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What new medal would you love to see in Infinite?

OP Unyshek

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Butter Fingers: For dropping the flag or ball repetitively and still score?
What a shame/Oops/Big Oof: For somehow sticking yourself with a plasma nade
Just a flesh wound: Win a sword duel (When 2 players dont kill each other for a bit since they are both swinging at each other at the same time)
No kill medals
baaask wrote:
Nalla78 wrote:
  1. “Not this time” suvive being stuck
  2. ”juggler” kill someone with a grenade you just picked up within 3 seconds
  3. vehicle spree medals
  4. “Denial” snipe a rocket or grenade
  5. “net zero” kill your teammate and opponent with one shot/grenade
  6. “Carried” have more than 50% of the kills by the end of the match
  7. “Red vs who?” Kills with a warthog containing atleast 1 red and atleast 1 blue player
  8. ”Sarge’d” shotgun kill someone while riding shotgun in a warthog
  9. “Swing!” deflect a rocket with a gravity hammer
  10. “Watch your step” kill someone by shooting an idle grenade on the ground
"Net Zero" is good. I'd like "Hop in my backpack" as Carried.
Hop in my backpack would be awesome
"Knucle Dusters"
Kill an enemy with an energy sword that's out of juice.
The Walking Lead while playing infection kill fivezombies with a chaingun turret in a VERY short amount of time.
Super spy
Get three assassinations in a row

1000 degree knife
Get a killionaire with an energy sword

The old fashioned way
Get three melee kills in a row

Speed bump
Kill a boosting ghost
1. Fast Hands
(Break someones shield with your primary and finish them with your secondary)

2. Fight Night or Fist Fight
(Getting a curtain amount of beatdowns in one game)
HAMMER SLAMER99 please don't post multiple times in a row, thank you!

As in Halo: Reach, a medal awarded to a player who kills the opponent who killed them last.
id love to see a medal 'you remember reach?'
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"That's enough of that!"
Kill an enemy who has at least a 10 kill spree.

To earn this, achieve the exact k/d in a multiplayer math.
"Sarge'd" would be a funny and hard one
There is a medal for a snipealtanous in Halo 5. It would be cool if that medal went up higher for like getting 3 for 1s and 4 for 1s with the sniper.
Rump Roasted – Lose a match by at least half of the overall score

(This would entail bringing back the Steaktacular medal, obv)
A Camping Medal for players who are camping
Crunch- drop a vehicle on someone
(Any vehicle you just need to get out as its falling and have it land on someone)
Nadetacular- kill 3 or more people with a grenade.
Bring back the "Yoink" medal
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