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What new (or old) guns should you guys like to see

OP SergeantCaleb56

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I'd really love the needle rifle in its Reach incarnation to come back. Also the brute shot and spike grenades would be pretty cool to have, but that will probably happen anyway if brutes make a comeback.
I wanna keep mostly every weapon from Halo 5. But they should get rid of the Hydra Launcher and the 'Special' variants of the guns. It's just too many.
The Needler Rifle from Reach.
This is a great question...personally I'd love to see a return of the Halo 3 laser, as in, able to take down a vehicle in one shot.

Personally I'd love to see a return of the Falcon from Halo Reach. That was a fantastic vehicle and really promoted team work.
Brute Shot cause it's super fun to Melee people to death with it and I love the reload animation
The tornado gun?

I kid. But seriously I would love to see the sticky detonator come back. Also the sentinel beam. Or maybe new sentinel weapons.
i want the Halo2 BR back (no more the electric stampler thing of halo 4/5)
I'd like to see a brute grenade launcher that shoots the fire grenades from 3.
Maybe a melee weapon that rivals the energy sword with efficiency in speed rather than damage. Like a UNSC combat knife since most of the weapons have UNSC weapons that share the same basic mechanics.
I would like them to bring back the brute chopper. It was my favourite vehicle and I miss it so much.
Needle rifle. Hands down.
We already know about the ma37 and that some kinda battle rifle is in there so theres that. I wont be mentioning the stuff that's been in every game like the spnkr (assuming they dont pull an h5 scenario) and needler.

  • Plasma rifle
  • Spiker (if the banished show up. I'd love to see their variant in an fps game. If theres no banished I dont really care what happens to the spiker.)
  • Either brute shot or concussion rifle. Or some new gun to replace them
  • Carbine
  • Either needle rifle or a slightly nerfed blood of subban
  • Dmr
  • Odst pistol
  • Target locator and put it in forge
  • Fully automatic midrange weapon with a scope. The perfect blend between a br and an ar
  • Blood sword/ the red energy sword but with some stat changes that make it better for stealth. Might make your camo better so you can sprint while sacrificing swing speed and not be seen or make the regular sword not turn invisible with camo on but blood sword does. Something along those lines
  • Knight sword. Just much slower swing speed than energy sword but wider radius horizontally speaking so you can slash 2 or 3 people at a time
  • Needle grenade
  • Maybe give the needler the plasma repeater treatment by adding a bigger and faster version but with out the tracking ability
  • Carbine from spv3.
Non of these are demands, just wishes. Either way I'll enjoy finding out what weapons are in the game and how they've changed compared to older games. Especially when it comes to sound design. Which has never been consistent and as a result has made it the most fun thing to look forward to when it comes to weapons in new games.

Plasma rifle was a demand though. Or a beg. Beg works. Put it back please.
I would like some of halo reach's unique weapons back. Personal opinion.
I want all the covenant to use regular plasma rifles again
Needle rifle
Brute shot
Tackling this again, I wanna suggest a "Gravity Flail" as a new melee weapon. Basically a Gravity Hammer in the form of a medieval flail, with a long extendable metal chain. A Halo version of Castlevania's whip.
Flamethrower and the 7 wood.

and more colours for the clilvian Warthog.
These dont need to be 1 for 1, they can have quality of life improvements if need be.

- Brute shot
- Reach grenade launcher
- H2A Sentinel beam, take any good qualities the Reach focus rifle had
- Reach needle rifle, as the DMR to the carbines BR
- plasma launcher, or turn the missile pod / rocket pod into a power weapon instead of a turret
- scrap storm rifle, add in plasma rifle / repeater, bring in stun effect from CE

- Falcon
- Chopper
- merge what was good about the Spectre and the revenant into a new covenant mid-sized vehicle
- Reach banshee with longer cool downs between flips
- H3 warthog
- Mammoth or other level specific vehicles to spice things up
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