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What new medal would you love to see in Infinite?

OP Unyshek

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Lukecv1 wrote:
-Disintegrate 5 enemies

“Hyper Lethal Vector”
-Kill 10 enemies without missing a shot

“One Stone”
-Kill two enemies with one grenade

”Power Trip”
-Melee Kill 5 enemies with overshields active
One stone already exists as cluster luck
carried the whole team
“Hitum all”

All shots that they fire hit the other Spartan and kill them.
To mark those who betray in the multiplayer.
That happens because you take the sniper and the bad you can not expel them competitively.
Surprising: Kill an enemy with a weapon of lesser power.
Kill an enemy that has all its shield while you're a one shot.
Not sure if this has been mentioned, but what about a Ninja'd medal.
Well not so much a new medal, but I would love to see the return of yoink or revenge. Those were my favorite two!
Mvp: most kills in a team slayer game
Carrier: win a team slayer game with at least half the kills on your team
Comeback : be down for at least 10 kills and tie a game
Flanker : get 3 assasinations without dying
Undefeatable: win 10 games in a row
Enemies with benefits: stuck a flag carrier with a plasma grenade and that guy runs into another enemy blowing them both up
Omnicide : extermination in big team game mode
"Improvise" - Get a melee kill while your weapon's magazine is empty

I was going to suggest betrayal medals, such as a "Rampant" medal, but then I realized that having those might encourage some medal-fanatics to betray like crazy...
I would like a medal called Outta’ Nowhere: Get a kill with a grande while active camo is active.

Kill 2 or more people with a single supercombine. I don't know if you will be able to but if you can it needs to be added.
Chimera30 wrote:
"Always The Bridesmaid..."

Finish a match with the highest number of assists and zero kills.
Alt version: finish a match with at least 10 assists and 0 kills.
I like it, but maybe most assists and least kills sounds better.
I totally agree. Least kills and most assists
Plasma Runner
Given for killing 50 players with any plasma weapon
The medal triggers after two players have reached a certain amount of kills while playing against one another. So say it was FFA and this guy ran into me often. After a certain number of kills on one another, the first to "x number" of kills would get the medal.

Brute Force
You would get this after a killing spree/ chain of a certain length with a brute weapon. (Ex. An "extermination" would get you the medal.)
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Love Perfect to stay in.
or Air strike kill someone with rockets while "x" meters in the air.
Unyshek wrote:
Not too long ago, I asked people on Twitter to share their idea for a new medal they thought should make its way into Halo Infinite.

Personally, I think a ricochet (bank-shot) medal would be a fantastic addition, but I'd love to hear what everyone here thinks as well.

What in-game action would you say deserves a fancy new medal of its own?
Should we expect more engagement from Twitter? Debating on reviving my account.
I’d love to see a triple double medal return in infinite, or even spree medals that go beyond 40.
"Do You Feel Lucky?"
Kill every enemy during Campaign using just the Magnum.
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