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What is your rare/uncommon desire for infinite?


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Everywhere you go, you see the same requests and desires for infinite. Good looking armor, old maps, good weapons design, classic emblems, etc etc etc. But what is one unusual desire that you have, but don’t see anywhere else?

For me, I want to be able to customize the in-game UI to perfection. I want to be able to adjust each element like the position and size of my shield bar, radar size, primary and secondary weapons, etc. I want to be able to adjust the color, opacity, and size of on screen icons like teammate service tags, death indicators (and how long they linger), and flags, bombs, bases, etc.
Drivable forklifts
I would like to see something like a customizable backpack and some of the halo wars 2 added into it like dr Anders making a appearance or having red team showing up
  • Death Sounds
Whether its in the campaign, or Multiplayer. The Elite Death Sounds were awesome, I hope that we'll see more of those hilarious sounds in the campaign.
And it would be great if we would be able to customize Death Sounds for our characters in Multiplayer.
  • Weapon Effects
Something that was common in Combat Evolved with the needler. You were able to send your enemy flying with the needler. It was really satisfying!
  • Beeing able to adjust the vehicle physics
I know that vehicles can be very frustrating in Combat Evolved, but it was somehow hilarious at the same time. It would be great to customize and change the physics for custom games.
  • Dynamique Map Elements
  • Elephants on Sandtrap (Halo 3)
  • Conveyors on Elongation (Halo 2)
  • Elevators / Gravity Lifts on Ivory Tower (Halo 2) & Construct (Halo 3)
  • Extendable Bridge on Longshore (Halo 3)
  • Wheel on Zanzibar (Halo 2) & Last Resort (Halo 3)
  • Community Clips / Statistics directly tied to the UI
Something like "Killing Spree of the week", "Fail of the week", or interested stastics like "Most played Forge map of the week", "Player with the most assists of the week", etc.

x Daek wrote:
  • Death Sounds
Roblox oof when I die plz
I can't think of anything that I haven't seen before but rather something rare from what I've seen: H5 thrusters. Most people seem to hate them but they're actually my favourite thing that H5 added mechanic wise.
I would like a legacy stats section on the in game service record. It doesn’t have to be crazy detailed, but it would be cool to be able to see a snapshot of other players history with the franchise without having to search for them on waypoint
Controller button mapping would be a big plus. Sometimes the pre-canned button configs don't do it for me.

Having some kind of emote would be fun too, other games have dance moves for emote, but there are millions of opportunities out there for original emotes.
I want to see the Ricochet game mode and Armor Effects (like Spartan Birthday Party) back.
Weapon Attachments and variable-scopes (Longshot, etc) for Campaign and non-Arena games would be cool too.
I would like a legacy stats section on the in game service record. It doesn’t have to be crazy detailed, but it would be cool to be able to see a snapshot of other players history with the franchise without having to search for them on waypoint
Didn’t 3 have something vaguely like this?
Retexturing and coloring of items on forge so that if I make a building all the pieces can look uniform instead of a conglomeration of multiple styles of pieces. Also being able to place more pieces seen throughout the game (interactive elements, moving pieces, etc). Also a way increased budget.
Be able to view all your medals you earned inside of the actual game, not just waypoint
In-game clans and experience boosts for playing with a clan. This encourages players to find other good Halo players with which to team up. Gears 5 has the experience boosts when you have a party. Depending on how 343 does the Infinite ranking system and progression, this really shouldn't give group players an advantage. Just more experience for a higher rank, like in Gears 5.
I want to be able to access custom game options while in forge, so i can test the player traits for game modes.
A dummy spartan for forge to test out you damage traits or to use as en example for cover sizes and things.

I also want better custom options for the leader, he should be able to switch certain players to different teams, boot players ect.

It would also be really nice if we can make custom playlist that has maps and modes of your choice.
Going along with that, we should be able to attach modes to maps to we aren't hunting down each mode that goes to each map you download.

The map and armor organization was a mess.
At least in the old halos you would click of the specific map and id open a list of each edited version of that map. In halo 5 they are all in a list and it makes it difficult to find the specific map you're looking for.
Drop the Plasma Caster from Halo 5, and bring back the Concussion Rifle. That gun was so much better than the caster. Or heck, bring them both back, I just want to put warthogs in the spin cycle again.
Custom weapon/vehicle skins. You know, that we can design ourselves.
I'd love to see armor effects return, and a ton more added to the game as well, akin to unusual effects in TF2.

Also, I think it would be kind of cool to have a "melee combo" system, like the kind they tried to implement in Halo 2. Or, better yet, glory kills like in Doom. I like the idea of ripping a Promethean Knight's head open and punching its glowing skull in, or yanking the Lekgolo worms right out of a Hunter.
I would like to have a photo mode I can totally control the settings and spend hours taking pictures.
Button mapping would be cool. Especially if there is going to be abilities, button mapping would be very useful.

It would be cool to have the option to view a clip of someone in a match getting the rarest medal in that game at the end of the match. Once the game ends you can see the score and your teammate's clip of getting a killtac or something.

I think it would be cool if in game you could look at someone's profile and see their highest rank, even in previous seasons.
I would really like multiplayer maps to have interactive environment elements like H2A had. Shooting down chunks of ice, making water pour down for cover and so on. Just love that stuff, so satisfying to do. Best part is that you could easily disable this feature for MLG/HCS playlist if the pros want too. It's a win win all around 👍
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