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What new medal would you love to see in Infinite?

OP Unyshek

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Nalla78 wrote:
  1. “Not this time” suvive being stuck
  2. ”juggler” kill someone with a grenade you just picked up within 3 seconds
  3. vehicle spree medals
  4. “Denial” snipe a rocket or grenade
  5. “net zero” kill your teammate and opponent with one shot/grenade
  6. “Carried” have more than 50% of the kills by the end of the match
  7. “Red vs who?” Kills with a warthog containing atleast 1 red and atleast 1 blue player
  8. ”Sarge’d” shotgun kill someone while riding shotgun in a warthog
  9. “Swing!” deflect a rocket with a gravity hammer
  10. “Watch your step” kill someone by shooting an idle grenade on the ground
Love sarge’d haha. But nah seriously these are all pretty solid
The sarge'd one is pretty good. A simple one that I can think of is killing someone with a non detonated grenade or an undetonated grenade launcher (or gun of similar type) could be called "dud kill"
JB Linken wrote:
Thought of this while playing Halo 5.

If hovering is to return, "Kill an enemy player that his hovering while you are hovering."
That's a great idea buuuuuuuuuut, let's hope hovering doesn't return haha
Honestly i hope it returns as a machanic
'Mark of shame' medal. Given for quitting a game.
What is that music?:
Get a Warthog splatter spree.
Why am I here?:
have the least amount of kills and highest amount of deaths from any player in the match.
Why not the most important one? make it functional. T_T
Are you serious - be in the process of assassinating someone and their teammate kill you before you finish lol.
Go get a life - unlock every achievement in the game.
Drip for sale - customize your Spartan
Probably a medal for killing someone who was locked on to you.
That would be really interesting.
A medal for deflecting a fired rocket or other projectile with a Gravity Hammer or Golf Club and then kill the person who fired said projectile.
While I like the idea of new ideas for medals, why not add some medals from previous games that didn't make it in to Halo 5. Why not add the medals that could only be veiwed on said website back in the day (Of course some of the medals would have to be changed to work with 343 accounts since Bungie are doing different things these days)? Or why not add some of the medals from Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike? There are some nice medal ideas in those games. And of course 343 can modify how these medals are aquired if they wanted to.

A few examples:

Thank the Maker:
(Win a (Matchmaking or Custom games) match with a 343 employee on the other team)

(Would theoretically be aquired by playing a game composed of Halo Waypoint users since, well, you know)

(This one made it into M.C.C., so why not)

(Kill a person with a charged Plasma Pistol shot)

Swiss Army:
(Get 5 kills with 5 different weapons)
Ensemble - score with the opposing flag with two or more teammates near you.
2 metals.

have a victim of your assassination killed by annother.
(Counts as assist ingame, and towards assassination medals outside)

Appropriation: steal an assassination.
(Only awards an assist)

That way if you land an assassination and its stolen.. you get "some" credit.
And the thief gets an assist instead of your kill.
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Splatter Circus

Get 8 splatters in 10 seconds.
Cleansing Beam

Get the equivalent of the Snipeltaneous medal with the Focus Rifle.
how about- "You Hit Marine?" - Kill an enemy at full shield while you have no shield.
TNA Corvus wrote:
7. Hammer Time: Get a Killtrocity using only a Gravity Hammer.
Hey, hey, hey. Don't be stealing my ideas.
TNA Corvus wrote:
7. Hammer Time: Get a Killtrocity using only a Gravity Hammer.
Hey, hey, hey. Don't be stealing my ideas.
I didn't?
Keep It Clean

Kill an enemy without taking damage.
Chimera30 wrote:
"Always The Bridesmaid..."

Finish a match with the highest number of assists and zero kills.
Alt version: finish a match with at least 10 assists and 0 kills.
That's perfect. Witty name, too.
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