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What new medal would you love to see in Infinite?

OP Unyshek

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Aww Man- Kill 2 or more enemy players by sticking one of them with a Plasma Grenade.

Crash Landing- Splatter an enemy player while in an aircraft after getting EMP’d.

TANK. BEATS. EVERYTHING!!- Kill an enemy player, Ghost, and Wraith while using a Scorpion.

If God can here how scared I am...- Kill 10 or more enemy players in a single life without receiving any damage while using active camo.

Hello There!- Single handedly kill a legendary or mythic boss without dying or using any vehicles.

What took you so long?- Have a teammate kill the enemy player that is about to kill you.

So uncivilized…- Kill Warden Eternal by shooting his weak spot while close to death.

FINLAND!!!- Splatter the same enemy player twice in a row after hijacking their vehicle.

I Have the High Ground- Kill an enemy player with an Energy Sword while above them.
If multiplayer continues the way it does on Halo 5, I would like a medal for not quitting even though I’m outnumbered and outranked.
Give a medal for getting a ninja. Just call it NINJA and maybe a medal for multiple ninjas in a row (ninja spree) or multiple in a match.
How about joining a game because someone quit and then turning it around for your team? That’s worth a medal.
OK, Idea...
If the Flood is added to infinite, or if we have Infection, these medals will fit perfectly in the respective Multiplayer matches.

(Rare) Running Dry...- Kill 5 Flood/Infected within 10 seconds.
(Epic) Latch the Gate!- Kill 10 Flood/Infected within 10 seconds.
(Legendary) Never Abide.- Kill 15 Flood/Infected Within 10 Seconds
(Mythic) Drought- Kill 20 Flood/Infected Within 10 seconds.

More Basic Medals for the warzone and campaign, if the Flood is in it.

Hivemind- Walk among the Flood for more than ten seconds without them attacking you.
For Jenkins!- Kill 5 Combat Forms or higher with a single grenade explosion.
...With Fire.- Kill 10 or more Flood in a row with any fire/plasma-based weapon.
Mutual Understanding- Have an ally killed, and watch as the Flood turn them.
They Can Drive?!- Have a Flood form Hijack your Vehicle and kill you on the comeback around.
I Submit- Do nothing and be infected by a Flood Infection Form.
Impure- Melee and kill a Pure form or higher without dying.
Tide's come and gone.- Be killed by the Flood 5 times in a row, then comeback with a 10 Flood Killstreak.
They Come Back...- Kill a Flood form, have it reanimate, and have it kill you.
Containment- Using a Sentinel Beam, Kill 10 Flood Combat forms, and burn the remains.
Collateral- Have a Flood Carrier form you killed explode and kill 3 other Combat forms.
Get Off Me!- Kill an infection form that is leaping at you when at low health and no shield.
Adaptation is Key- Have a newly Reanimated Combat form pick up a new weapon and kill you.
Reload, ever heard of it?- Kill a Flood form that has an empty clip.
WHAT IS THAT THING?!?- Be killed by an Abomination.
Never Again...- Take Revenge on the Abomination that killed you.
Who's on top now?- Kill an Abomination.
Unworthy- Be killed, and have no Infection forms turn your body until re-spawn.
Chemical Reaction.- Have a Carrier form Explode, kill another Carrier form, and have that one kill any Flood form after that.
Fist Fight- Have a 1v1 with a Combat Form in a Melee Battle and win.
The Horrors Beyond...- Kill your first Flood Form.
Ok, They can speak...- Encounter a Rare Dialog cue while fighting a Combat Form or Higher.
Keyes- 'Headshot' A Combat Form, and then shoot the infection form inside the chest.
Shellfish- Have a Flood Form driving a tank or wraith and have it fall off the map above a body of water.
Sandbag.- Have the Flood wiped within 2 minutes.
Hurricane- Have the Flood make a Pure form within 2 Minutes.
It Lives again.- Have the Flood Create a Gravemind in any stage.
Didn't you learn Last time?- Kill a Gravemind in any stage.
Stay down.- Kill a Flood form, have it reanimate, Kill it again, and then smash it's remains. Works in sync with Double Tap.
Double Tap- Kill a Flood form, and within 2 seconds Melee and render the body unusable again.
Canned Meat- Have a Flood form Assassinate you. Works in Sync with They Come Back, Adaptation is Key, and Tide's Come and Gone.
Silence is Bliss- Kill a Flood form that is roaring/screeching.
Swarm? Need More than That. - Have a Flood Form Call for help, and kill all but that first form.

This is my First ever Comment on this site and I hope you like it. I think these are good.
If multiplayer continues the way it does on Halo 5, I would like a medal for not quitting even though I’m outnumbered and outranked.
this would be amazing
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The same as a killionare but with a sniper instead.

Alternate version: “head to toe” get 10 headshots with a sniper rifle.
Get 8+ kills with 4 rockets from a rocket launcher in Slayer. Call it “EEFFIIICIEENCCCYYY”..
add a medal for jousting with an energy sword with another sword user and winning. it could be called JOUSTER or DUELER
if a teammate betrays you and you don't boot him you should get a medal called FRIENDSHIP
if a teammate betrays you and you don't boot him you should get a medal called FRIENDSHIP
Now that's a recipe for consequenceless teamkilling.
“Made it!” Pacifist survivor in infection. Survive a round without firing a round in one round of Ifection.
another would be to not be seen at all for an entire round by any infected. I would call that “Ninja specialist”
(Don't shake the light bulb) for killing a friend in forge mode with any object while there editing 😈
Last Kill.
Maybe a medal with 2 rockets crossing, and a red background for a 15 kill streak with a rocket launcher named “rocket champ” (just a idea)
or “Silent and study” where you successfully board and destroy 5 DIFFERENT vehicles in 1 match.

“The Demon”
Drop 25+ Kills with an Assault Rifle in a Slayer match
DHG Irin wrote:
Stop shooting yourself
Kill a player, pick up their gun, and kill them again once they have respawned.
Once they pick up the weapon, they must not kill anyone else but the one they got the weapon from to get the medal.
Sounds great like nemesis halo 4 equipment
Battle hardened or something like that.
Complete the halo 6 campaign on legendary with all of the skulls on alone.
reward will be a achievement and a cracked visor customization option.

P.S I know that this is for multiplayer medals but I just think this would be cool and halo 6 is supposedly going to have armour as a reward for completing achievements.
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