they just seemed super pointless and obviously were only designed to inflate the req pack system. My main issue with the weapons though is, while they were interesting variants, all of them essentially did the same thing. Functions just become redundent
The blue team needs to get a proper campaign.
I would like legendary vehicles and weapons added to forge mode and firefight
I would like legendary vehicles and weapons added to forge mode and firefight
This is an excellent point. H5 has a crap ton of cool weapon and vehicle variants, but gets so little value out of them. They put in all that extra work and creative effort, and many of those weapons are limited to one niche game mode. We should be able to mess around with that stuff in more modes. It could add so much to the sandbox. Having the H2 BR and CE magnum in certain game types was a step in the right direction, but is only the tip of the iceberg of what could have been accomplished.
I hope weapon variants and mods return. Those made things more interesting. I also hope Spartan Abilities return, since John placed his assault rifle vertically and not diagonally in discovery hope, its safe to assume they're returning to some extent.
Ah well, The Halo community has always had the tendency to sh-- on the current game, declare it the worst ever and then later on see the good sides of it. Not saying H5 is amazing, but there is plenty to like as well that I would be completely fine with to see in Infinite. For instance:

Stance, patterns (just as an overall option, next to coloring instead of caked onto sets), weapon skins.

REQ weapons are awesome for Super Fiesta, Warzone and also as special ordnance for Firefight (or even for crazy Firefight modes)

Sprint, clamber, easy seat switching in vehicles, the zoom function on all weapons (really, I don't mind),

Blue Team (because they're waaaaay too important in canon to dispose of them. Just give them a good story this time), Locke (Don't like him, but he can be back and sacrifice himself I guess), Buck. And just give Palmer a more prominent role again. Keep S4's limited to those and just fill the Spartan roster with Blue Team and Red Team. Also don't have Arbiter be a ceremonial guest to the story anymore this time around.