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Who was pleased with halo infinite’s demo?


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Thr implications behind what it looks like the engine is going to be capable of is crazy.
Mostly pleased, but disappointed with the sprint mechanic. I hoped it would not return, but here we go again...
JohnDang55 wrote:
1. This pilot is pretty annoying as a character, we better be able to do a betrayal.2. Energy shield recharge covers too much of the screen.
3. It seems cartoonish and the animations look cartoonish as well, I wouldn’t had known this was Halo. Why are there Halo 3 brute minors, halo reach elite minors. Other brutes look like Halo wars 2, where is the graphical and artstyle consistency.
4. What’s with all these guns and new magnum being renamed. Pulse carbine, instead of regular carbine? A shot gun that’s weak, 3 shots to kill an elite minor. Shade turret doesn’t shoot plasma and shoots lasers now? What’s wrong with the Halo 5 sandbox that they need to replace it with very questionable weapons.
5. I don’t like these weapons sounds.
6. We lost air stabilisers and ground pound for grappling hook?
7. 31 metre motion tracker, not sure how I feel about this.
8. I’m glad they kept the vehicles the same.

9. What the heck happened to the story line. Did the past Halos mean nothing?
- No Covenant
- No Swords of Sanghelios
- No Rebel Alliance
- No Forerunner builders
- No Forerunner Warrior Servants including Prometheans
- Legendary ending for Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 meant nothing
- Created just gone as well as Guardians?
- In Halo Wars 2 a small force of UNSC in an outdated ship took out the only starship of the main Banished force which was a CAS 5.4km ship not the CSO 29km ship. How the heck did the UNSC who fought bigger ships and bigger fleets with Infinity class ships and all that as well many planets maybe at least a 100 post covenant war lost to a secondary force of the Banished. They were able to defend against the Mantles approach which height was 371km and you’re telling me they got annihilated.
-The Prometheans, Covenant and Swords of Sanghelios are somehow out of the picture and not contesting this.
- How would the Prometheans and Guardians be letting this happen. Mendicant Bias shut down the portal from Earth to the Lesser Ark because of the Created, that way Atriox could rest easy and the lesser Ark would not be controlled by the created. This is serious not something you sweep under the carpet.
-That ending was so cringe, Atriox did it way better heck in fact who came up with the dialogue because the Pilot’s was rubbish as well.

The only way Halo Infinite works is if it’s an alternate timeline where Infinite happens instead of Combat Evolved where you have the pilot and Master Chief escape from Pillar of Autumn in an pelican while the Banished instead of the Covenant are on this Halo.

I have serious doubts about this game and question if it’s really canon. How do we know this isn’t gonna be like sequel Star Wars. This is coming from someone who has owned all Halo games and read a lot of the books. I am worried.

Halo 5 screwed up with the marketing, but it’s storyline was still at least a 7.5 out of 10 which is good compared to other games even though Halo games in general were 9.2 or better in storyline. At least Halo 5 was still considered Halo. I would say Halo Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike are more Halo than this abomination.
I can see the pilot breaking down and getting the "paranoid marine" treatment from the Masterchief.
Another thing I liked about the demo was that there was a H2 style FPS view of the energy sword (wasn't in the gameplay demo but in the 1 minute ad afterwards briefly). I always wanted to see THAT come back.

I personally wasn't a fan of all the FPS views of the energy sword after Halo 2 because they didn't make sense in comparison when your looking at an enemy spartan (or elite) who had the sword equipped. Maybe a minor thing, but still was a little detail that they kept getting wrong for a while. Hope they also bring back the sword behaviors from Halo 2 as well, when you can sword kill without having to wait for the drawing animation to finish (would like to see that with the gravity hammer too).
I do not. I was thinking of pre-ordering it on Steam, but after seeing what they showed us today? God, I am going to test the game in the game-pass, what I saw does not give me good faith, it looks like an unfinished xbox 360 game.
I'm pretty mixed, but leaning towards more a little disappointed.

The environments looked incredible! The enemies a little cartoonish but not too bad I think. The guns didn't look great. Kind of had a plasticy kind of feel to them I agree with other people on that. The sound effects overall seem okay at best (warhog sounded terrible!)

The music definitely I liked so far. Much more of a Halo 1-3 feel, big plus there 👍

Disappointed but not surprised at all that sprint is back. I knew 343I/MS didn't have the guts to remove it. Clamber I've always felt is a clunky, terrible mechanic and I absolutely detest ADS style zooming look so I'm pretty pissed that's back.

