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Whats the chance that Spartan Companies willreturn

OP ArtisteMite68

I know not everyone likes spartan companies but I love the community formed from my company and i'd love for infinite to incorporate it so thatour company is brought back together
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I'd say very high but I want to see it improved with more features.
I'd say very high but I want to see it improved with more features.
Entirely agree with this. Felt like they were a very last-minute addition to Halo 5.

Honestly... they're a great idea, but they need systems (especially in-game) to support them.
Don't see why they wouldn't. I kind of assumed Spartan companies will probably carry across all future Halo games. I'm sure the Spartan Company's will probably better implemented in Infinite than H5 since H5 changes felt like they were more aimed for more towards the end of it's life cycle.
Makes sense, people being in communities often keep them playing a game and also they already have communities from 5 with these companies and it would be kind of counter productive to scrap those already established ones that could help engagement for Infinite.
I'd say we have a solid chance at getting them back. While it's no problem for me to just hop onto Waypoint to make changes to my company, having in-game settings and options would be welcomed. My mind goes to expanding on Halo 2's in-game clan options.
The very long development cycle of this game implies it will be feature packed. That equates to a high probability that it will be included.