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What new medal would you love to see in Infinite?

OP Unyshek

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I would love any RvB referenced medals. I know we've already tried some but i'd like some more of these.
Yes but actually no - hit a headshot with a sniper but not kill the enemy player (they will have to have an overshield active)
There should be a medal for never moving or only moving a specific distance upon spawning. "Camper" maybe?
"When pigs fly..."
Fall in a warthog for at least three seconds and splatter someone.
Gibson8r wrote:
There should be a medal for never moving or only moving a specific distance upon spawning. "Camper" maybe?
Thats an achievement in halo 4
"Sticky fingers" get 5 sticks without dying
Kill five people who are airborne in one round
"Four leaf clover"
Get a snipletanious, cluster luck, rocket mary, and spray 'n' pray in one round.
Killstreak for sure
"Dead Eye"
Score 3 headshot kills in a row
"Hand Off"
In assault, within 3 seconds of death your team mate picks up the bomb you dropped after death
Power Saver: Kill 5 opponents without recharging your shields.
Das Boot: cause an enemy to fall to their death
Sarge'd for sure
Nalla78 wrote:
  1. “Not this time” suvive being stuck
  2. ”juggler” kill someone with a grenade you just picked up within 3 seconds
  3. vehicle spree medals
  4. “Denial” snipe a rocket or grenade
  5. “net zero” kill your teammate and opponent with one shot/grenade
  6. “Carried” have more than 50% of the kills by the end of the match
  7. “Red vs who?” Kills with a warthog containing atleast 1 red and atleast 1 blue player
  8. ”Sarge’d” shotgun kill someone while riding shotgun in a warthog
  9. “Swing!” deflect a rocket with a gravity hammer
  10. “Watch your step” kill someone by shooting an idle grenade on the ground
Juggler- maybe change to "Hot potato"?
a medal where you shoot a grenade out of another player's hand would be really cool. I don't know if that already exists, but that would be one of those really cool "accidental" medals. A medal where you don't realize exists until you get it, and if you actively try to get it, you never will because it's so unique.
Free Fallin' - Kill an opponent while falling
Ladder Climb - Kill the opponent directly above you on the leaderboard
Loner - Kill an opponent while you are the only player on your team (should really have this because my teams fall apart when we are losing)
Targeting - Kill the same opponent twice in a row without killing anyone else
Ambitious - Kill the top player of the game
There's two of us in here now remember? (probably want a shorter name) - Kill an opponent while standing on an allies head
Your Face... - Kill an opponent by sticking their head
Dream Crusher: Kill the same enemy 3 times without dying with a shotgun.
Roadkill: (I think this name is taken) Play an entire game and only get splatter kills.
10 Ways To Kill Your Enemy: Kill the same enemy with 10 differnet weapons.
Double Kill Insane: Get a double kill on one player. (I have done this)
Overpowered: Have Active Camo, Overshield, and a Chaingun Turret.
Comeback Death: Kill a player after he has died 3 times.
No Recharge: Kill a player as his shield is recharging after he has been shot by another player.
Cowtrue: Kill a player who is spartan chargifiying you.
-The reaper: assassinate 2 or more Spartans in the same timing as multikills.
-Sightseer: stay scoped with a sniper weapon for 30 seconds without unscoping for any reason.
-Gravemind: infect every survivor in a round of infection without dying once.
-Comeback king: Pull into first place on your team from last place.
-Headhunter: Get 5 or 10 kills consecutively with only headshots (precision or sniper weapons that can headshot work. No weapons that don’t count for headshot medals, like AR, SMG, Storm rifle, etc)
-Holyfriggincrap: 50 kills in one life. (Or whatever would be 10 kills after unfriggenbelievable)
-Focused: kill the same person 5 times in a row without killing anyone else.
-Flag lord: be the only one to cap the enemy’s flag , and also have the winning capture.
The ones below are multikills after killionaire.
-Killifish: 11 kills. (after killionaire)
-Killsanity: 12 kills (again, after killionaire)
-Killtillion: 13 kills (still, after killionaire)
-Killtuple: 14 kills
-Pentadecakill: 15 kills
Thats all for now! I hope some of these ideas are pretty good to you people!
Comeback King should be renamed Gloria
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