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Who was pleased with halo infinite’s demo?


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I liked the sound effects and the hook looks interesting. The effects also looks great but the environment graphics needs some work, as well as the weapon textures. I want them to be metallic and a little worn. They are not toys, they are guns. I'm really looking forward to see the multiplayer!
I honestly loved it. I want to know who was pleased and who wasn’t
I thought everything looked great. Gameplay looks good, glad no spartan charge, but they keep the essential Advanced movements. And I honestly like how they have the grappling hook working. Hard to tell everything from an 8 minute video, but definitely looks promising.
Glad you agree, but I have a feeling that most halo fans will look at this game as another halo 5
Not most, just the more vocal ones who can't be pleased with anything 343 does. Halo 5 wasn't bad imo and halo infinite for the most part seems to change for the better. Looking forward to trying it out this holiday.
l Masko l wrote:
I honestly loved it. I want to know who was pleased and who wasn’t
I was disappointed.
Looks like an unfinished and unpolished work in progress build. The whole feel gave me Destiny vibes, which isn't what Halo should be.

So yeah, I'm not happy. I'm completely deflated.
Well it’s a demo dude
Yeah, but you put on your best suit for this, not some old sweatpants. This was the first time they showed the game and you only get to make one first impression.
This ain't it, Chief. Graphics look like something from 2014. Even Halo 5 had better animations.
I didn't hate it. It felt a bit like Raven mixed with reach. Halo had always been cartoonish and as a lifelong halo fan peeps needed to chill we have literally seen outrage over something for each release starting with halo 2. Halo is not dead. Stop with the melodrama. Yes it has changed yes it could be improved imo but life is change deal with it. And if you can't go play the MCC some more and stay in you halo bubble.
So. The key art hyped me up with the obvious reference to h1. I was ready to be blown away.

I was not.

Base movement speed is ridiculously slow. Hence effing sprint is back (boooo!). Clamber is back (boooo!). Gun mechanics and hitreg seemed to be full on halo 5...which is okay I guess, but plasma weapons should be projectile which they so are not in this game ( I think I saw some needles from a needler instateleport to the player).

Grappling actually looked like a fun mechanic to be honest. For the campaign. If this is in multiplayer it's going to be hooooorrible.

Graphics were also.. not that good? I don't know what's up with those shaders but it looked current gen to me. Tires on the warthog also looked strange. Texture and cloud popup is not just noticeable, it stabs you in the effing eye.
very disappointed though they would take the old school way which they showed us in the first trailers but it seems its just the armor . As soon as the chief started sprinting i though o gosh H4/H5 all over again, weapons look strange and also the audio of Grunts Plasma pistoles sounds like water pistols lol. What im really concinerned for mp beside sprint is the -Yoinking!- hook at the end...yeah spartan abilitys again or what is this -Yoink- 343? MP was dead after a view months in H4/H5 because of this gameplay changes, i really really hope this stuff is only in the campaign and mp is more classic traditional like CE/H2/H3 otherwise i finally give up on Halo as a franchise with a good mp or potential esport title...
I wanted to see more, definitely think they are on the right direction, but definitely want to see more.
Had to watch it a second time after the stream ended to kind of get a better feeling for the game. Escharum still looks cartoony and badly designed. As if he comes right out of Lord of the Rings but most of the gameplay looks actually good. Even if it all looks like it was staged a bit too much.
I liked it, despite the semi short demo and many unanswered questions.

Some of the good modern elements are back like sprinting, sliding, and clambering, the weapon sandbox so far looks promising, some of the art is rather decent in gameplay, the grappling hook seemed weird at first but when used with a fusion coil spoke of more strategy and chaotic fun, and the "upgrade" section of the pause menu has such potential that mimics Doom 2016 and Destiny 1+2 (post Activision split).

The only worry is the Multiplayer. Many of the open world elements seem right at home with the Campaign, but something tells me that Multiplayer might have to rethink a few things, maybe...

The main question of the demo was this; Is 343 dead-set on this path completely? And if so how are they going to respond to the classic hardcore players entirely with their decisions (especially to the toxic ones of the hardcore community). I'm personally for the modern elements so I kinda like how it's going thus far, but is it really gonna be this way or will it just end up as another lie and result in another Halo 5 level condemnation with false advertising and betrayal of fan trust?

I would love to see if 343 will provide a massive variety that perfectly pleases both the Hardcore and Casual audiences in the multiplayer modes, but time will tell...