I think the grappling hook is very gimmicky and kind of stupid to be honest. It just seems like them trying to chase another trend with it in but I did just find out that apparently it's a map pick up item in MP and not a default Spartan ability so that's not too bad then.

Super glad equipment is back as In my opinion equipment has So many possibilities. I just hope that they are one time use type items again like in Halo 3 which I thought worked really well.

I'm actually surprised they removed thrusters as in my opinion they were the one thing that the majority of old and new fans alike seemed to agree on. I wish they had a double jump tied into thrusters, replace clamber.

Now we have to wait and see what they say about multiplayer. All I know is that if they try to pull this whole "we have a playlist for the classic fans" garbage, a lot of people won't be happy and if MP as a whole has a Halo 5 vibe to it, I think the game will sell decently overall, Have a decent online community (game pass should help a bit with that) but will fall in population numbers as quick or almost as quick as Halo 5 did.

I know 343I worked hard at this game, But unless the MP demo blows me away, I still really feel like there's a huge disconnect between a massive chunk of the community and 343I. If Halo infinite is their idea of a compromise between old and new fan base per say and I'm really not seeing it unfortunately.
znazanz777 wrote:
I don't think this demo really gave us the information we needed in order to judge the game. That being said, what little information we have I'm fine with.

I have so many questions though. Is it going to be a looter shooter? Is it going to be a Ubisoft icon-barf on the map? Is it gonna be closer to Breath of the Wild? (please let it be that vs looter shooter or Ubisoft-like) I don't think I really got enough info out of the demo to truly say.

The artstyle is pretty good. Not sure why people aren't liking it but I suppose it's down to personal preference.

The Hyperion(?) stuff interests me exactly 0%. We already had a brute nemesis in Halo 2 and I feel like this is just trying to copy Tartarus. What I am intrigued about is: what war? How did the brutes win? Why is the Halo ring damaged? What is the Ampitheater (did I hear that right?)? Why does Chief need to keep him and Brohammer there instead of trying to get home? What happened to the Cortana / AI stuff? Those questions are interesting and hopefully have interesting answers.

Not super excited about keeping sprint while ditching Halo 5's abilities. The movement in Halo 5 outside of sprint was fun and it seems like sprint is the only thing that survived.

The grappling hook looks fun (although it's totally a Doom ripoff). It's a pickup which makes it suitable for multiplayer.

Overall I'm pretty neutral on what I saw. I wish they told us more about the genre / gameplay loop. I'm pretty confident it's not gonna go all-in on Destiny but I'm concerned that it will be close enough. If it's gonna be open-world, it needs to be more Breath of the Wild / Batman Arkham versus Destiny / Borderland / Ubisoft.
You've kinda named my fears exactly. Icon barf scares me a lot. But a breath of the wild Halo would be amazing. To me, the magic of BotW is that you never have any reason to go anywhere aside from a few major obvious objectives, and that makes it interesting to go anywhere. If they can recreate that effect in Halo... awesome. I just feel like it's a lot more likely to be Far Cryesque (which would be lame).
Definitely pleased...

I like the environments... felt like an extension of CE. Large world to explore.
Music was aced.
Ok with sprint / clamber / slide. Disappointed no thrusters. Happy no spartan charge to be seen.
Not sure about the grappling hook. ok for climbing... meh as a weapon.
Loved the deployable shield.
The plasma / explosion effects were cool but overdone (demo - so showing off too many powerful weapons).
Gutted about the cloud pop in over the mountains. WTF? Really, really jarring.
Shot gun seemed to lack a punch (in terms of damage AND sound).
60Hz/4K for the win
Pilot was a tad whiney. Brute at the end was cool albeit a tad generic.
It looks so flat. The lightning needs a big upgrade. I like the gameplay and that it looks like CE/3. Don't have a problem with the grapple, it works nothing like in Doom.

That one infamous Brute face is truly embarrassing though, and it's sad that has become the face of Halo Infinite. I didn't even catch that in the trailer myself so it seems a nitpick. Nonetheless it looks bad.
To say I was pleased is an understatement, I was blown away!
Definitely intriguing, and I will reserve judgment till I see more
I mean I liked the demo... But there was little to no reference to really anything from Halo 5. Like did 343 just silently cut the Created from existence? I personally didn't like Halo 5's campaign but you really can't say a game is a direct sequel and just cut the antagonists from existence.
Have you played Halo 5? Remember how Cortana was supposed to be dead, Jul Mdama was supposed to be this rising threat who has the Janus Key and is working with Catherine Halsey against ONI? Remember the Didact?

