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What map(s) do you want remade?


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Halo has a history of remaking multiplayer maps from previous games in the newest installment. For Infinite, which maps from the previous games would you want them to remake?
That's a good question; I'd like to see good old Blood Gulch again if that's ok with everyone. Maybe a new Zanzibar, that was always a good map. Pit? I dunno, there were a lot of maps I didn't care for.
At this point Midship has been remade so many times I think its earned its place as a permanent Halo map, I think it's the kind of map that no matter what mechanics the game has they can scale the map accordingly. Besides that maybe bring back Coliseum, I don't really want too many old maps. At least for launch I really want to experience as many brand new maps as possible, given they're actually good of course. I think bringing back old maps should be a post launch thing if they want to. Maybe even make polls for the community to vote on which maps they want brought back and then if it makes sense with mechanics go ahead with it.
A map pack that includes one map from each game. Yes, Guardians included. My ideal set would be this:

CE: Danger Canyon
H2: District
H3: Sandtrap
HR: Sword Base
H4: Monolith
H5: Colosseum
ODST: Uplift Reserve for Firefight
Blood gulch. That map never gets old for me.
Blood Gulch for sure. Zanzibar, Construct, and a few other Forerunner maps. Not all, but which ever ones that seem the most viable and popular.
Honestly, none. I don't want my memories of my favorite old maps to be tarnished with some new one that doesn't play the same because of the moment system, or abilities or whatever. Besides, you know forgers will do it anyways.

Bring on brand new maps with new memories please! :)
highground and complex

I love base/fortress themed maps
This all would depend very much on how our newly refined weapons will work as well as Spartan Movement/Speed/Abilities. However:

From H2: Lockout and Midship (obviously), perhaps even Foundation. ASCENSION!

From H3: Construct, Epitaph, Narrows, Valhalla, and The Pit

From H4: Nothing

From Reach: Nothing

From: H5: Coliseum, Fathom, The Rig, PLAZA!, and maybe Eden
I Dont want a remake but i think a spiritual successor is great like gulch/valhalla, lockout/guardian, construct/countdown or midship/zealot.

Theres quite a few maps that have had interesting ideas but the execution could have been better or it fit great for 1 game but would need changed for others.

Probably half of Halo's maps could fit that bill so my picks will be a tad more recent than the typical remakes.
- swordbase
- powerhouse
- boardwalk
- boneyard
Reach had 8 dev made maps on release, 6 4v4 and 2 BTB. Of the 4v4, 1 was a direct remake (reflection), 1 was a spiritual successor (zealot) and in my eyes countdown is a loose spiritual successor of construct. Both BTB maps were made for invasion and were chopped up to play BTB. The lack of content was a mess BUT i firmly believe these maps had some solid ideas that werent utilised well and deserve a second chance.

Asymmetrical and vertical maps provide greater depth to gameplay if done right, they are just difficult to do well.
I've seen some good suggestions here. I'll admit I've always been a bit of an advocate for the uncommon maps, always being keen to play on rarities like Ice Fields or Geryphobia (Which I've only seen come up ONCE in the MCC and it got outvoted for - you guessed it - Standoff. Wooo, because I didn't get tired of THAT map the last eighteen times it got picked) and always longed to see maps like them get remade. I doubt we'll see that happen, but still. On the note of CE maps, what about Death Island or Infinity?
Relic and Zanzibar
Blood Gulch, Pinnacle, Zanzibar, Sword Base.
Honestly let the forgers recreate it lol.
Just add dynamic pieces for their reconstruction, textures, and terrains.

Get Forgelabs, Ducain23, Unsorted Gaming, Ascend Hyperion & Skoopa92, etc... And me... Please please.. I made mariokart battle (balloons) on block world, for halo 5... It worked and was awesome..

Halo forge has been such a huge part of my life.. Halo communities revolve around Forge/custom games
I want Turf from H2 so bad, I never see it mentioned but I loved all the crazy objective matches I had back in the day. I also loved Terminal. Weird ones but they were so unique. Even burial mounds.

Oh and of course Sand Trap and blood gulch gotta make it in.
Whatever you do... Do not make 3 levels... It should always be 2 with jumps off ledges for 2.5 level height. Every 3 level I've ever played can only be utilized with more players. Peace out. 🤗

Kind Regards,
Sand Trap
Bone Yard
Head Long
Timber Land
Honestly, I would not mind all brand new maps. And remakes made by us. I feel we as fans could probably make better remakes of older maps in Forge then 343 could. so I would rather have all brand new maps. if any map were to be remade I would probably have to say blood gulch and Battle Creek would be my preferred maps to be remade. otherwise I see no reason in recreating maps as we can do that ourselves right now in Halo 5.
I want Haven back. With the forerunner scheme like in Halo 4.
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