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Whatcha Think About Infinites Battle Pass System?

OP MasaSlayer2811

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What Do You Think About Halo Infinites Battle Pass System?
Being able to go back whenever you want and having never to miss out on stuff is a win in my book.
Not only do I find the concept of leveling through a battle pass kind of interesting, but having that much content to work through and being able to come back if you miss it when it's new is amazing. I'm genuinely excited about the pass system.
Not having FOMO like in all other battle passes is great. I'm wondering though if they're going to do like Fortnite or CoD:MW and give us in game currency along the tiers, so it pays for the next season if you get far enough into the current one. I think I'm going to press (X) to doubt on that one.
The only game that has a better battle pass system than Halo Infinite, is Halo MCC. But that's for entirely understandable reasons.

Infinite has an excellent system and I hope the rest of the gaming world follows suit. It's good to see Halo taking a trend-setting position, even if they are technically resetting a trend instead lol.

I'm also very happy to hear that they are also implementing a directly gameplay related unlock system with their events. So for certain cosmetics that 343i finds awesome enough we will actually have to play and probably complete challenges to unlock them. Hopefully they avoid FOMO to some extent with these by having them re-appear in a shop after the event concludes, perhaps with a choice to either direct purchase or spend saved up extra Battle Pass points on like MCC's doing.
I think it's the best battle pass system out there. What would be cool is if there was a special season of the battle pass you get for owning the campaign.
What Do You Think About Halo Infinites Battle Pass System?
It sounds spot on to me, I will be partaking for sure.
Sounds great so far.
They just had to keep the req system, but only have cosmetics locked behind it, without special "premium" packs. That way, you could still earn packs by playing. You would never be at a disadvantage of for example, not getting the Halo 2 BR in halo 5 until level 124.

The key thing here is that ALL COSMETIC CONTENT would be earnable through play, while still having a wallet option.

How can people say that it has no FOMO when there will be items locked behind a paywall "battlepass" or "season". I am well aware that it wont go away or expire, but in what world are you living in that you pay for a chance to earn content in a time limited enviornment? Stop looking at this as a good thing, and MAYBE realize that it is a bad practice with other games and titles that should be looked at with scorn. AAA titles are getting worse because of the money bleeding practices of microtransaction hells, where the first argument is always "BUT ITS FREE". Free at what cost? having a toxic system of unlocks where they are locked behind a paywall?

Now, with Halo dlc, we have had a price per map of;
halo 2: 55 cents,
halo 3: $3.07,
halo reach: $2.69,
halo 4: $5.77,
and halo 5 $0*Now we can say that multiplayer is free all day long, but the fluff of cosmetics has increased a ton, and seeing how halo 4 was going, halo 5 can be charted even higher with exponential increases, due to req packs being purchasable multiple times.

Only 4 of the 12 dlcs for halo 5 included new Maps as dlc, most dlc for halo 5 included new reqs to be aquired through their req system.A total of 15 base maps were added, 3 of them were empty canvases for forge, and 3 of them were half sized variants of their warzone counterparts leaving 9 total dlc maps.Halo 5's req system, is a lootbox lottery giving items a rarity.

Items include Announcers, Helmets, armor, visors, emblems, stances, assasinations, weapon skins, Loadout weapons, power weapons, vehicles, xp, and reqpoint boosts. The ONLY way to get these items is through the req store. Req packs come in 3 tiers, Gold, silver, and bronze prices currently on 6/17/21 at 2.69 or 10,000 rp for 1 gold,1.79 or 5,000 rp for 1 silver, and no monetary price, or 1250 rp for bronze. You get about 1.5k rp per completed game of halo arena (about 8 minutes) Warzone earned rp can vary greatly around 2 to 4k if you have a 12 man team to steamroll, or you are solo as well as win / loss.

Halo infinite better double its campagn missions comparatively to prior titles, seeing it is a 60 dollar campaign, we should see mid 20s of campaign missions out of the box if it in fact did double in value and not just price, unless halo infinite's campagn pack is just fluffed up with the microtransaction battlepass for free.Is it worth it to you guys as players, to increase the price per map for dlc, at the benefit of having cosmetics locked behind a pass or season system? How can you say it isn't fomo when clearly chased items are locked behind the battlepass. Can anybody confirm to me 100% that ALL items may be earned through gameplay?

It is very ironic to me, that supporters of this system will then double down and say that they will not use it, or tell others not to buy it if they didn't want to. Why support the system that you disagree with? Why would 343 make a title where earned cosmetics from previous titles are now money access only? Why would they not fix the broken, FOMO req system, instead of adding a new one filled with FOMO while people scream that it is not?

There are much better ways to make money that doesn't prey on whales and major fans of the franchise.
The rules around them so far sound very non-predatory. You buy and its yours forever.
Honestly, I cannot believe that the standard is for them to expire. Its criminal that we got to a stage where we have to praise companies for letting us keep / use the things we paid for. Good on 343i for following the MCC model in this case.

I am waiting for their price to be revealed before forming a final opinion on them, but so far I'm liking everything I am hearing.
They've had like 2 things to say about the battle pass, that you can come back to old ones, and people can't circumvent earning items in the pass.

It does sound good so far, but I dont think enough was said to warrant so much praise
I think it's good fun.
Not all players are kids who have all the time in the world to grind through everything on time.
I'm so glad this kind of battle pass was tested and became successful enough in MCC to be brought over to Infinite.
I have nothing to add to what was said by colleagues. I just want to show my support for the Battle Pass and hope they also include a separate skin shop. You have to finance Halo Infinite for 10 years, you should find the best ways to do it without being intrusive to the player.
I really like it. A battlepass that never expires... I really hate all the FOMO that is put into games these days. But I must say, it also depends on the price of the battle pass and how much will be on it.

I'm also curious how they will deal with microtransactions. With COD Cold War I feel like 95% of all cosmetics are behind a paywall, and there is no way to earn these items in game, only with your wallet....

With Halo Infinite becoming free to play I somehow feel there are going to be a lot of microtransactions. I just hope there is a good balance in what will be earnable in game, on the battle pass and what will be behind a paywall.
if they absolutely HAD to include battle passes i feel like this is the best way they couldve done it. this is the least of all possible evils
Hopefully this becomes the industry standard
The implementation without FOMO is perfect. Couldn’t have asked for anything better!
I still think their should be something to differentiate from Day 1 players and the rest. Kinda like Dropping $150 for Flaming Helmet on Reach. Having something unique for players.
It's ok in my opinion, I like how your able to go back from season to season and the fact that I only have to buy it once. But I liked halo 5's pack system most of the time.
Halo infinites Battle pass system has to be the best hands down. No time limit on when you need to finish it by, being able to buy previous battle passes at later dates, that right there would make me want to get the battle passes. Of course as long as they are worth getting. Its also awesome that there are events they are going to include to get other cosmetic items and what not without the battle pass as well.
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