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What new medal would you love to see in Infinite?

OP Unyshek

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  1. Unhappy: Kill somebody who has been Idle for more than 30 seconds
  2. Juggernaut: Kill somebody with a Gravity Hammer when they are killing somebody with a Gravity Hammer
  3. transdimensional melee: Melee somebody that just went through a green portal on maps that have it within a second of them going through it
Lol I can just picture that last one. Scorpion from Mortal combat: Get Over Here! Reaches through the portal and yanks him back through the portal and assassinate him.
That is amazing
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I might be the only one, but to be honest, I wish (though I know it wont happen) that they cut the medals in half in infinite. Every Halo game we've added a dozen more medals, and now you get a medal for basically every kill to the point where medals no longer mean anything.

I don't deserve a medal for melee killing something.

I don't need the announcer every time I no scope someone. Just let me enjoy my no scope with out your stupid "SNAP SHOT".

I just want specific medals that enhance my enjoyment of something (ex: multi kills, or getting a sniper headshot instead of a body shot).
Precise - Get a perfect kill with 3 different precision weapons in a game.
Perfectionist - Get a perfect kill with 5 different precision weapons in a game.

More could be added depending on the variety of weapons in the game/on multiplayer maps
This is a silly one, but for anyone who has been matched against some laggers, I feel it is medal worthy. When they are teleporting back, and forth from a shoddy connection.

The Reflex- Kill a opponent with a red bar connection, with a headshot.

Immortal - take no damage the entire game.
"He was just standing there!"-Splatter a player who is standing still.
hit a grenade away with gravity hammer strike it’s pretty minor but would be neat
worth it

Assassinate a enemy with a plasma grenade stuck to them
Change "hail mary" to "Kobe" in honor of Kobe.
In honor of Kobe Bryant we should make a hail Mary grenade kill medal called “Kobe” as a tribute to the legendary NBA player who has inspired us to yell Kobe when you throw a nade a long distance
Immortal - take no damage the entire game.
“Breaking My Back” have more than 90 percent of the kills for your team.
Live From Hell - Kill 30 Spartan during Infection Gamemode
Incarnation of hell - Kill 50 zombies without dying

Hoarder - Get all weapons on the map without dying

Driving Bad - Die 5 times by a destroyed warthog ( you must be driving it)

Marry the floor - Die over 20 times in 1 game

HeadHunter - Kill over 10 enemies with an assassination

Weapon, meet head - Kill 5 people with a melee

Guns of the future - Use every plasma weapon in a match

Slash to victory - Kill 15 enemies with an energy sword
Not really a new medal, But I absolutely love the triple double medal! I hope that is added into Infinite as well!
Medal: Ownage - Teabag a player 15 times in 15 seconds

It's perfect.
Sweat-tastic! - Awarded to the player with the most kills on the team IF they have the least assists

My special helper - Awarded to the player on the team with least kills IF they have the most assists.
A "Chicken" medal, for quitting games early.
If there is a player profile with total games etc. displayed, that medal should be there too.
I don't have a name for it but maybe a medal for stacking multiple hard to achieve medals like getting two killionaires in one match or getting two perfections two games in a row.
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