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what new old armor should/could come to h: infinte

OP pugwash1

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Noble team's armor And EOD. That what I’d like to see. And Mark V
All of Halo Reach's sets, and Halo 3's Hayabusa and recon sets.
Easily Rogue (H4) for Me just redesign it a little for Old Art style.
Truth be told, there were only a handful of armor sets that I genuinely liked in Halo 4 and 5. Give me these and I'm happy:

Achilles (I admit I never got to try it out in H5)
Noble 6
Recon (Halo 3 variant)

And please, get rid of the white accents on the armor sets. I'm rocking the Cyclops armor now, and I've had to choose White as my primary color because the accents pretty much ruin the armor otherwise.
HAYABUSA! With the Katana on the back!
My opinion has changed on this matter overtime and I really think H:I should go smaller on the armor permutations this time around. The customization abilities should still be there, but the amount of permutations should be WAY lower than what 5 did.

I'd say the variants that absolutely have to make an appearance are Mark V, Mark VI, Recon, and ODST. Some variants that I greatly wish to return are:
  • CQB
  • Scout
  • B
  • Enforcer
  • Commando
  • EVA
  • Warrior
  • EOD
As far as Elites go, all of the H3 armors should return. Elites really shouldn't be buff and clunky like Reach started, and 4/5/2A MP perpetuated. They should be sleek. Maybe some new sleeker configurations could be whipped up?
Haunted Helmet, Halo 4 Master Chief Armor (You can’t actually obtain HIS version of the armor, it looks slightly different from the obtainable one), Noble 6 and all of noble teams armor, Halo 3 Mark iv, Mark V, Halo 4-5 warrior armor, Halo 5 (that armor that looks covenant but is for humans), the prefect armor, and ODST armor.
For the MK V armor, the waist pouches need to come back. The Halo 5 design looks really strange without them, it's just one of the things that makes the armor so unique and cool-looking.
pugwash1 wrote:
title above says it all what armor set should or could come/ return to halo infinte and what new desgins should show up

me id say eod, hazop, cqc, cqb, military police

also I'd like to add should some of the armor from halo online come into halo infinite if yes which ones should come and why
Pure and simple Sangheili Designs. I literally made a video explaining what types of customization I want back, but it goes of Elites. My next video will go over Spartans.

If you want to watch that video:
Halo Infinite Customization's *Part 1* | Sangheili Armory Designs
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