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What new medal would you love to see in Infinite?

OP Unyshek

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Gnarshty wrote:
Called snapshot buddy.
Craig - Melee Kill a brute
If you grapple a player from behind to perform an assassination, call it a Grapplesassination!

If you slide under a bullet maybe a Limbo medal!

If you get a kill with one gun, then switch and get another kill quickly, call it Fast Hands!
Seeing how the grapple hook will be a big part of the campaign, I would love to see a return of that one achievement from reach. The one where you assassinate from a long fall? That would be a kick -Yoink- medal. Kinda like a push to try out cool things and see if it gives you a medal
"This is for you, Sargeant."

Kill 5 players with a Spartan Laser (callback to Halo 3, where you had to kill Guilty Spark with Sarge's Spartan Laser)
In a single match. I think it should be an achievement.
Achievement sounds good as well, considering how difficult that thing is to aim.

Edit: How about having that with only Mjolner armor of any kind? I think that'd be better fitting.
I don't know how you think the SL is difficult to aim, I can and have plucked a Banshee out of the sky on the Covanent. I got the achievement "Too Close To The Sun" and just kept blasting. Didn't miss a single shot. As for the edit, that's a negative trooper.
While that's good and all, charging poses a bit of a problem on me, and I'm sure I'm not alone on that. Charging it leaves you *pretty* vulnerable to attacks, so it's really only good for aerial opponents who have no idea you're aiming it at them. Try aiming it at Spartans shooting at you, it's a lot more difficult ;)
Please if anyone wants halo to be the game it was meant to be let 343 hear your voice and help them shape halo with criticism and not complaining nothing will change unless we let them know consistently what we the consumers want. I personally want the pistol and shotgun from original halos to be in this one and for the graphics to be just as amazing as they promised it would and finally we need there to be an engaging and rewarding multiplayer experience that makes us feel like we are working towards something and not just a chance of getting something (req packs) please if anyone has the same opinion make your own comment or even just like this comment and if 343 is reading this you are doing an amazing job and I'll always play halo but please just put in the extra work to make something truly groundbreaking and blow the whole gaming community out of the water Sincerely from a fan from the beginning of this great journey.
Assassination combo medal. You can acquire this by assassinating 2 or more enemies at the same time
I just bought almost 20 dollars worth of REQ packs and most of them were useless to me. It’s more of a scam than anything. Please replace this with achievable goals.
Kill someone who is actively GRAPPLING TOWARDS you
Alternatively: Kill someone who is simply mid-grapple.

Kill someone with Rocket Launcher while also using Overshield.
Alternative requirement could be that the rocket shot does enough damage that it would have killed you if you didn't have the Overshield.
Swing Batter!: Use a Gravity Hammer to deflect a projectile.

You're out!: Hit an opponent with a projectile deflected from your Gravity Hammer.

This next one might be a little overkill, but...

Not My Time, foo!: Deflect a sniper round using a Gravity Hammer.
Boomstick, using a gravity hammer, stick a plasma grenade back onto its thrower.

Explosive rounds, using a sniper, kill an enemy by sniping an airborne grenade.
I would love to see a medal rewarded for killing someone with a traffic cone like the cones we saw in Halo 3.

Something like "coned", "thump" or "weapon of minor destruction."
Win a game and get the most kills, headshots, and, deaths.
- You're Jokes
Packast wrote:
I would love to see a medal rewarded for killing someone with a traffic cone like the cones we saw in Halo 3.

Something like "coned", "thump" or "weapon of minor destruction."
weapons of no destruction... Idiot. :)
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Not sure if it's been requested.

But an MVP medal would be cool.

At the end of the game, show the MVP's gamertag for 5 seconds, and share their stats and rank?

MVP can be from ANY TEAM, unlike some other games where they only allow MVP from the winning team..
I know it's not new, but BRING BACK KILLJOY.
I had a idea for a medal call "swap" where you kill a enemy using 2 different weapons at a time

A example would be braking someones shield with a DMR then finishing the job with a assault rifle. Of course it goes for any wepion mix possible, a exception could be grenades if necessary.

Yeah its simple but it will give a small reason to switch things up when using weapons...
HOLY -Yoink-!!!!!!

A true acknowledgement of Distinguished Valor! An accumulation of feats calculated over time leading to an overflow of greatness ready to erupt!

Like starting a game falling off the edge, -1, later in the game, you're 1-10. All the sudden you're slaying Spartans faster than Ralphy can reload.... luck is in your favor... a near overkill all while injured since the first wave of bullets began some 3 enemy Spartans ago.

A perfect kill with every precision weapon on the map. Stealing kills and offering a bevy of assists. You are inches away from a 50-49 VICTORY, and going 21-11.

It's just you and their best player...........................

Exhibit heroics like this example several times over and be rewarded with the sound of the announcer saying:

HOLY -Yoink-!!!!!!

PS. It should be thunderous in announcement!
Shinobi - Doing a 'Ninja' kill
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