My opinion...
I like it, I think it's good to evolve, go forward and do something new. And I don't get the Destiny vibes? What do you mean with em
At first, I didn't think that the game looked good. I was watching the live stream I decided to rewatch the gameplay in 4K 60fps. Okay. I changed my mind. The game actually looked very good. The new additions to the game are what I always wanted in the Halo campaign. Everything looked super smooth and bright. The lighting was excellent. The weapon variety is awesome. A lot of people don't realize this, but 343i has the best weapon creativity, miles better than Bungie. I really like the open world approach in Halo. I'm definitely looking forward to this.
Did anybody else feel a sense of fatigue and weariness in chief’s voice? Sounds as if he’s exhausted
znazanz777 wrote:
I don't think this demo really gave us the information we needed in order to judge the game. That being said, what little information we have I'm fine with.

I have so many questions though. Is it going to be a looter shooter? Is it going to be a Ubisoft icon-barf on the map? Is it gonna be closer to Breath of the Wild? (please let it be that vs looter shooter or Ubisoft-like) I don't think I really got enough info out of the demo to truly say.

The artstyle is pretty good. Not sure why people aren't liking it but I suppose it's down to personal preference.

The Hyperion(?) stuff interests me exactly 0%. We already had a brute nemesis in Halo 2 and I feel like this is just trying to copy Tartarus. What I am intrigued about is: what war? How did the brutes win? Why is the Halo ring damaged? What is the Ampitheater (did I hear that right?)? Why does Chief need to keep him and Brohammer there instead of trying to get home? What happened to the Cortana / AI stuff? Those questions are interesting and hopefully have interesting answers.

Not super excited about keeping sprint while ditching Halo 5's abilities. The movement in Halo 5 outside of sprint was fun and it seems like sprint is the only thing that survived.

The grappling hook looks fun (although it's totally a Doom ripoff). It's a pickup which makes it suitable for multiplayer.

Overall I'm pretty neutral on what I saw. I wish they told us more about the genre / gameplay loop. I'm pretty confident it's not gonna go all-in on Destiny but I'm concerned that it will be close enough. If it's gonna be open-world, it needs to be more Breath of the Wild / Batman Arkham versus Destiny / Borderland / Ubisoft.
Idt all of us should be judging either. Also I liked the art style tok
I think the Chief slid across the ground when he came from behind the shield thing he deployed and he definitely clambered, so overall I'm pleased so long as shoulder charge is dead.
Conor5017 wrote:
I'm very dissapointed, my hype is completely gone, no thrust but we have sprint? The grappling hook seemed generic. I don't know. I need to see more but my hype is gone.
I agree with this entirely. Sprint being in was very disappointing.

343i's approach has been (Halo 4) People like CoD, let's copy that. (Halo 5) CoD didn't go so well. Let's copy Titanfall. (Halo Inf.) Uhhh that didn't go so well either. Let's try Far Cry.
I honestly loved it. I want to know who was pleased and who wasn’t
I thought everything looked great. Gameplay looks good, glad no spartan charge, but they keep the essential Advanced movements. And I honestly like how they have the grappling hook working. Hard to tell everything from an 8 minute video, but definitely looks promising.
Glad you agree, but I have a feeling that most halo fans will look at this game as another halo 5
They will. It is. It therefore will suck balls. And so I will not buy.
1. This pilot is pretty annoying as a character, we better be able to do a betrayal.
2. Energy shield recharge covers too much of the screen.
3. It seems cartoonish and the animations look cartoonish as well, I wouldn’t had known this was Halo. Why are there Halo 3 brute minors, halo reach elite minors. Other brutes look like Halo wars 2, where is the graphical and artstyle consistency.
4. What’s with all these guns and new magnum being renamed. Pulse carbine, instead of regular carbine? A shot gun that’s weak, 3 shots to kill an elite minor. Shade turret doesn’t shoot plasma and shoots lasers now? What’s wrong with the Halo 5 sandbox that they need to replace it with very questionable weapons.
5. I don’t like these weapons sounds.
6. We lost air stabilisers and ground pound for grappling hook?
7. 31 metre motion tracker, not sure how I feel about this.
8. I’m glad they kept the vehicles the same.