343i don't remember. And now they forgot the Created, the Infinity, Blue Team, Osiris, Halsey, the Arbiter and any interesting character that has been introduced in the past 7 installments. But don't worry, we've got a pilot guy! And we've got a new Brute who isn't Atriox because... reasons!

And we're also supposed to take this Banished threat very seriously despite the fact that there's an intergalactic invasion of massive Forerunner superweapons (or are there??? Was it all Master Chief's dream??? I'm sure we'll find out in the Infinite prologue!)
It's quite amazing how many assumptions you have pulled from the 8 minutes of one of the first missions.
I mean, it's not just these 8 minutes of gameplay. They said this is a few hours into the game and it still follows Chief and the Pilot alone on a halo. Could other characters eventually join them there? Maybe, but knowing 343i I really doubt that'll happen. They're calling this a soft reboot (repeatedly) and they're emphasizing that it's a good time for new players to join. They're saying in interviews now that they're going to "tie up loose ends of the Forerunner Saga" but that it's more of a new beginning for the series.

And this is 343i's mo. They never stick to their guns with their storytelling. Why should we expect a game they repeatedly call a "spiritual reboot" to care about the established continuity when even their direct sequels haven't?
For a demo, I think it looks good so far. What I'm excited most about is the new weapons. I'd like to see more of that burst-fire plasma rifle.
To be honest overall pleased by it. I can See the issues

I have heard it was not only an older build. Uve seen some say 6 months, but also seen itbsaidnit was on a xb1x and not a series x. Well old build on xb1x would explain some of the stuff id say to be honest. I did actually wounder during the stream if it was on xb1x or series x because it didnt say and seemed a bit current gen. Still visually looked good though to me

But just how gameplay seems to look, im actually excited on that. Always wanted to see an open worldish halo. Just didnt think it would be a mainline halo that did it.
It isn't the Halo 6 I would've made, but I found significantly more positives than negatives. What the demo showed was mostly all this game needed to be, and I'm confident that this'll probably be 343 Industries' best Halo. The gameplay may be a different beast entirely, but the rest of the experience is - for the first time with 343 Industries - recognizably Halo. I only ask that they keep the advanced mobility out of multiplayer.
I've been seeing a lot of nagging about the graphics (and I understand where they're coming from IF it were for the final game) but I saw it for what it was Demo gameplay. I was more concerned with how the actual game mechanics and strategies looked and I am pleased with what has been revealed thus far. I did, for some reason, think we were going to get a hands-on experience during this week with a demo of some sort but I have been reading posts that indicate that this is not likely to happen (sadly).
I really liked. Only thing worrying me is the "Upgrade"-Tab. Graphics were just ok, I really think we get a lot of patches after release to improves this. This looks like it needs more polishing and gets rushed because of the Series X release. Basically same as with the MCC, which was rushed to save the XBOX One.

Gameplay looked very good as did the soundtrack. I love the reimagined old tunes. All in all I will definetly get this day one and will play a -Yoink- ton of it. Now if we can disable hitmarker and hit noises, that would be awesome!
I loved it. I'm genuinely curious about why people think this looks cartoonish, when Halo 2, 3, reach, etc... ALL looked cartoonish. In fact I would wager the shift from Halo CE to 2 was the culprit (think more purple due to the introduction of the carbine and other color schemes) but no one is -Yoinking!- about Halo 2. I don't want another generic modern warfare/battlefield. I want Halo, and Halo's art style since 2 is more colorful. But to say suddenly this is cartoonish is not something I agree with.
Out of Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo: Reach, the only one you can kind of call "cartoonish" is the first one. Especially with Halo 2 and Halo: Reach, there wasn't really anything that stood out as belonging in a comic book or something. Halo: Combat Evolved was just created in a time where you couldn't do realism well, so everything was fairly simple and vibrant.
I honestly loved it. I want to know who was pleased and who wasn’t
Phil Spencer should be ashamed of himself to allow a six-month-old demo to be what they used to show off Halo Infinite.

This was the most important day in Xbox's history and they blew it.

Guaranteed 3rd place for a second generation in a row.
The Grappleshot is a disaster and needs to be removed desperately. I just don't wanna see a 500kg Spartan flying around because he pulled a rope attached to his hand.
It's a tool I might give an ODST but not a Spartan with such a weight. On top it lacks coolness and makes me feel I can't take the Chief as seriously as I did before.
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