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What new medal would you love to see in Infinite?

OP Unyshek

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Hmm.. I came up with Quick Tactics immediately as a first thought, hijack a vehicle then kill an enemy 5 seconds later. I'll make a list.
  • Always The Bridesmaid - I didn't make it up, but it's really good
  • Backstabber - Kill one of your friends on the enemy team/ Betray your friend (Must be Xbox friend)
  • Speedrunner - Complete the campaign under 3 hours (Or something like that)
  • Bye Bye - Melee an opponent of the edge
  • Never! - Kill an opponent with a grenade attached to you
  • Collision Course - Launch a rocket into another rocket (and kill them in the explosion)
  • One More Second! - Assassinate an opponent with 5 seconds left
  • Avenger - Kill an opponent 5 seconds after they killed your teammate
  • Can't Touch This - Win a match with less than 5 deaths (Slayer Only)
  • Taming The Beast - Kill 10 enemies that have power weapons with precision weapons
  • Beat 'em Up - Get at least a triple kill using only melee attacks
What do u think?
Avak1827 wrote:
"Grand Theft..."

Hijack 5 or More Vehicles in a single match.
Grand Theft Halo - I can just imagine the announcer saying this like he says Rocket Mary haha

Another Idea for a medal:
Resourceful: Use all shots of a sniper/rocket/railgun and get a kill with every shot.

Eg. If the Sniper has 12 rounds - get 12 kills etc.
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Military ranks & sr to 152 again that cool max skill level & max experience
We need halo to be a military focused game again, no random number to represent the rank of spartan and we need realistic looking armors.
More like halo 3 skill level & exp
Golden Days: Kill a Spartan using the Halo 2 Battle Rifle, CE Magnum, ETC
Shotgun!: Be in the Passenger Side of a Warthog and kill someone with a Shotgun
Unforgotten: Kill a Mythic boss with the Halo 2 Battle Rifle
Legacy: Use the SPKR Rocket Launcher, CE Magnum, and Halo 2 Battle Rifle in one match
Gotta catch 'Em all: Stick a plasma grenade on every enemy player.

This should be a medal or achievement.

Ps: You can die.
Just to add to the list:
Teleport - avoid a death by Glitching
Phase Shot- Kill an opponent/s with your bullets passing through walls.
Power shot- kill enemy with 3 shots (from any load out weapon)
Boss owned- Killed by a boss from across the map whilst not shooting at them.
Supper lunge- kill enemy with 50ft sword lunge.

loved the sayonara though very difficult to get.
"Return to Sender"

Kill an enemy by deflecting/reversing any projectile they just attempted to kill you with.
I think an 'MVP' medal would be great and just the return of having an MVP after each match would be welcome. Having the medal would show how consistent you are as a player, whether that being in Slayer, objective, or both imo
last strike should be last laugh
Doble perfect kill, triplePerfect kill etc.
Carrier : Carry your team to victory with 10 kills more than the second best player on your team.
Highly Decorated : Earn 10 or more medals of different types in a single match.
Among the Unicorns : Play a Match with a 343 Industries employee
Victicorn: Win a game with at least 1 343 Industries employee on the opposing team
Whoops... : Splatter a teammate with a vehicle
Bombs away! or Bombshell : kill an enemy player by exploding a grenade you shoot.
Whale of a time : Win a game with your entire team is wearing the Timmy helmet. *You'll have to add the Timmy helmet to Halo Infinite of course :)
Speed Racer : Win a game of CTF in 4 minutes or less
Company Orders : Complete a game in which all players on each team are in 2 spartan companies
Vehicular Slam! : Kill an enemy player using a ground pound after jumping out of a vehicle
Care package : Kill an enemy with a vehicle you exited.
Switcheroo : Kill an enemy player with the weapon you switched to mid-fight.
It was a banana : Fall off the map without taking damage first
2 Birds, 1 Stone : Headshot 2 enemies with 1 sniper bullet
3 Birds, 1 Stone : Headshot 3 enemies with 1 sniper bullet
Throwback : Kill an enemy spartan with the H1 Pistol on a halo 1 remade map while wearing Mark V.
"I need a weapon" : Get 10 melee medals on a single life
Heroic Victory : Win a game with at least 25 kills, 10 assists, and 0 deaths.
Legendary Victory : Win a game with at least 30 kills, 15 assists, and 0 deaths
Mythic Victory : Win a game with at least 40 kills, 20 assists, and 0 deaths
No Pressure : Win a slayer match with only 1 kill more than the opposing team
Sidekick : Get a killing spree while riding shotgun on a hornet using only normal weapons (AR, SMG, Magnum, BR, DMR)
Swarm em' : Kill all opposing players within the first 10 seconds of a match but each player on your team much get a kill.
Power Hungry : Earn a running riot with power weapons only.
Of Value : Earn the MVP of a Slayer match
Talented : Earn MVP of an Objective match
The Haunting : Win a game in which all players are wearing the Haunted Helmet *i think this one might be my favorite :)
I still hope infinite will overcome halo 5
CleanyMeat wrote:
ObiWan117 wrote:
CleanyMeat wrote:
CleanyMeat wrote:
CleanyMeat wrote:
I'd like a medal for betraying your team mates :D
This should not be encouraged.
Ok you get a betrayal medal if it's a distant betrayal only so when you stick or snipe your team mates across map you get cool medal good for montages just a thought :)
That's actually better, funny and has been done before on accident sometimes.
Like how haily Mary works but with guns, maybe make it so it's a lot further away for the medal otherwise people might kill on purpose :)
that "haily Mary but works with guns" is already there.... it's called "longshot"
Forgive me I haven't played much H5, Isn't long shot for killing enemies with precision weapons from distance. I was thinking of a medal designed specifically for killing a team mate at a very far distance how and what you kill him with doesn't matter (Rockets,sniper,plasma) it gives you a medal for pretty much anything you kill random team mates at long distances x)
Yeah I think automatic weapons have Spray and Pray too.
Duh the tea bag
I would totally like to see “who wants some tea?”
tea bag 1000 people. I would like 1 bag to count per person.
Make them monkeys dance!

Kill an enemy by shooting there feet
demo man

get 100 explosive kills
retern to sender
lanch a grenade back at the player who through it
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