9. What the heck happened to the story line. Did the past Halos mean nothing?
- No Covenant
- No Swords of Sanghelios
- No Rebel Alliance
- No Forerunner builders
- No Forerunner Warrior Servants including Prometheans
- Legendary ending for Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 meant nothing
- Created just gone as well as Guardians?
- In Halo Wars 2 a small force of UNSC in an outdated ship took out the only starship of the main Banished force which was a CAS 5.4km ship not the CSO 29km ship. How the heck did the UNSC who fought bigger ships and bigger fleets with Infinity class ships and all that as well many planets maybe at least a 100 post covenant war lost to a secondary force of the Banished. They were able to defend against the Mantles approach which height was 371km and you’re telling me they got annihilated.
-The Prometheans, Covenant and Swords of Sanghelios are somehow out of the picture and not contesting this.
- How would the Prometheans and Guardians be letting this happen. Mendicant Bias shut down the portal from Earth to the Lesser Ark because of the Created, that way Atriox could rest easy and the lesser Ark would not be controlled by the created. This is serious not something you sweep under the carpet.
-That ending was so cringe, Atriox did it way better heck in fact who came up with the dialogue because the Pilot’s was rubbish as well.

The only way Halo Infinite works is if it’s an alternate timeline where Infinite happens instead of Combat Evolved where you have the pilot and Master Chief escape from Pillar of Autumn in an pelican while the Banished instead of the Covenant are on this Halo.

I have serious doubts about this game and question if it’s really canon. How do we know this isn’t gonna be like sequel Star Wars. This is coming from someone who has owned all Halo games and read a lot of the books. I am worried.

Halo 5 screwed up with the marketing, but it’s storyline was still at least a 7.5 out of 10 which is good compared to other games even though Halo games in general were 9.2 or better in storyline. At least Halo 5 was still considered Halo. I would say Halo Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike are more Halo than this abomination.
I can't believe that after 20 years, the idea of exploring a Halo that was induced in CE and never touched again finally is happening. The trailer also led me to the post that confirms the cool abilities like the hook won't be starting equipment in MP. Bravo. The story seems very interesting as well, and the art style is mostly beautiful. The only thing I didn't like was the portrayal of the covenant and the warthog design but whatever, 34 steps forward and 3 back.

PD: If you read this and were about to go full spastic about the graphics, remember that it still is not finished.
I feel like sprint was necessary when you have an open-world THAT HUGE! I mean, you saw how ludicrously massive the map looked right? While they had a lower base speed to give you a good variety of speed based on the situation. Grappling was not NEEDED but was super cool. However, I don't feel that grappling should be included in multiplayer because of how much of a disaster that map design would be. I also feel that base movement should speed up and sprint should be removed from multiplayer to help out map design. Clamber was a welcome addition for me in both MP and SP. I also noticed that the Warthog looked pretty good. It had a classic turret BARREL and a new turret SHIELD. Which was very interesting for me. As far as graphics go, lets all remember that this is a DEMO not the final product. 343 has shown time and time again that they refuse to over hype anything. So in all likelihood, the demo was probably not very new in development. For bloom and weapon design, I was fine with bloom. And for the design, I LOVED the Magnum, AR, Mauler, Brute rifle....thing, I also thought that the replacement for the Carbine looked AWESOME. And I loved how the replacement for the DMR looked. The enemies looked great. LOVED the elite, grunt, jackal, and brute designs. And the Phantom looked great. All in all, great show 343.

Oh, and did I mention how SEXY that HEALTH-BAR LOOKS!

IMO Pros:
  • Open world. Reminds me of ODST which I absolutely love.
  • Graphics look great overall.
  • Music is MINT. Totally going back to the roots and keeping it new too.
  • Throwing fusion coils? I'm with it. Grunts are around fusion coil size ;)
  • Brohammer.
  • AR reminds me of Reach which is awesome. I hope the overall customization is like Reach too.
IMO Cons:
  • Upgrades tab. If it means upgrading abilities and stuff, not a fan.
  • I'm not sure what it is, but the game looks a bit cartoony at some spots.
  • I still think Chief's armor is a bit too lime green. That's just me though.
I'm still trying to decide if I like the grapple hook or not.
This was the blandest Halo gameplay reveal I have seen. The materials looked flat and featureless, the environments looked generic, the weapons lacked character, the gameplay conflicted everything I would've hoped for. I went in with very low expectations, but even then the game somehow managed to underwhelm me.

I still like the pilot character, but that's about it.

EDIT: Oh, the music was fine, I guess. Definitely an improvement from Halo 5, but nothing remarkable yet.
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